I'm Loving the Vehicle Spam

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  1. Flag

    Infantry is free. Tanks aren't.
    Also, jumping out of the tank before dying is not a guarantee, nowhere near.

    The thing about tanks is that some of them (people like myself) don't care in the slightest about going for infantry. We kill the tanks that seem to get you into a bad mood. Or were you under the impression that 100% of tanks are of the PPA/HE kind? Don't make me laugh.
    And you know what? For the first time in, well ever, AV tanks have a real purpouse. If they don't have advantages over infantry why would you ever use them? So far the answer was because people found them interesting/fun. Now there's that but also to stem the tide. And I don't see a problem with it.

    Ps: Every class can do AV damage now, even infiltrators.
  2. LT_Latency

    Ok if you going to say infiltartors can fights tanks, There is 0 point in taking you seriously
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  3. Kalivix

    You haven't played since the last patch have you? tanks ARE free more or less, no timer to use them and you gain so many resources and they cost so little thats its almost impossible to die fast enough to not pull a new tank the second you die.
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  4. Flag

    Wraith flashes and Crossbows comes to mind. If you don't even know what you have available to you, no wonder you're sour.

    I have, and it's been some of the most fun I've had in PS2.
    As for the "free" part (or cheap/sustainable), tough luck. I have little to no sympathy for infantry, given how long AV tanks in particular haven't had a reason to exist. Now they do, for once.

    If you don't like it, that's your problem.
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  5. Ronin Oni

    We have some of these bases, and every round of base overhauls gives us more.

    Just stop playing Indar. That place is nothing but infantry farms.
  6. LT_Latency

    Are you seriously saying you get destroyed by Crossbows infiltrators in your tanks
  7. Kalivix

    So because of bad base design you think the majority of players should suffer? You think you're going to have fun when theres 1 server left because everybody got tired of 100s of vehicles spammed at every fight? Vehicles needed some love but this is a f'ing gang bang
  8. PurpleBeefer

    I enjoy this revamp, has lead to some awesome tank column battles, the decisive striking against an enemy line to allow our lne to push through to the base, yes one can spam more but honestly if you die tooo fast out there you wont be getting in a tank anytime soon, or any vehicle.

    Since the patch we have been flying with dalton more often than not due to the high number of armor, the amount of air units have also increased. Been engaged by 3 reavers at least as opposed to a single one here and there, and a few more libs/battle gals making their appearance allows for a better challenge. As Flag stated above, He has little to no sympathy for infrantry, and nor do I.

    Enjoy the influx of armor and tank battles that seem to have some strategy behind them rather than just pot shotting and scooting back due to the fear of losing them too fast.

    Indar: Tanks were actually pushing the line instead of just sitting around, some would take a higher position to shoot at enemies, this was common even before the patch but it has become more prevalent with the advent of the nanite system. MOAR TANKS

    Hossin: Tanks were acutally pushing with their infantry forward. I saw infantry actually using them as cover instead of vice versa. with this I can say the lack of fear from losing the tank is helping the combined arms aspect. tanks are now used as the drivers of an attack line rather than sitting back and keeping their paint job fresh.

    TL;DR i like armor, system good.
  9. Rift23

    What took you so long to get here?
  10. Flag

    I've killed tanks with that thing. So no, I've not died to it myself, but others have.

    Don't ruin tanks because of the base design. Fix the base design (map design) instead.
  11. LT_Latency

    Let go fight and see who wins. I get a tank and you get the x-bow

    No never mind, The fact that you are still arguing that the x-bow is a effective AV weapon has earned you the ignore list
  12. Shatters

    If you wouldnt act like a ignorant person you would read that he is arguing that the x-bow can be used as AV and therefore every class has acces to AV. Further defending his argument he says he has killed enemy MBT's with explosive darts (and so have I btw, its pretty fun in a 12-man stalker explosive-xbow squad). He is not saying its a strong counter (it is not) but its there and therefore infiltrators have acces to AV.

    And the wraith flash is pretty effective at killing enemy armor, if you stay at the back and pick of low-hp tanks while they are repairing.

    And infantry are still the dominating species on PS2. They have the best AI, best AV and best AA. Just because you actually have to fear (counter) tanks now does not mean they are OP (hint: Infantry shouldnt be the best at everything)
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  13. LT_Latency

    So what, Being able to damage something, Has nothing to do with being able to fight something effectively.

    If you have to fight your way through 10 tanks to go anywhere what are you going to do with an x-bow???
  14. Shatters

    We had a total of 22 MBT kills with that 12-man infiltrator squad, and it costed us 0 resources in total.

    On its own its a bad AV weapon, but nobody but you was arguing its effectiveness. We are just saying it is there and can be used to combat tanks, altough not with great effects 9 out of the 10 times.
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  15. LT_Latency

    I was arguing that most infantry are have no way to effectively fight many veichles and it very one sided now that they can be spammed and replaced easily.

    Then I was told well you have a x-bow so you can go own some tanks with that
  16. Shatters

    Try again.
  17. LT_Latency

    Wow really?? In context I am clearly saying most class don't have a chance against many veichles
  18. Shatters

    You are saying
    That is implying that some classes can not damage vehicles at all. Which they can. If you want people to understand you correctly, then work on your paraphrasing.

    Also, if your spawn is surrounded by 20 enemy's the fight is already over. Doesnt matter if its infantry, vehicles or air. if they are camping your spawn you already lost the fight.

    And last, 20 AV maxes > 20 AI tanks everytime of the day. Vehicles are not OP, infantry just had it far too easy for too long vs ground vehicles (and mind you, I am mainly a infantry player).
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  19. LT_Latency

    A x-bow will scratch the paint. You are not doing anything to a tank 1vs1 with it.

    They can just repair your damage away.

    If you want to nit pick that hard. Suprised you people have so much trouble with a figure of speach

    If you can't destroy it fast it can be instantly replaced. Right now every where you look is a ton of tanks so moving around as infiltrators, medics, LA and ENgs is very very very diffcult
  20. JackD

    I really like it, first time in a while that i dont lack armored targets in my Lib. But even though i spend 90% of my time in vehicles since the patch i think the resource gain is a bit to high.

    However infantry doesnt have any right to complain. Base desing of pretty much every base got changed in the favour of infantry, the spawn rooms became fortresses and air and tank AI options got nerfed permanently since two years. It´s really nnot hard to not get killed by vehicles as infantry players, not to mention how versatile MAXes are.