If you were head of DBG what would you do to bring back pop?

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  1. Crator

    First things first, assign a team to do all the things the OP listed.
  2. Savadrin

    I highly doubt this. PS2 doesn't even make my fans ramp up on my vid cards. Again, the only machine that shows ANY frame drop is my 6 core with only 8g ram and a single 4g vid card. I just don't need two monsters, so the second machine is just good enough to play on high/ultra in most situations. My normal machine is set to be able to stream and record as well.

    Also, as was mentioned above, I understand that most games are not multi-core optimized. Yet.

    Anyway, posturing about machine stats is almost as annoying as posturing about farm KD ratio.
  3. Savadrin

    Can you imagine how much better an unlimited C-4 week would be?

    Why not allow for a completely wonky play set on a Koltyr Clone server that does Match of the Day rules?

    For instance, ALL TR one day. Free MBTs the next. Followed by Every Class with Rockets. Then unlimited ammo, grenades, proxy mines. Unlimited Spitfire turrets. Jet pack Maxes.

    Why not?
  4. Demigan

    I think I know better:
    • Get some meta going by introducing multiple goals to complete to capture a base, each goal best performed (but not exclusively) by one type of unit. This does actually not need that much coding if you do it right by making some mechanics powered by player-made deployables for instance.
    • you are already done then.
    • Once the players start stabilizing and returning, get bigger budget/keep introducing more stuff. Do some balance passes while you are at it by SLOWLY increasing/decreasing some stats until players are happy with it. ZOE, Ravens, Fractures, Groundkeepers etc could all use some changes.
  5. FateJH

    I can certainly imagine how atrocious I think it would be.
    Because you'd no longer be playing PlanetSide. At that point, you're just giving in to the reality that you don't have a clue what you're doing or what you want from this game anymore and looking for completion by throwing random things against the wall.
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  6. Dethonlegs

    A great start would be to actually balance things week be week rather than thowing them off a cliff, never to be used again. I could list them all, but you know what they are.

    When people spend time and/or money on something only to have that something taken away, they tend to feel angry and are more likely to leave.
  7. Savadrin

    I disagree, and the reason is that there are already running examples of this working in both SMITE and League of Legends, both highly popular MLG tournament MOBAs. The MoTD maps are ridiculous, but they make for some riotous times and really funny videos. I have youtube videos of those matches where yeah, normal gameplay is impossible, but the silly comps and outcomes are worth their weight in gold for the laughs.

    This server would exist only for a change of pace and fun or quirky mechanics. It's not a timed match, it's not a balanced match, it's a separate continent with wacky rules that exist solely for the purpose of doing fun or less high-strung activities.

    If all you want is squad orders super serious 24/7 that's entirely fine, for you. I want to run an ANT and resource gather sometimes. I want to walk into an insane deathmatch continent on a whim where the normal rules don't apply. I like to be able to play a game without the compulsion to do only teamwork or have people frown upon my playstyle. I'm too old and salty for that ****.

    I agree that in most cases it's a bad idea to change the game away from what it's meant to be. In this case, it's a fun or crazy alternative to keep people interested and refreshed, rather than not playing at all because they're burned out.
  8. Wind_Walker

    First things first:
    1) ADVERTISING. The sheer amount of people pouring over clash of clans is pretty much self explanatory. Word needs to get out that this game exists, and isn't about to die just yet. This also applies to Player Studio (if it still exists). Let the community have the opportunity to contribute more than they currently are. Rules and restrictions applied, of course.
    2) INCENTIVE. Incentives for DBC spending, to be exact. This can be accomplished by using Player Studio for infantry armor as well as adding customizable effects to the game. Seriously, people in GW2 were spending cash for a bow that fires rainbow-farting unicorns. You'd be surprised at what people are willing to buy.
    3) PROGRESSIVE NEW PLAYER EXPERIENCE. This isn't as hard as it sounds. First would be a refined version of the hallway tutorial we had some time ago. Once that's done, drop the player in VR with a time limit to "prep their transport." They'll have an option to leave early. Then, they'll be ordered to use the Warp Terminal. They'll just press E (or whatever their action button is) and be automatically transported to Koltyr. Then comes the current system. This covers in order: the basics, weapon and class feel, small map PvP, then large scale PvP once they hit BR15 or feel they are really ready. Keep in mind this entire process is only once per account, as I don't think there are many users using other players' accounts. Those that have a character that has gone through this will not go through it again. Instead, they'll be dropped at a warpgate, ready to go. Koltyr will be locked for them so as to prevent abuse (making a new account is too much work for what it's worth for farmers)
    4) COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT. I'm not saying let the players run the game, no, for the love of all that is holy, no, we're toxic as hell. Instead, if and when the devs need resources to brainstorm concepts, they could hold a contest of sorts with certain guidelines pertaining to what they want to achieve. Drawings and descriptions are required, 3D models and SFX optional. You see this a lot with Warframe. Its part of why the community seem to be so passionate about it.
    5) GAME MODES. A less likely option would be to have mini-maps that hold an event similar to Server Smash, but with special guidelines and restrictions. Have them open only on select days and we'd have an alternative to the usual base grab while still being in the same game. Game modes will differ. Warfare from UT3, NS loadout free for all, heck, even turbo flash racing is an option.
    6) DIVERSITY. I cannot stress this enough when I say the lack of ES equipment is making the game bland and boring. Even the MBTs have only NS main guns (VS main guns are only visually different IIRC). Each faction is supposed to hate the other, but we seem to be sharing a lot of things. Solution: add Faction flavor. Even if it's just visual, it does make a difference. Even better when there's an actual ES ability or gun no one else has. Heavy guns were a good start (JH still iffy) as well as VS heat guns. More class specific weapons would be a step in the right direction. Speaking of which, Classes need to feel more specialized. Stat changes in speed, jump height, and health would be an easy and reasonable solution to have the player be what the class was meant to be.

    1, 3, and 5 are a MUST if we want to bring in - and maintain - a new player base.

    Balance isn't really an issue atm, since the GK is being addressed.

    Other ideas include:
    - More dynamic Faction voiceovers (i.e. something other than "rise to the moment") - A few tweaks to lesser used weapons. Maybe a sound change. Maybe.
    - More lore related content. Perhaps as an alternative to an alert, it could be some event that has to do with the lore. Many brownie points to be had there.
  9. FateJH

    Let's take a step back here because I think we're getting away from the thing we should have been trying to argue, both of us.

    Would this actually attract people who would want to play PlanetSide 2? Not people who want to play the shenanigans server; PlanetSide 2, vanilla.
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  10. Savadrin

    Good call. No, but I do think it may help retention for new and old players alike.

    Realistically, there are a ton of solid suggestions in this thread already. Maybe I just haven't been playing long enough, or I'm more forgiving about game issues - but the only thing that has seriously frustrated me is the bug where clicking to shoot activates your ability instead. The lolkeeper is annoying but whatever. I find Libs with Daltons to be a much bigger practical problem. The HA shield can be worked around.

    First and foremost, advertising. There is none.

    Secondly, as a new player, the learning curve is vertical for differentiating friendly from enemy. Yes, this gets easy after time, but that new player window is our target, right?

    I'm still on the Add-Crappy-AI-NPC boat. Low threat, low skill targets for new players and it makes the world feel alive.

    Bugs will always exist, as will balance issues. They're unavoidable but constantly worked on.
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  11. DirArtillerySupport

    It's hopeless...the entire gaming industry is broken and Daybreak is no exception. They profit from hype, close up shop and run away.
  12. Wind_Walker

    I pretty much agree with all of this. Especially the bit with the Infiltrator ability upon firing and the AI. There were quite a few people a while back that wanted to decloak with their weapon fire. Turns out it sucks and now we have to suffer through this.

    The AI would also help with pop imbalance as well, imo. AIs could spawn to fill in the gap. Less XP would be rewarded for killing an AI than for killing a player. It all makes sense when you look at it carefully.
  13. Savadrin

    It's funny, I thought I wanted that too, but I almost never use it. I find it to be non-intuitive when I have a set cycle for blackhand sniping programmed into muscle memory. De-cloak, shot, shot, re-cloak and reload simultaneously, while moving. It screws up my poor little brain when I'm using two separate buttons for the same ability.
  14. Wind_Walker

    They should have at least placed a toggle for that feature in the settings, so as to not remove it completely.
  15. ConradHorse

    Yes, under one condition - fix the most painful bugfixes first, then do something about squad picking system because I always seeing 0-3 squads while there are (I checked) platoons with empty squads rampaging around. Even show full platoons, so people don't feel abandoned. And repair the voice chat finally...
    But most importantly bugfixes - there's nothing more daunting than server restart during peak (20-21 GMT) and then seeing 2-3 squads with 4 peeps to choose from (and 90% of the server has some unavailable squads for heavens know what reason) this feels like 'dang i guna play fallout 4, at least I have a dog in my squad'

    There is no reason in advertising a product that wil piss off potential customers due to tragic performance (read: lack of [engine || level optimisation || bugfixes] )
  16. zaspacer

    * Assess and clarify budget (min/max range if need be) for short and long term. ID what targets need to be hit to boost budget, what targets will restrict budget, etc.

    * Assess and clarify staffing. What skillsets, teams, etc. And what amount of time they will be used for non-PS2 projects (estimated when and estimated amount of time). And what non-PS2 staff can be available for PS2 and under what "when" and "how much" restrictions.

    * Assess and clarify existing plan(s) and existing Assets and work-in-process.

    * Be very public about this process with the PS2 Team/Leadership and with DBG management. Keep an open door policy with all persons on DBG staff.

    * Assess target goals for project short and long term. Assess goals of Management and goals of Team Members/Leads. (if you don't know the goals of you people, you are blind to making sure they line up with yours and that you can help keep them focused by helping them hit them). Assess player and potential player demographics and start process of monitoring/polling/defining their goals.

    * List out existing issues in the game. First by category, then by populating that category. Such as "Category: bugs: excess muzzle flash inside shooting range in VR".

    * List out what traits (core and non-core) want game to be. List out what Features want game to have. List out current known problems. (these are living lists, and can be populated over time as viable)

    * Start poll to have players vote for what content they want. Assess Member (and maybe paying non-Member) votes as well as All Votes, but in different categories.

    * Use this to make short and long term plan for game overhaul. Meshing new plans with old plans. (NOTE: this will be an extensive document. One I will not list out here [I can do that in a lengthy post if people want], and instead just focus on the process of it all. And it will also have built in flexible to account for goal/gamestate changes and budget/staff changes) This will include Standard Game, Server Smash, Organized Players, non-Organized Players, New Players, prospective New Players, Former Players, etc.

    * Plan out formal quarterly/semi-annually/yearly "public launch" events to coincide with release of content bundled together.

    * Reestablish recurring formal communication with/to player community. Actual company communicated info, not just sporadic replies on Reddit (though that can continue at each Devs leisure).

    * Find ways to encourage Devs to play the game (even if in small amounts). Make sure they have the time, and ask them how the game can be made to be more fun for them so that they want to play.

    These are definite areas I would tackle.

    NOTE: assigning someone to tackle them does not = tackling them. You have to assess if you have the ability to tackle them with the process and people you have. If you don't, then you need to either make changes to be able to, or recognize and accept that this is something that you cannot tackle or can only tackle at an incomplete level (and define what the level is)

    Spawn Time have game impact beyond just making someone wait at their Comp. It also:
    1) creates a time window for Medics
    2) makes killing an opponent effective as a slow down tactics
    3) slow down the speed of redeploy
    4) etc.

    I would definitely explore this in-game.


    I would definitely explore this on a concept/implementation level. Easily in-game in the Instance stuff, perhaps in the in-game or in parts of the in-game. Perhaps as an alternate-game option. Or as a "sky is falling and pops are dying" insertion/transition plan.
  17. WeRelic

    Vivox is notoriously bad from what I've seen and heard. That won't change no matter how much DBG wills it. They'd have to switch VOIP backends, and I honestly don't see that happening.

    I would simply advertise, and possibly start doing community training events so that new players have a weekly/monthly event they can attend to hone their skills and be helped by veterans. That takes care of new players...

    As for the vets:
    Give us an endgame and some sort of persistence. We need something in the way of persistent progress. As it is, any triumph you make is undone within hours, or in many cases, minutes. There is no way for any one of us to go to a place in the game world and say for instance "Hey, you see that blown out building? Our outfit did that 3 months ago."
  18. haldolium

    Get money
    Shut PS2 down

    Make PS3 with the learning experience gained from PS2.
  19. DeadlyPeanutt

    and the multicolored Wall o' Text Award goes to.... (drum roll)
  20. BuzzStar

    Oh Wrel, why u not lead designer

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