If you want Gatekeeper nerfed, then...

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  1. Ianneman

    ALSO nerf Lancer/Vortex
    ALSO nerf Ravens

    TR players have been complaining about these three for nearly a ******* YEAR... A ******* YEAR

    Then we get something REMOTELY comparable, and the entire ******* forum explodes with HURR NERF NERF NERF

    You absolute hypocrites. This reaction is pathetic. I've never gotten annoyed or angry with the community until now. This is beyond ridiculous. TR complaints about VS/NC long range weapons have been waved away by the factions time and again, time and again, time and again. The moment the TR get something that even remotely resembles it, those same nay-sayers explode with outraged fury.

    Seriously, **** you.
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  2. asmodraxus

    Yes lets nerf the Vortex to the same level as the Fracture, by buffing it :eek: seriously the Fracture that UP weapon the TR never use is out performing the god mode sniper AV cannon that is the vortex...

    Lancer might need some kind of nerf to the long ranged abilities, but then so does the Striker against aircraft... I would just increase the damage degradation on the Lancer at long ranges for maybe a slight buff at short ranges.

    Ravens top out at 450m, Phoenix at 290m so as much as I hate to say it, they are indeed fine, maybe the Raven should be the gold standard that the other tier 2 AV max weapons should be at with similar effective range.

    The problem with the Gate Keeper is that its better then the Halberd.

    Saron and Enforcer are side grades to the Halberd, Halberd has less drop then the Enforcer making it easier to hit stuff with at range and doesn't have the same CoF bloom that the Saron has.

    Halberd should be what the Gate Keeper is balanced around, better DPS but less accurate at range then the Halberd?

    Anyone who has states that the TR never had a long range option for the Prowler, please explain why the Halberd is not considered a long range weapon, and point out why the TR should have a long range weapon when said Halberd out performs the Saron/Enforcer at long ranges.
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  3. Collin

    Easy dude, there are 2 or 3 VS which are going on a personel cruisade against the Gatekeeper. Mostly People think ist balanced. Sure ist a strong gun but far from beeing op. Funny part is it really has the same stats as a single vortex.

    The only part i have to agree on its dead silent when you are on the recieving end and that may have to Change.

    But trust me StormSinger will write you a 12 pages essey of ******** why this thing is op and flag is apperently playing a different game on a chinese Server but its all good. RadarX stated no changes are planned. I mean look at Reddit not a single thread about the Gatekeeper. Its really just These 2 or 3 guys here.
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  4. OldMaster80

    We needed a decent long range av option to compete with other factions. That's out of discussion.

    But we also have to be honest: the Gatekeeper seems to perform too well in particular on Harassers. They should give it a second look without destroy it like they did with Fractures ZOE and the old Striker 1.0.
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  5. Collin


    What perfomance? the KPU dropped UNDER!!! the enforcer and saron and of course its beeing pulled more. Its TR´s only realy Long range Option like the raven and lancer!
  6. Villanuk

    The GK dosnt need to be nerfed, its working as intended and dont give in to the 1 or 2 players who are vocal, just ignore them as the stats are proving its not OP and that dispute what ever they say cannot be disputed.
  7. Pikachu

    You have had halberd all the time.
  8. Villanuk

    But now we have an ES long range like the NC and VS, so 2 options like every other faction.
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  9. Nogrim313

    "ALSO nerf Lancer/Vortex" go for it, no one uses the vortex, and the lancer is only useful when a full squad is using them, if that is the trade i am all in for it.

    the gate keepers velocity is FAR too high for being on a completely stabilized weapon with access to 2x sights. it has no bloom and next to no drop.

    its basically the old PPA with even higher damage and more than double the velocity, this all before you even consider the prowler as a platform that already outperforms the other MBT with a single man crew while the other two have to have gunners to even come close.

    the gate keeper is a broken weapon that never should have been sent to live.

    give it bloom, give it some drop and drop the velocity at least 100 m/s then you still get your long range AV, if you want to keep up campaign its just going to be nerfed in to oblivion
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  10. Collin

    So we need to Keep our mouths shut until you or some other VS says what happens or how do i understand this?

    For real look at the numbers on a tank. Total kills are dropping to the numbers of the enforcer and saron atm. The KPU dropped BELOW!!!! that number. So what are you on about?
  11. Scorpion97

    I still can't get it,why people keep comparing the GK which is an ES AV with the vortex which is a MAX AV or the lancer which is an ESRL?!!

    Oh wait,they already understand that the GK overperforms the saron and enforcer so they compare it with other long range stuff like vortex,raven and lancer just to validate their silly arguement which was crushed by oracle of death
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  12. SwornJupiter

    There is a very simple solution to solving the GK OP crusades.

    Fix the broken TR Infantry ES AV options. Clearly, the reason why the Gatekeeper is being relied upon so heavily is because TR really have no other effective options that can perform on par with the Saron and Enforcer, and fill gaps in the instances where a lancer, phoenix, vortex or raven would be most effective. It's the same reason why the Vulcan was so popular - it was cheap, effective, and compensated for TR's lack of effective AV.

    The heart of this problem is not the Gatekeeper itself. It is the inept nature of the Fractures and Strikers to accomplish anything - hence why TR gravitates to their most effective vehicle killing option. The logic here is simple: why would you settle for less?

    Diversify TR's AV options and we would see the Gatekeeper fall in line with the other weapons.
  13. Collin

  14. Collin

    So my stats above show you what we are laking about kill wise. Ist working exactly like the saron and look up the Vulcan and you will see how desperate our tank needed that gun.

    If you look up the KPU its in the range of the Saron. New PPA? look the stats of the ppa during its broken time VS you are full of lies
  15. stalkish

    Whens the last time your prowler got killed by 3 shots from an AMR? Or 2 rockets? Or 1 C4? Or 1 AV mine? Or was susceptible to small arms fire?

    Never? I thought so.

    Please stop making stupid comparisons.

    A Max =/= a tank, that is painfuly blatantly obvious to anyone with a tiny percentage of thinking capacity.

    No i dont have a problem with gatekeeper, but please stop talking ****
  16. Hatesphere

    as someone who plays all three factions,the only problem I see with the gate keeper is it further marginalizes the basilisk. They should honestly think about buffing the bassy up a bit again, for a generalist default weapon its very underwhelming.
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  17. Collin

    If you want to tell me that the Enforcer or Saron are a sidegrade to the Basi... I mean i really fail to see the NC and VS running the Basilik.
  18. AbsinthSvK

    Nerf gatekeeper and nerf Lancer/Vortex, nerf Ravens too . Dont care lancer ravens are not OP, i don't use it, nerf it more don't care lol. Just nerf that GATEKEEPER now!
  19. T0x1s

    What? Fracture better than Vortex? Wtf are you talking about?
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  20. Collin

    mmmh now ist getting a little bit silly. I mean nerf the enforcer and saron as well. I mean they perform the same, have about the same kills +-500 same KPU well the Gatekeeper is underperforming here. Whats the Problem?