I'm considering quitting Planetside 2 after 500+ hours

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by lilleAllan, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. lilleAllan

    Is it because there's still no meta game?
    Is it because the air to ground balance is completely ruined?
    Is it because Maxes, for some reason, are getting stronger every update to the point of ridiculousness?

    No. I actually enjoy the game despite all those shortcomings.

    What I can't cope with is that IRNV scopes are still COMPLETELY worthless on low graphics quality settings.

    THE GAME HAS BEEN OUT SINCE NOVEMBER. People have been complaining about this a number of times on the forums and the devs are apparently too lazy or incompetent to even adress it. My rig loses around 20 fps when changing to high settings - it's not an option. I just want IRNV sights to not be completely gimped on low settings. I seriously can't understand, why this is so hard to fix?!

    For those with better rigs than me - I envy you. Check out the next post to see what people with modest compiters have to put up with.
  2. lilleAllan

    Not scoped:

    High graphics quality:

    Low graphics quality:

    I haven't tampered with that image whatsoever. That's how useless IRNV sights are on low settings.
    And if you think that's bad - imagine using thermal/IRNV from a vehicle!
    PLEASE SoE do something about this. Is it really too much to ask??? I simply can't understand why this is still not fixed.
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  3. IamDH

    No offense here but none of those things annoyed you yet IRNV did?
    Use a red dot lol
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  4. Udnknome

    Some people like INRV better for target acquisition, especially in busy crowded fights.
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  5. Ronin Oni

    pfft what difference? in either case you're shooting at the blue dorrito because he's not showing up

    this is a silly reason to quit.

    I don't even use IRNV
  6. Ash87

    Not to be 'that guy' but, did you post something about this in the quality of life threads?

    Honestly I had never heard about this until reading this post just now, but it is a rather sizable difference, no argument there
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  7. Jaes

    You made a thread about why you're quitting over a single scope...

    Attention seeking much? :confused:
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  8. WaiZen

    What's the actual point of IRNV? I never use it...
    1. It looks ugly
    2. Night isn't "night" so I don't see the point of IRNV.
  9. SiosDashcR

    I've actually not had much issue with IRNV on infantry (and I run VERY LOW settings).

    Although I can see your pain for sure as your field of vision is worse in low than high. It's for optimization really and because of the slow ADS time for the IRNV, I went Red Dot instead.

    I hope you really won't quit because of this :c
  10. IamDH

    Well i would too but i play on very low
    Doesnt mean you quit..
  11. Phrygen

    well, i wouldn't quit over it, but the Red dots are really bad compared to the IRNV.

    i would love an IRNV scope without the altered vision.

    The sight itself is significantly better than the reddot. The reddot can make it harder to head shot at long ranges than just using an iron site sometimes. The stupid dot is so big it obscures the target. The IRNV on the other hand is a razor thing cross hair.

    This is also one of the reason i don't fly anymore. lolpod use basically requires NV
  12. lilleAllan

    Those things do annoy me, but not nearly as much. I do use the red dot, but I'd MUCH rather use IRNV.
    As mentioned, it's even worse from vehicles since the distances are greater.
    I don't care about the attention, doofus. I just want the devs to do something about this.
  13. Ash87

    Seeing through smoke. The starker color contrast allows you to target better, while shooting at the blurry grey-ish blue blob moving in a sea of grey buildings, while grey smoke is everywhere. Allows you to see targets that are poking out their head or something.

    Honestly it's all I run with on my haymaker.
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  14. lilleAllan

    I posted a bug report that received no respones whatsoever. I think they just deleted it.
  15. WaiZen

    I personally really can't use it, anyway OP, what's your rig?
  16. PhiladelphiaCollins

    What is your actual FPS when using high settings?

    also, can I have your stuff?
  17. Jaes

    You're garnering attention by placing "thinking about quitting" in your thread title. You could've just said, "I've noticed a huge difference between low and high setting IRNV scopes."

    So let me say it again: Attention seeking much? :confused:
  18. IamDH

    Well i don't know much about computers but i think its called very low for a reason
    You get the worst out of everything for an optimum experience to compensate for your bad computer.
    I think it should have a seperate option that you can turn on/off
    Isnt as gamebreaking as you make it seem though, i play on very low and would like to see it fixed.
    I agree with you, but its not something you would quit over
  19. lilleAllan

    4 gb ram
    2.7 ghz i5
    AMD 6770
    Running high settings in somewhat busy fights will drop the FPS from around 40 to 15-20, which is pretty unplayable.

    If you had managed to pay attention to earlier posts, you'd see that this problem has been posted about a number of times and the devs still haven't adressed it. So let me say it again: I don't care about the attention, doofus. I care about getting this embarassing bug fixed. Now please contribute or evacuate the thread.
  20. Phrygen

    actually night fighting is a lot easier on low settings. Its hardly even dark lol.
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