I'm a good ESF pilot and I've died more to Libs than anything [NT]

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by haniblecter, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. haniblecter

  2. DJPenguin

    Nice Try?
  3. Jaes

    New Troll?
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  4. Sen7ryGun84

    Title response: Yeah... You sound like a proper flying ace all right.
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  5. haniblecter

    It takes how many magazines of ammo, how many heat seekers to take one of them out? All the while ,they're either chasing you down with tank busters, trying to ram you, having their buddies ram you, or retreating to friendly AA...thats on top of their A2G ability.

    Wish I had any of those options in my purpose-built anti-air vehicle. :(
  6. KanoHe

    "I'm a BAD ESF pilot and I've died more to Libs than anything"
    There i fixed it...
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  7. Jaes

    Yep, that sounds about right. If you're seriously having trouble with Liberators and haven't learned how to counter them, you're doing it wrong.
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  8. Beartornado

    1. Start firing at liberator.

    2. Liberator starts firing back.

    3. Mash spacebar until you are above liberator.

    4. Turn downwards and continue shooting


    6. Never die to liberators

    Even for liberators that like high speed hard turns the no fire zone is always the top. As long as you stay "above" it then it won't stand a chance unless its near friendly ESFs or really good at being a difficult target to shoot.

    Also don't get stars in your eyes. A lib pilot would love nothing more than for you to get all in its face and close up while you try to unload into it, only to promptly crash into you and ruin your day.
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  9. f0d

    im a bad ESF pilot and i dont have much troubles with libs at all
    i could probably count how many times they have killed me in an esf on one hand and im bad
  10. SNAFUS

    Thank you for this post, made me laugh some before bed.
  11. Accuser

  12. Thpthpthp

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  13. Jex =TE=

    1. Don't get in an ESF?
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  14. Beartornado

    You get a +1 for finding the simplest solution.
  15. Antich

    That doesn´t really work 100% because if you stay far enough away from it not to have "crash into" problems his turning speed will be bigger then what you can cover while holding him in his crosshairs. However if you stay far enough from the lib you can virtually strafe bullets(basically be chaotic enough for even a good gunner not to be able to lead you with the slow **** tailguns the libs have)
  16. Jex =TE=

    That makes my score 3.5 so far. What's yours right now and can we get additional points for stroking the monkey?