I'm Loving the Vehicle Spam

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alarox, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. KoS-1

    O' come on man! You only like it cause you have more harassers to blow up! :)
  2. KodiakX

    As a member (very key) I am loving the new system.

    Essentially I can choose a role and stick with it, and if I stick with that role I can keep it going forever usually. For example I can now sit in a MAX suit almost all of the time if I want. To do so, that usually means I can't go dumping tons of consumables on other classes or pull a ton of vehicles and if I stick to the MAX I can keep playing the MAX. I mean I can't go out and die immediately and stay in a MAX or vehicle forever, but if I am decent and survive enough to get the regen back up I can play the role I want.

    The biggest problem for "combined arms" argument everyone used to make was you lose your tank, then you're SOL till the timer comes back up. It was impossible to do, where as now it's possible to have people play dedicated vehicular roles actually allowing for combined arms.
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  3. SavageBacon

    So no ESRLs, AV turrets and basically the litany of toys given to infantry to fight MBTs when they had more powerful AI right? Just making sure infantry sand stays in their sandbox if you want tank sand to stay in it's respective box.
  4. Wargrim

    I feel different about this. The omnipresence and super fast restocking of vehicles is not something i enjoy. It is great for getting Tank & Sundie Kills in my AP Prowler, and due to the fact i can repull it instantly, i could keep doing that for hours on end.

    The problem is that everyone else can, too.

    I always enjoyed rotating between air, vehicle combat and infantry play, and the old resource system obviously played right into that. I am the kind of player that trys to always pull counters to what at the time is the biggest threat. Now, the threat situation often stays unchange for a loooong time, and i feel forced to play the same role.

    I think it will get better if the continent locking gets adjusted, at the moment, too little continent rotation and and warpgarte rotation means that i often end up in the same fights at the same places against the same threats. Which feels boring really fast. It is the worst team deathmatch feeling i had in a long time, everything comes back, noone cares for losing a vehicle, noone cares for territory for it doesnt give you anything at the moment. There is no place where it is not clash of the Zergs. Having these mega large fights is something that i definitely want to see in the game, but not all the time everywhere. Before the patch, there was a lot of variety of where and how to fight, and i am deeply missing that right now.
  5. Morchai

    We know that this isn't how the new resource system will work. The warpgate is supposed to have full resource regeneration with resource gain diminishing as you move further away from it. Also, there was a planned 'reserve' for holding a vehicle that isn't currently in place.

    Right now, everyone is getting warpgate level resource gain everywhere. This clearly won't last, so enjoy it while you can. Personally, I hope to never see the vehicle reserves be put into place, but I'm not kidding myself on that point. They are coming.
  6. TheBlindFreak

    I completely disagree. Tanks should be able to have an effect on a base cap. Those tanks taking part in the infantry battle are kept in check by your friendly AV tanks. That's how the combined arms aspect is supposed to work.

    Whether or not the player base actually does this is another question entirely. Personally, I don't advocate game changes based on player base behavior trends.
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  7. EliteEskimo

    Now all we need is to take care of a few things for instance like infantry AV having higher ranges than max infantry render distance and the game will be much better for people.
  8. RemusVentanus

    I cant remember the last time i had this much fun playing PS2. If only the tank battles would stay like this...
  9. Pacster3

    That will never ever work. As long as tanks are as strong as they are they will just wreck infantry and there is no place left for infantry in the game.
    If you want combined arms then you need to make them equally strong....elseway the stronger one will replace the weaker.
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  10. TheBlindFreak

    Tanks? Strong? What are you smoking? Tankers have been arguing for buffs on their (currently) tinfoil cannons for a long time now.

    If anything, tanks need buffs. They hardly feel like tanks at the moment.
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  11. Titan6

    The only thing I dislike so far about nanites is the MAX spam. It's getting to the point that virtually all units in a tower are maxes.
  12. Aegie

    Similar to how many units between bases are in vehicles?

    And why not?

    There is little point to being infantry if you're surrounded by vehicles and MAXs. If you have the resources it is probably better, on average, to go with the powerup. Only strong reason to be infantry is that you need at least one to flip the point (or you have to get out of your vehicle to repair). At least in terms of impact.

    Medics and pocket Engineers may still tend to earn better certs I suppose.

    LA is still fun but I would hardly put it on the same power scale, at least overall or in general, as the resource required options.

    HAs and Engineers can still spam free rockets...but so can MAXs and vehicles so that is not so attractive.

    True, you have to be infantry if you're out of resources but how often and for how long does that happen post patch?

    Idk, I suppose I have not played enough yet to have formed a really strong opinion one way or the other and, of course, this is only phase 1 so the "final" result is really anyone's guess.

    There are pros and cons on both sides but with the time I have played I have noted how I could pretty much be in the powerup of my choice nonstop.
  13. Whatupwidat

    The only thing I dislike is they didn't let MBTs be spawned from any more bases. The fact most watchtowers can't spawn them baffles the **** off of me - basically the side that wins is usually the one closest to the tank spawners.

    Other than that good - getting more AA kills now more people are getting in ESFs...just wish they'd fix the lock-on lol :)
  14. Rostklump

    While i agree that tanks die fairly easily and don't feel like a proper tank as long as there are more of them then infantry they can't be op moster machines that feels like proper tanks.
  15. LT_Latency

    I think it fine as long as vehicles can't hammer infantry.

    I don't mind if the vehicles are busy fighting each other but when 50 of them stack up on the spawn and their are spawning faster then you can kill them it gets a little stupid.

    If tanks are going to be spamable. Their strength need to be the same as other things that are spamable.
  16. Flag

    The day infantry costs 450 nanites to spawn, then you can say that again.

    Until that day, forget it.
  17. Kalivix

    This is about the worst most game breaking thing they've ever done, its nothing but vehicle spam non stop, theres still not bases designed around vehicles you just get PPAs spamming into every door 24/7. Hell I've seem mags spamming PPA into empty bases they own then C4ing the mag before pulling another just for the hell of it.

    They really need to do something quickly before the game dies or becomes infested with mindless kids using a mag like a flash.
  18. LT_Latency

    450 is nothing between 2 people that is 4.5 mins. Less with a sub. If you can't last 4.5 mins in a tank....

    I just pull and tank until i think it's going to blow and jump out and I can still spam them and I don't even try to keep mine alive.
  19. Flag

    Doesn't invalidate the point.
    Try to last 4-5 mins as infantry in a big fight, without medic revives (there's no ressing tanks). Unreasonable?
    With infantry being free as they are, you just can't compare the damage potential of vehicles with that of infantry, with the expectation that it should be about the same. It doesn't work that way.
  20. LT_Latency

    The point is no good. Tanks are better then infantry. You have more fire power, You have more speed. You can jump out before you die and become infantry.

    Most classes can't even damage tanks. Trying being sournder by 20 enemies you can't even hurt all day long that will kill you in a single shot and are way faster then you.

    If tanks are going to be basically free they can't just pound infantry into the ground. Tanks are not limited now because they are easy to spam the 450 cost doesn't mean anything if you can just earn it back before you die.

    It's the same problem with maxxes who cares about the cost. You will make it back before you die almost every single time.

    If the are going to be absolutely everywhere there effectiveness against infantry needs to be reduced
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