If you were head of DBG what would you do to bring back pop?

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  1. user101

    Oh I am not against dual cores they just need there own sever that can support them and the slower machines.

    Why should you and I suffer because of dual core lag in the game. Not far to you and not far to me. As it is DBGC has already said they will phase out dual cores... ! So lets just move forward with PS2 to DX11 & PhysX & 3D...

    When PS2 turn on in beta they had 32 servers on line running PS2 in the USA....! What did they turn off first PhysX....(they lost players) then they nerfed the weapons ( they lost more players) then they put in the fight line ( they lost tons of players.... doing that) do you see a patern here.... ?????
  2. Savadrin

    I have two machines, both AMD. In all honesty, most of this game barely pushes a newer 6 core with 8 ram and a single 4g vid.

    The only differentiation is in major vehicle zergs, where my crossfire system doesn't really lose frames, and the single card goes below butter, but still quite playable.

    granted i'm not even running a 144hz monitor to care about the difference.
  3. Liewec123

    you're on an i7-970 correct? according to this a dualcore i3-6100 performs similarly (slightly better infact) for gaming to your 6core.
    here is someone playing fallout 4 on ultra with 90+ fps (on dual core) ;)
  4. user101

    I can assure you if PhysX was turned back on you PC would be steaming hot.....! Just buring up.....!

    But Smed catered to the dual core machines.... and keep loosing player by dumbing down the graphics. So here we are now... you sill want to keep the dual cores....????

    At one point there was so much smoke and fire from tanks and air you could not see who to shoot at & buildings blowing parts off them also. I can assure you an 8 core would be a 90% with any video card with PhysX in the old days.
  5. FateJH

    1 Make everyone hate everything
    2 Persecute people who complain about their game breaking
    3 Ban indescriminately
    4 Let forum drama govern all aspects of gameplay
    5 Indoctrinate wonky behavior
    6 Hate on your players
    7 Hate on your other players
    8 Hate on your other players who hated on the players
    9 Anarchy

    I'll get a guillotine! This'll be fun!
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  6. user101

    What you say it true but we are not talking about people with new dual cores are we... we talking about old I3 and pentiums.

    I am not will to pay $7,000.00 for a 12 core intel CPU.... but an 8 core maybe... ! They have to prove that it really works as good as they say and so far that is not the case.
  7. Azawarau

    Sounds risky OP

    Could be betting on losing the game entirely
  8. MikeyGeeMan

    Work on the bugs. Clean the game up and make it good enough to get big names playing again.


    But your product has to be clean to retain people. So polish up the game and get it out there again.

    And for the love of Odin , please please don't listen to any of us. We don't know what we want but when we see it. We will want it.
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  9. Greiztoph

    My god you are a ******* genius, bring in the diablo crowd basically who rush the **** out of the game for a season.

    However I think after the season you could choose to send that character over to the actual server or do something with the time you spent on that character.
  10. Taemien

    I actually can't take credit for this one. It was an Everquest developer who made an offhand comment in a progression server. People were arguing about the progression server votes and one of the devs chimed in and said "You all voted for what you had" and went on to mention something about plans for a seasonal based server that no one seemed to really want. Well they want it, just didn't know they did.

    PS2 I think would lend well to a seasonal based server. With an increased exp gain, it wouldn't take long for vets to build up characters during a server's season timeframe. And with unique challenges and options compared to the regular servers it would spice things up.
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  11. Greiztoph

    I think the Seasonal would make people experiment more with specific builds than just doing whatever they want to do, literally you would see guys just build for a specific vehicle or class to be the best at it for the season.
  12. FieldMarshall

  13. Beerbeerbeer

    1. Advertise.

    2. Make max nanoweave and resist shield default so new players can access them immediately. This makes a huge difference in individual engagements and for newbies they probably don't have a clue why they keep dying even if they have good aim out of the box. It would remove a lot of the initial discouragement and bewilderment that often leaves new players thinking this game is lame and leave.
  14. FateJH

    You could also expect people to avoid the seasonal server because they "can't do what they want to do," the same way people say they log off because they can't play on the continent they want to play on. Can you imagine how aghast everyone would be during a "no C-4" week? even if they were brave and did come on the server, they wouldn't know how to function. Certainly, you would get the "meh" crowd who remember that they're playing a game, not just playing facets of a game, and possibly wouldn't be too bothered by switching it up for reason of temporary restriction; but, they might also shy away for the normal servers where the limited ruleset doesn't apply.

    Remember: the goal is to get a lot of people together, if not in one place then on only as much of a battlefield as is necessary to allow them to fight "together" and "against each other."
  15. DooDooBreff

    why should anyone have to sufer morons who dont think before they speak?

    in one post you suggest kicking players who dont have top of the line PCs, and in another you suggest their own server ( which means there will be way less players on your server) then go face first into "lost players" being an observable pattern that is suppose to be solved by kicking, segregating, or whatver youll come up with next.

    lay off the redbulls dude
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  16. JustBoo

    Oh my gawd, NO. (Shudders.)

    You'd end up with nothing but a Whiney Farmville. And I do not mean a game to farm (and chase away new players), I mean the actual stinking game Farmville.
  17. JustBoo


    I can see it now. Mr. BrainTheSizeOfAPeanutt crys and screams: "waaaaaaa, my crops take 3 mine-utes to grow to mata-riturity[sic] Waaaaa I wan-t me'sa craps ot grow NOWS! my mommie says isa needs to whine an complains -- isa specials snowflick!!!!!!!! my monne tells ma so!! THis gaMe and everyoNes whos palys its is STOOPid! Isa QUITS!"

    (Of course it's posting four minutes later.)

    Yeah, that's what I am looking for in a huge FPS. <eyeroll>
  18. Dualice

    I'd say make players want to spend money on the game again. There are numerous directorial decisions taken by both SOE and DBG that have just made me think "wow, what a bunch of d*cks, I'm not spending any money on this game"... and I know I'm not alone.

    The quandery is I still really enjoy playing the game. But some of the decisions that have been made, it's almost like the devs don't want you to spend any money on it! The whole "weapon cert prices are increasing but DBG prices are going down" is a perfect example... many weapons' cert prices increased by two or three times, while their premium-currency prices went down by just a single unit. It could almost be a joke.
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  19. orangejedi829

    Pretty funny coming from someone sporting the downright geriatric i7 970 - a CPU that is outclassed even by modern day Pentiums when it comes to single-thread performance and thus gaming performance.
    Also, no, PS2 runs absolutely fine with 1GB of VRAM, sorry. (60fps on High settings with two 5850s)
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  20. Iridar51

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