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    Three Percenters

    Greetings. We're a recent outfit formed by Mouse 1371 and Exocoetidae. We focus on small-unit gameplay. Usually we avoid larger fights. Instead, we attack smaller surrounding bases to pull population away and shift the front--or help larger outfits make a push.

    We’re pretty much a group of guys that are determined to improve our coordination and teamwork. If you’re new to the game, and want to grow with us, then we’d be happy to have you. If you want to challenge yourself and run up against terrible odds, then we’d love to have you. If you’re willing to go through the painful defeats and struggles needed for self-improvement, then we want you.

    However, if you prefer to stick with the comforts of several platoons in a single hex, then we aren’t the outfit for you.

    Requirements: We’re taking in anyone that shows interest. We have a Teamspeak, and if you want to roll with us then you need to communicate with us. A microphone isn’t absolutely required, but it would help a lot. As long as you’re respectful and courteous, we’ll get along just fine.

    Small disclaimer: We need you to run with us for a session before you can join, just to make sure you’d be a good fit.

    Any of that interest you? Then apply in-game on the outfit page, or PM Mouse1371, Exocoetidae, or myself in-game. My in-game name is Lenox. You can also PM me on the forum.
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    What faction do you folks play?
  3. Lenox

    New Conglomerate, sir.
  4. Lenox

    As of a week ago, IIIP's open recruitment is now closed. We're going to be focusing on closed operations, open squads are now a thing of the past--for the most part. Public squads will no longer be a regular event.

    If you still want to apply, then feel free, just go through the usual channels. Keep in mind that applications will be under heavier scrutiny--now that we've achieved the amount of members we have been looking for.