I'm Loving the Vehicle Spam

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alarox, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Shatters

    Again, nobody is arguing otherwise. I dont know what your trying to do here.
    Again, we know. Nobody is arguing with you about this.
    Cant destroy it in less fast? what?
    Maxes cost close to the same amount of rescources and therefore are the most comparable to the MBT (altough the MBT still cant get revived, cant change loadouts, cant recharge ammo everywhere, cant spawn everywhere, cant reach everywhere, ect). Comparing a tank to something that can respawn within 7 seconds after dieing/getting revived instantly is a COD mentality and shouldnt be found on the PS2 forums.
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  2. LT_Latency

    Ok, if you are a medic, Infil, LA or medic and their is a 10 tanks every where you look what are you suppose to do?? Cause everyone you look their is about that much shelling away right now. So many battle you can push you can't do anything and even if you blow one up he is pulling another one

    Tanks respawn fast as well. I have NEVER not been able to pull another one right after I blow up since the change. So tanks are currently just as spam able as infantry. With a partner it only takes 4.5 mins
  3. WTSherman

    What, you want MBTs to have 1000 HP and no resistances so you can kill them with your knife or pistol? :confused:
  4. Halo572

    Don't try to reason with tankers, you will lose.

    They have 1hk, their hills 2-3km away to sit on, rocks to hide behind and instaheal, and now they have an infinite supply of the farming method they love.

    Infantry have crossbows.

    Looks like we have found balance.
  5. LT_Latency

    If they are this spamable they should be as weak as other things that are spamable.

    Things that are powerful need to be limited. That is how you balance things.
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  6. Shatters

    You change class as a infiltrator or pull a wraith flash behind enemy lines. LA c4 is a extremly effecient tool to take out enemy MBTs and medic has C4 as well but is better suited to revive other infantry/maxes doing AV work.

    Also it seems that you want every class to be able to deal with tanks without suffering in the AI department. Thats like asking tanks to get AP with HE splash range and damge. Its ridiculous.

    You can pull 1 MBT every 9 minutes, assuming you never use a grenade, spawn a max, spawn a flash/esf, whatever. That is far from being able to get revived instantly/respawn in 7 seconds.
    Not to mention that a MBT spawn is usually a few bases away, and it takes times getting there and driving to the actual fight.
  7. LT_Latency

    None of those are going to let you defeat an endless steam of tanks you will spend most of your time dead unless the drive is really bad.

    Even if you get one. You have to go all the way back to base to reload and run back....Which we let the guy pull another one

    2 people are in a tank so that is 4.5 Honsetly are you saying you have allot of down time in the current system
    I can keep a tank up like 90% of the time

    What do you honestly think you up time is right now??
  8. PurpleBeefer

    Don't reason with Infrantryside, you will lose.

    They have unlimited resources to spam C4 on tanks, multiple ways to pop tanks, hide behind rocks and walls, have unlimited ammo, sit above the angle of tanks turrets, and now they have more targets to kill.

    Tanks have HE.

    Looks like we have found balance.

    :p sorry had to say something. But this isnt as serious of a post. i just find it interesting since i try to balance my infrantry time with my tanking/libbing time and usually dont get as frustrated when im camped by vehicles.
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  9. LT_Latency

    It fine if they are strong if you blow one up and it can't come back for a while. But when you are fighting battles where you have a 10% chance of winning and they are going to replace it the second you destroy it. It sort of sucks
  10. lothbrook

    I wouldn't bother with Latency, the guy has some form or cerebral palsy i'm sure of it.
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  11. Shatters

    A nest of AV turrets, lock-on HA or AV maxes is all it takes to decimate a armor colum. Organized infantry have nothing to fear from (ground) vehicles as long as they are not extremely outnumbered.
    My uptime is close to 100%, just like before the patch. But thats because im a good driver in a well upgraded MBT with a good gunner inside that is on skype with me. Combine that with the fact that there are still 5 times as many infantry then there are vehicles in any given fight and I think we are still fine from your supposed "vehicle spam hell". The most dangerous ground based vehicle currently is the sunderer, and that is only because it spawns (suprise) infantry :eek:

    Yeah thats a good idea. I tought stew360 could be bad, but this guy is the new record-holder for thickest brick wall that is being talked to.
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  12. LT_Latency

    ok, I am done HA and AV maxxes are not even in the list.

    100% uptime. Yep. Real hard to keep those vehicles going super limited by resourses.....oh wait. Not at all the resource cost does nothing to limit your ability to pull them which is the whole point of what I have been saying.

    Thank you for comming to the light
  13. TheSaltySeagull

    I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand the large tank zergs clashing against one another are impressive to see and are some of the moments that set this game apart from other games. And tanks have been somewhat week for awhile. But on the other hand as somebody who mostly plays infantry it gets increasing frustrating when every outdoor battle is nothing but tanks. As of right now tanks are borderline free so everybody jumps into a tank whenever possible because if you die most of the time you can just spawn another. Which further frustrates me as infantry because even when I do kill a tank that same dude in back in a tank moments later. Rather than buffing tank survivablity and making them more into the force multipliers that need to be they just removed/negated all the costs to tanks and made them spammable. I dont find that much of an improvement personally.

    And the inconsistent base design also increases this problem. On some conts like hossin you can at least take advantage of terrain and base fortifications as infantry to decrease the effectiveness of vehicles and force them to dismount and assault as infantry(tho max spam takes over in those instances but whatever). But on older conts like indar bases are nothing more than deathtraps where vehicles can get up on ridges and hills and fire down into a base making anything other than a biolab not exactly fun for infantry.
  14. Flag

    I'm still amused by the leap of logic from "can do AV" to "is efficient at AV".
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  15. Aegie

    Something that you can only carry 2 of is, pretty much by definition, not spammable.

    I doubt anyone would have a problem with MBTs if they only came 2 rounds.

    I get that your post was not serious but honestly, Latency has a point- things that are about equally as spammable should not have significantly power differentials.

    The entire purpose of resources being a meaningful limiting factor was to allow those things that cost resources to be more powerful than those things that do not. If resources are more or less meaningless but things that cost resources are still more powerful then there is a balance problem, plain and simple.

    That aside, I like many people who enjoy tanks, realize that the only way to have tough tanks is to have a significant barrier to pulling them. A simple relationship, the tougher you want something to be relative to other things then the more rare it has to be or else there is no room for anything else.

    I do not think vehicle players realize just how bad this change could turn out to be for them in the long run.

    Were you here at release? Do you remember those days?
  16. SenEvason

    There was some crazy back and forth on Emerald Amerish. It was beautiful to see vehicles being used throughout the whole thing instead of just at the beginning before dying out.