If you wont make a suggestions forum, please let us filter out suggestion posts

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by St0mpy, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. St0mpy

    Its getting hard to find information or proper discussion, its buried by armchair designers posting 1000 great ideas a day with [suggestion] headers, its getting frustrating using the forum to find information on game elements.

    I dont want to read them, im constantly having to page over or keep stumbling on them and realise ive just wasted another minute reading a suggestion whos only job is to clutter my life with their dreams, 99.999% of which will never see action in game.

    Im not saying suggestions are bad, just there is a time and a place, please can we get something done so creative types can pool their ideas and the rest of us seeking other things can opt out, either by a dedicated suggestions forum, or giving us an account filter to not see them.

    Thank you.
  2. St0mpy

    EG I just looked at page 1 of vehicle discussion after posting that, it has 10 suggestion posts and 20 discussion or question topics. Thats a third of the vehicle forums material having no relevance to the majority needing help or discussing the many parts of the existing game.

    The vehicle forum is already too general, obviously two forums(three?) would be sensible...air vehicles, ground vehicles, (vehicle suggestions?) (note, ground not land, to accommodate sea when it arrives).

    Either way, please liberate the normal business of a forum from all these suggestions somehow....pretty please? :D
  3. St0mpy

    Guess tech support wasnt the best place to post this, but where else to put it? This forum lacks finesse in design to have sensible sections. Whos the web administrator around here?
  4. St0mpy

    So no one cares if everythings lumped into one place and were spammed to death by suggestions :(
  5. Silver Pepper

    You can filter. Just click on the "suggestion" part of the title and it filters.
  6. Hydragarium

    This right here - in fact click any of the [square bracketed] prefixes on a thread to make the forum filter the ones you want.
  7. St0mpy

    Ok, since you answered im presuming you guys read my post and understand what the problem is, can you explain how clicking these filters creates a set which gives me what I want as described above?

    That is, a forum which shows all the posts normally except for the suggestion tagged posts, which I want hidden from view.

    Thanks :)
  8. St0mpy

  9. Bindlestiff

    Are you looking for a suggestion as to how to do it? You need to tag it with [Need-Suggestion] ;)

    Only joking - I've not got a clue how to help sorry mate.
  10. St0mpy

    lol thanks :D

    It seems everyones got more important issues than this, perhaps everyone likes the place cluttered up with suggestions. Maybe they just leave in disgust since its so disorganised (asking outfit mates is usually a better way to get information atm).

    The worst suggestion threads are ones which aren't tagged suggestion. I click on it expecting a discussion, see a line or three describing some event and BOOM, they launch into their idea of how to fix it for planet+dog and the thread devolves into criticisms and infighting as if the fix might really ever happen, its driving me insane here.

    Suggestions threads are one off, either agree or dont, or you dont care, wheras discussion, help, questions, tutorials etc all have timebased rewards and collecting them in a forum style creates a store of information. Allowing suggestions to suffocate the researchable nature of a forum is just stupidity imo. Theres simply not enough categories here for a huge game like Planetside 2.
  11. Cabbage

    Well, at least some of those [suggestion] thread titles are labelled as such, so others don't need to actually click to see. Imagine if no one actually did that? :)

    I do find it interesting that there doesn't seem to be a way to filter out words from the advanced search system. Like "-Cabbage" to be rid of every single thread that mentions that wonderful vegetable!

    And some suggestions are open to discussion, suggestions typically are baselines of where to "begin", some detailed - some not.

    So I agree with your suggestion / request for a suggestion forum, but disagree that all suggestions cant be meaningfully discussed. :)
  12. St0mpy

    I guess theres no reason to make suggestion forums, this whole forum is becoming a suggestions dumping ground

    Vehicle Discussion might as well be renamed Vehicle Suggestions already.


    14 suggestions in total (12 tagged suggestions, 1 untagged suggestion, 1 balance thread that is really a suggestion) and 5 question/help/discussion posts.

    How comes I cant get any traction on this thread? Youre all too busy cluttering this forum with suggestions!! THIS is why no ones interested in filtering them out. Well since this might as well be called suggestionside forum, its probably best to abandon it as a useful resource.

    Feel like im wasting my time even posting this. Carry on posting all your suggestions, there is obviously no place for discussion or questions, 5 out of 14 is a minority, no point staying where im not welcome.

    No wonder SOE devs rarely post or read here and are mostly on reddit or other forums, thats just comical. Theres so little meat compared to the swathes of unordered suggestions (zero information value) even a researcher like me is losing the will to live spending time here looking for information on this game.
  13. Cabbage

    Well to be fair, they stopped posting in the official forums about a month before release, DURING the beta phase.. They used twitter and facebook for official comment, or twitch.tv, but oh my no, not the official forums, where the beta testers were for the most part located.

    But, your suggestion for an official suggestion location, is a good suggestion. :D
  14. St0mpy

    yay the thread has at least one fan ... clearly sir you must be all suggestioned out too :D

    Im just updating this with todays observation. Obviously everyone wants this to be a suggestion forum and nothing else since again today, now, I count on page 1 of vehicle discussion 20 suggestions and 10 of everything else, so yeah, no votes expected on this thread, everyone loves these suggestion threads, ill just leave with a sadness that reddit is more useful as a discussion tool than this badly managed place.
  15. St0mpy

    Finally! Thank you forum gods!