I'll admit this kill was BS

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  1. RabidIBM

    So I was in my Prowler shooting stuff at The Ascent right after Amerish opened. A random explosion happened in front of me. I stopped because that was weird. Then it happened again. This was when I realized that there was an enemy engineer on the air pad of The Ascent's tower shooting at me with an AV MANA turret, but I'm out of his range. So, I locked down and put an AP round in his face.

    I feel bad because that guy got the drop on me good enough for 3 hits before I put anything back at him, yet he's dead and I'm unscathed. Maybe increase the range of the AV MANA turret? And make it better in other ways so that people higher than 33 BR might use it.
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  2. Trebb

    As someone who loves the AV turret, I love PS2 more, and back when it had super long range it was AWFUL for everyone but the user lol

    I think it could use a slight range extension now to be honest, but not the original one:

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  3. TR5L4Y3R

    how bout AP rounds don´t oneshot infantry .. or you know have FLAK ACTUALY protect against AP as it did before? ... i don´t care how much sense it makes to people to oneshot infantry with a tankcannon, this is still a game .. and the engineer is at a severe disadvantage for having to be stationary with a glasshouse and having to aim his shot all the way to its target ... and tankers already have a primary AI option ...
  4. RabidIBM

    I don't know that I would go this route to balance things. Even the HESH is big enough and moving fast enough that a direct hit should be a OHK. A way to balance this out would be to increase the reload times of the guns on the tank, but boost their AV damage per hit to be the same DPS. This way infantry become more of a waste of ammo, and a risk of being caught reloading by a rival tank.
  5. ObiVanuKenobi

    Terrible idea.
    Imagine you're a new player. You grab a Vanguard because you want to blow stuff up with the big powerful tank, a light assault suicidally runs at you with c4, you headshot him with a fuсking tank cannon but he's still alive, drops c4 and blows you up.
    I'd laugh and uninstall.

    Flak armor is supposed to protect from explosive damage not armor piercing tank rounds.
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  6. RabidIBM

    NGL, I don't see much wrong here. This guy has really good aim, and nobody was doing anything about him. Emphasis on my second point. Maybe the rockets could be more visually obvious to ensure the person on the turret gets noticed.
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  7. TR5L4Y3R

    so? if you are a new player you don´t know how half of the convoluted scrap of this game works anyway ..
    AP is supposed to be an AV weapon, not AI .. frankly i don´t give a darn if it´s a friggin tankround
    a new player may as well uninstall at how unballanced the infantry vs vehicle vs aircraft game is in the first place ...
    IT IS A VANGUARD ... YOU HAVE TWO WEAPONOPTIONS OF WHICH ONE BY DEFAULT IS A BASILISK ! a kill EVERYTHING weapon ... why would you need AP Rounds for Infantrykilling?

    "But C4" .... yea pretty sure every infantry class that isn´t a Light Assault surely will 100% run with C4 ... never medkits ... you totaly require OHK AP shell hits for these "threats"
    not to mention will get through the distance to drop it ... much less TWO of them .. ... seriously if you get C4´ed by a non LA as MBT Pilot you deserve it either way no matter your tankloadout ...
  8. JustGotSuspended

    realistically a new player isn't meant to grab vehicles. Even if they do 1hk, pulling a vehicle that's not fully certed as a noob basically amounts to throwing away X amount of nanites.
  9. ObiVanuKenobi

    Tanks killing infantry with 1 direct shell makes sense. People surviving direct hits from a tank cannon but not a sniper rifle doesn't.
    It would be way too silly and unintuitive.
    That mistake was shortly fixed after CAI for a good reason.
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  10. UberNoob1337101

    I just wish they did damage again and had fast TTK like they used to.

    Making Infantry VS vehicle and vehicle VS infantry TTK faster would fix a lot of problems IMO. Most vehicles can just LOL at your infantry AV if they have rep nades or sundies unless you use C4 or tank mines.

    Make non-C4 AV powerful again, and in return buff vehicle AI.
  11. TR5L4Y3R

    sense in what way?

    it´s bad balance were infantry that has little to no way of defending much less survive itself against said tanks that already have protection against small caliber fire can´t do Jack but hide inside bases ... if we go by things that make sense then every misslie thrown at a tank should immidiately kill the crew within the tank and render it useless ... especialy a plasmamissile which should melt old style tanks like the prowler ..
  12. ObiVanuKenobi

    Infantry which costs 0 nanites with a 10 sec respawn timer isn't supposed to 1v1 everything, grab a Liberator, Hornet ESF or your own tank - problem solved. Everyone can do that, nobody forces you to play only infantry except yourself. Infantry is good inside bases, vehicles are good outside. I see no problem with that. This isn't CoD or CSGO, it's supposed to be a combined arms game.
    Real life 150mm shells have a kill radius of 50-100m. In Planetside tank shells don't even kill with blast damage at all. Vanguard HESH for example does 850 damage at 2m and tickles with 50 damage at 5m. Obviously everything is scaled down in Planetside so rocket launchers not instakilling tanks either is fine but even direct hits from tank cannons not killing infantry is too far and just silly.
    Tanks are tanks, they're supposed to be scary not "oh a tank i'll just ignore it and eat a couple shells."
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  13. JustGotSuspended

    Wrong it can take quite a bit for infantry to respawn, and their consumables cost nanites as well. On top of that they have much less speed and are more vulnerable cuz...they're infantry.

    Some people might prefer to play infantry, just like some may prefer to banshee main. People who play infantry should be able to deal with the banshee main in a reasonable manner, without having to cert out a vehicle that they don't even want to play and may not have the nanites for. And let's be real for a second; acting like the infantry main pulling a vehicle to counter isn't going to get obliterated by the tryhard who lives in a vehicles 24/7. You're telling people to engage in a playstyle that disadvantages them as a counter, because they one they normally play has an even worse chance of countering, if any. Seems legit.

    On top of that, we'll assume by some miracle the infantry main actually wins. We'll also assume for some reason this vehicle main doesn't have a pmb where he spams free banshee mosquitoes everytime he dies. So after you've killed the dude, you've got at most 2 more times you need to kill him, this time he's got a better loadout and aware you're there. We'll say you killed him 2 more times, now he's out of nanites for a few minutes before he comes back. Choice 1: stay in the vehicle, wait until he comes back. Choice 2: leave the vehicle, try to enjoy the fight for 5-10 minutes until he comes back. Doesn't sound sustainable or fun imo, but that's just my infantry bias ofc.

    We could balance everything and remove nanite costs for vehicles.

    Yeah dude in real life you can drop nukes that make a zone uninhabitable for centuries, you can use gas, you can die to a single wound, or diseases you got from sitting weeks inside a muddy trench while being underfed....Yeah, this is a game, we're supposed to actually have a chance to accomplish something before we're blown to bits, and allowed to respawn so we can learn from our mistakes, live longer and hopefully improve.

    It's fine that a single rocket launcher, tank round, mine, C4, antimaterial rifles, flamethrowers, grenades, gas, emps, etc don't 1hk tanks like in real life, but tanks killing infantry in 1 shot is where we draw the line. When infantry doesn't get 1hk by a tank, that's where it gets silly. Ok lul.

    Can we at least lower the speed of tanks, make them break down randomly, remove third person view and make them run out of fuel then? Or or those realistic aspects that we shouldn't include in this sci-fi fps?

    It's a game. Everything, including tanks/vehicles is meant to be fun - for both parties involved.
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  14. TR5L4Y3R

    .... annnd he includes real life .... ... do you know how a anti tank manportable rocket/missile launcher works?
    the missile just doesn´t detonate on impact of the armor to damage it ... in fact that detonation does jack against the armor ...
    what it causes however is to heat up a piece of metal on the tip of the misslile with the detonation´s force it gets shot through the tank armor leaving a tiny hole in it from the outside .... but in the inside that heated piece of metal that melts into a fluid state spreads all over the crew inside the tank and its equipmeant ... it´s hot fluid schrapnel that fataly wounds soldiers and damages the equipment ... and it takes only one such rocket when said tank doesn´t have like reactive armor to intercept the missile ....

    heck a terrorist with either a SAM or RPG brought down a friggin B2 bomber ..

    ... but that would be unfair in a videogame now wouldn´t it ... ?

    combined arms? .... tell me when was it for MBTs ever neccessary to rely on infantry when they have about all the access to AI high explosive warheads, AV AP shells and AI turrets, as well as getting their own AA coverage?

    how do vehicles support an infantry push to capture a base when said base totaly closes them off? ... how the heck is that combined arms?

    combined arms means any element in a composition has the ability to cover the other element´s weakness
    f.e. you have a couple soldiers with rifles against other soldiers, you have one or 2 that have missilelaunchers against vehicles and a max or 2 with AA weapons .. ... that would be one example of combined arms ..

    or replace the max with a skyguard lightning
    or the missilelauncher guys with a halberd harrasser ...
    or replace the skyguard with a interceptor ESF ...
    or swap the gunners for a kobalt ANT ...

    see? lot´s of platforms you can do similar stuff with ... doesn´t mean a single element has to be absolutely incapable to fighting another different element

    now enter the MBT ... it can equip either AV focused shells or AI focused high explosive shells ... but with its secondary turret whatever weakness its maincannon has can be easily be covered with the turret ...
    running AP? get a kobalt .... and you mow down infantry no problem ... ... there is no 1v1 in the first against it when a HA still requires up to 5 missiles to take down said mbt ... in fact it would require 3 HA´s to quickly depose of the mbt ..
    meanwhile engineers requre tio be stationary wit their AV turrets and have to fear both getting a tankshell to the face or a sniperbullet ...

    medics can´t do jack against vehicles in the first place to defend themselfes while trying to rez the engineers who at best are useful for vehicles to just repair them ...

    not like a MBT can´t just go hide behind cover and the pilot repairs it himself .... go back in to kill more infantry rince and repeat .... is that the combined arms you are talking about?

    so again MBTs being THAT potent why does the AP round need to be OHK when they have the kobalt perfectly capable to murder groups of infantry ... or HESH rounds that siege walls and kill multiple players even behind a darn wall? ...

    but any infantryclass with some AV capability requiring like half their ammo to take even just one down? ... this is NOT fine ...it´s utter bullscrap and the entire inclusion of the current IvVvA balance doesn´t promote combined arms between infantry and vehicles ... it promotes seperation of the 2 ...

    "Tanks killing infantry with 1 direct shell makes sense. People surviving direct hits from a tank cannon but not a sniper rifle doesn't."
    the sniperrifle doesn´t OHK on a body shot but only on a headshot, so a much smaller area to aim at with bolt action rifles ...

    tankshells OHK on hitting the body, thus a larger area ...and unlike infantry vehicles can cover more ground faster and have little problem to fire at infantry on the move .... advantages the sniper doesn´t have ..