I'm Loving the Vehicle Spam

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  1. Alarox

    Vehicle fights are usually short lived. One side burns through all of their resources and the winners have nothing to do but find a different fight or farm infantry. As an avid AV tanker I often find myself frustrated for this reason.
    • If I'm on the losing side then I can try picking off enemy vehicles geurrilla-style, but if we're too outnumbered then I'm usually better off looking for a different fight.
    • If I'm on the winning side then I have nothing to do but shoot at random infantry. There's no point in waiting around to defend Sunderers from the enemy vehicles which I know won't come. I'm better off looking for a different fight.
    All that seems to have changed since the resource revamp.

    We have consistent vehicle fights all over the place. It is no longer a case where people pull a single tank each, die, and after a few minutes one side is steamrolled after sustaining more loses than the other.
    • If I'm attacking a base, even when we clear out enemy vehicles from the immediate area I still have things to do. There's actually a point in defending Sunderers since the threat of enemy vehicles is high. Instead of simply leaving the fight and going elsewhere, I can move up and meet the imminent enemy push between the bases.
    • If I'm defending a base, I know enemy vehicles will be coming just like always. However, Harasser/tank escorts are much more common and there's a steady stream of Sunderers to take down. Better yet, the ally side has a steady stream of vehicles as well! We can consistently apply pressure on the enemy instead of dying off and having nothing but infantry to fight back with.

    TL;DR: Vehicle spam leads to more meaningful vehicular combat and a consistent role for tanks (and Harassers!) in most battles. Using vehicles feels less like a glorified mini-game and more like a necessary aspect of the game.
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  2. Odamit

    Agreed. Once Esamir's capped, it feels almost impossible to not have enough resources in order to pull an MBT.
  3. Aeravic

    And now all we need is some base designs where vehicles can't interfere with infantry fights. Vehicles fight vehicles, infantry fight infantry, everybody is happy......well except for those vehicle farmers.
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  4. Nexus545

    Thank you good sir! Finally someone who agrees the new system has created grander fights
  5. Inex

    Called it. :D
  6. Flag

    Hear hear!

    Fun was had. And there's more to come (as soon as merger maintenance goes through).
  7. Flag

    And at least that means there's less of a chance for Hossin to be locked (cheaper maxes) so the infantry may not be able to complain about that one too.
  8. Halon

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  9. DFDelta

    Agree, the new system has created much awesome.

    Have seen quite a lot of battles the last few days that had a constant tank battle going on around it. And I don't mean the farming kind, I mean actual tank on tank action.
    None of the old "kill enemy tanks and then be bored and look at the scenery" that we had before.

    I don't even think that is needed.
    If both sides vehicles can constantly engage each other then the tanks are to busy fighting each other anyways.
    The moment a side has a short advantage (before the now timer free reinforcements arrive) it should be free to support the infantry pushes, and not be forced to abandon the tank because infantry and tanks are seperated.
  10. Huishe

    Oh i bet you do. You drive a vanguard.

    As for me, prowler driver, it really turns any place with people into place with 346546345 vanguards rolling over my puny attems to be an AV tank. There's just too many vanguards around, and every single one of them has shield meaning you can't even jump on it from behind and kill it without 75% hitpoints lost and then easily finished off.

    And if you somehow kill something, it gets replaced faster than i get my ammo back.

    Now, before the nanites i sometimes couldn't find enemy tanks at all, or i could only find organized squads or platoons of vanguards killing me over and over easily, without any kind of prowler support from my side. So i'm not sure what's worse.
  11. DashTech

    Indeed the game is beginning to feel more combined arms - and it's great to actually get out and fight on the outside instead of everything being inside the bases.

    I think they need to do a little more still for encourage big outside battles (e.g. small bases being unprotected and only really working as a rearm-respawn point for whoever is passing through).
  12. Inex

    Which is true, but in the interests of full disclosure there's a place where you can find bases that can't be easily spammed by vehicles. It's a magical place called 'Anywhere That Is Not Indar'.
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  13. DashTech

    Stop driving into packs of Vanguards on your own tbh. Join an outfit and get organised and learn the crucial point, your Prowler will never be able to take on another tank head-to-head unless you're *really* good. You have to be far more tactical to take advantage of the Prowler's features, but if you do you'll soon be on the positive K/D ratio and narking off the VS/NC on a regular basis.
  14. Huishe

    I'm not driving into them, i mostly stand behind and use anchor (unless i get bored, stealth 4 kinda helps). Of course i'm on the positive K/D, i've been driving prowler for... let's see... 139 hours with ~2500 vehicles destroyed. I know how to drive it, but vanguards really frustrate me now.

    No such problems with magriders, by the way.
  15. Alarox

    Called what?
  16. Hegeteus

    Now with the resource change, you can do some bold plays with vehicles, which I like far more than stale camping. It also encourages the mass congregations of vehicles which is not my thing...
  17. Inex

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  18. Ownasaurusrex

    I'm gonna beat your as for such a good post about glorified mini game business--> actual meaningful vehicular combat.

    I agree so well that I'll be forced to choke you to deaf
  19. Pacster3

    Exactly. Make infantry near impossible to be killed by tanks..same counts for sunderers....then those tanks shall fight each other. Won't need long till the most tankers will complain cause those losers are stuck one a levelled playground and can't deal with it.
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  20. doombro

    It's awesome. I actually see two opposing giant tank zergs colliding for the first time ever, and it's incredible. The air battles are breathtaking as well. It reminds me of the server smash death balls.
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