[Suggestion] Im not paying for the Anniversary Jackhammer.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MuNrOe, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. MuNrOe

    You are just going to give it to me day break people. I really don't care anymore to be honest. After playing this game for 3 years and Smashing over 5 computer monitors in rage induced outburst's from broken game mechanics.

    You owe me.

    After 56 Thousand kills with this weapon you should be naming the gun after me. Anniversary Edition ****, Munroe Edition is so much better. PS1 will always be better than this game ever was.

    Stay Classy.

    Munroe Out.


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    Jackhammer God
  2. Ronin Oni

    "Give me this, I earned it playing your game for fun"

    "Stay classy"


    Don't buy it. Honeslty, yr 3 AE package doesn't look worth it IMO. If you're gonna buy a 1yr boost anyways, well then, sure, some meaningless cosmetics come with it...

    otherwise, it's a pretty sad package deal considering it's all virtual goods and it's got nearly the price tag of a AAA retail game (and more than any 3yr old retail game)

    They're not gonna give it to you either of course, but honestly, is it that big of a deal?
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  3. MuNrOe

    Its super serious. Its the Jackhammer Ronin. Wash your mouth out how dare you speak such blasphemy in the house of zotz.
  4. Jubikus

    So if i get this right Daybreak owes you because you played a game alot with a weapon and have anger management issues?
    If thats how it works this God ******* owes me a ****ton for all hours i put in and the broken BS mechanics i put up with in this game of his called life.
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  5. FieldMarshall

    Stay classy.
  6. MuNrOe

    Yes, Yes and you should write him an angry forum post. Care of the Vatican if that's what your into :S
  7. Pikachu

    I want the yellow jackhammer. :(
  8. Megalegs

    I didn't buy the JackHammer.

    I bought a pack with some other stuff in too.

    None of it is of any material value.

    I do quite like it.
  9. Eternaloptimist

    I love this game and I play it all the time for fun. I don't get enraged becasue.....err.....it's a game.

    But if there is stuff going for free can you put my name on the list anyway?

  10. Foxirus

    You will get a blue Jackhammer and you will like it. Hand over your lunch money while you are at it.
  11. LodeTria

    100k kills the number needed to get special version. See SVA-GG.
    Not 56k lol.
  12. Taemien

  13. Gundem

    *sees JH kills*

    *looks at 10000 combined shotty kills*

    *bows down and worships*