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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Frenk, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Frenk

    SoI would like your opinions. Firs of all, I've decided to go with resist shield, since I prefer the way it recharges faster than the default shield and since I think that it suits my playstyle better. Then, of course, I chose the nanoweave because I read on the forums that is the best if coupled with the resist shield.

    And now, my questions: should I have to take a lock-on rocket launcher or the default one is ok? Just to let you know, I'm an enlighted Vanu, if empire is so relevant to this choice. Also, I like the Orion ( I always like the default weapons) which attachments should I take? Also, why doesn't it have a 2x scope?
    And now for the utility slot: I already have 2xMedkits, are they good? I don't think HA is well suited for C4 (I also use LA, with, of course, 2 bricks of C4) but are Medkits better than the regen kits?
  2. AnuErebus

    A lock-on launcher is typically nice to have access to, especially the anti-air one (Which for the VS I think is the Nemesis) since then you actually have a decent chance of shooting down an aircraft. That said the default one is perfectly useful for AV capabilities.

    Orion is pretty simple to cert out. Forward grip if you want it to have more ranged capabilities or laser for decent hipfire. Otherwise scope is personal preference but since as you mentioned it doesn't have a 2x (SOE has odd logic for scopes sometimes) you're likely best off with the 1x.

    Medkits are more useful in general however they're prone to stop healing you if the game is running slowly in which case the regen kits are better. Regen kits also have some usefulness in terms of resist+nanoweave since you can use one before charging into a fight and it'll heal you while you're taking damage meaning you'll have even more health for your resist shield to work off of.
  3. Iridar51

    G2A lock-on launcher all the way. It's the most versatile launcher in the game. It's good against all vehicles, except for maybe harassers, and you even use it as a sniper rifle against infantry. It is unbelievably fun to one shot some unfortunate sniper.
    The default launcher can be used for the same purposes, but the lock-on launcher's scope seems more convenient to me than iron sights.

    Medkits are good, esp. with nanoweave.
  4. Morpholine

    The only time I've found resto kits to be better than medkits is when server load causes medkits (and ammo resupply, etc.) to quit working. I know in a number of instances where my heath was very very low, a single resto kit failed to top me off, and I feel the effect rarely lasts long enough to make pre-use a very viable tactic. I picked up resto kits first, as the entry cost was cheaper (and it was so early in the game that the differences had not been sussed out yet), but if I had it to do again, I'd stick with medkits alone. Resto kits do have the "advantage" of encouraging you to wait (while you heal) for your shields to begin to regen before heading back into combat, though.

    As far as launchers go, I'd recommend at least unlocking the Nemesis, to give some anti-air reliability while retaining the ability to dumb-fire at ground vehicles. I also recommend the Lancer, as it's a fun and versatile option packed full of win, especially if you have good aim.

    For my Orion, I run forward grip, reflex or IRNV, and flash suppressor, though the laser arguably plays more to the weapon's strengths.
  5. Frenk

    If I have an AA lock-on rocket launcher, will I still be able to effectively use it against vehicles? I mean, besides the drop, will it still deal (to an enemy tank) as much damage an AV rocket launcher would do?
  6. P4NJ

    Use dumbfire. A lockon won't save you in a pinch against some guy trying to lolpod you, it's there mostly for area denial. Very few people will stick around and stay calm when you're shooting dumbfires at them and after some practice you'll be taking them down when they get too cocky.
  7. Morpholine

    Very slightly less than the stock launcher.
  8. Frenk

    Please, explain what does "dumbfire" mean :p
  9. SquattingPig

    Dumbfire is the one you start with or the Decimator. I guess it's "dumb" because it just goes straight and doesn't do any fancy moves like the lockons.
  10. P4NJ

    Fires an unguided missile.
  11. Frenk

    Oh, ok. So I can take the nemesis and I will be effective against both aircraft (lock-on) and tanks ("dumbfiring")?
  12. PWGuy93

    I originally bought the Nemisis. From my view, save certs for the Annihilator which can lock on both ground and air. Probably the only weapon in game that can effectively take out Harassers and Flash as they around move so much. It will take several hits to bring down an ESF but it's also a great deterrent, the pilots see the lock-on warning and often leave the area.

    The Decimator is powerful dumbfire which shoots warheads and one shots ESF if the pilot was dumb enough to hover in line of sight (happens a lot with the lolpodders) The Decimator can also take out Maxes effectively, one shot any terminal to kill it or blast a turret from range and is especially good on ground vehicles you have a hard time locking on - like the harasser that is partially behind an object such that you can't get a lock-on but can dumbfire at the exposed portion of the vehicle.
  13. eatcow0

    if your running with a outfit, lancer > all else if you have good coordination with a lancer group. Otherwise just stick with default or deci.
  14. TKBoom

    For the most part, yes. You will have a launcher that you can use against both. One with the lock-on and the other using dumbfire. However, the effectiveness of it against tanks will depend on your aim, just like everything that isn't lock-on.
  15. Zerran

    Pretty much, yes. The sight makes it often a preferable option to the stock launcher for AV at longer range despite the lower damage, and the lock-on is good for chasing away aircraft. Don't expect it to get you very many kills against aircraft however, it's a deterrent more than anything.

    The default launcher is better for close-mid range dealing with ground targets though, so if you're certain you won't be running into aircraft, such as for dealing with maxes in a biolab, or if there are already numerous burster maxes/skyguards around, take out the stock launcher instead.
  16. lilleAllan

    Get SVA-88 and Lancer. Do vanu proud.
  17. Qasar

    I have the default, the decimator, the lancer, and the annihilator and use them all depending on my mood or situation.

    When I'm running around fighting infantry, or just plain attacking anything, I'm torn between the faster projectile, faster loading default and the higher damaging decimator. I've succeeded and failed with both. I think it's a play style choice, personally, and don't really think one's stronger than the other and would call the deci a sidegrade.

    I use the annihilator when there's air and ground on their way in, but not yet where I'm defending. I love the annihilator as it's fantastic for killing harassers and scaring away ESFs. I never attack with the annihilator because I never know when there's going to be a break in the defense where I end up stuck with a lockon and facing MAXes or having to hoof it back to the nearest terminal/sundy.

    I use the lancer when distance is a factor and I won't be getting lockons with the annihilator. I'm still a noob with the thing, but have managed a couple of satisfying ESF kills. Mostly, though, it's for sniping tanks and sunderers at long distances with your squad/platoon/outfit calling out targets while an engy keeps you stocked with ammo. I know some are successful at using this against MAXes at closer range, but I can't get the aim right in those situations, so I never attack with this weapon either.
  18. Posse

    Choice of shields depends on playstyle, and nanoweave is hands down the best suit option, so far it's okay.

    Grab the Lancer first of all, you can easily hit any ground vehicle, libs and galaxies, ESFs are hard though, but I don't find enough incentives to use the Nemesis anymore. You can get the Decimator to replace the default S1, but for 1k certs I wouldn't take it as a priority, I'm BR87 and I still didn't cert it (I'll probably get it after I auraxium the S1 :p)

    As for the Orion, I use Laser Sight + Flash Suppressor + Default Iron Sights or Night Vision, DO NOT use a magnifying scope, if you don't like the default iron sights use the 1x reflex.

    Yes, that depends on your playstyle anyway. I use both C4 and medkits depending on the situation.