If you think VS is overpowered: rotate guns

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  1. Goodkat

    Only one way to find out.
  2. Frosty The Pyro

    as entertaining as it would be, looting corpses could mess with class balance. I mean I would love to nab some dudes rocket launcher with my infiltrator, or god forbid the LA.
  3. Extremite

    You hit the nail on the head here. I won't deny that the NC have it rough starting out. The NC have the steepest learning curve of the three factions and that usually deters new players and makes them think that the NC are underpowered. But, in the right hands, NC weapons are straight up deadly.

    The TR have it easier at the start than the NC by far. I daresay they're just as easy to pick up on and do well with as the VS are. The weapons are very similar, especially from a DPS perspective, and the TR have the best anti-infantry MBT in the game. The CARV equals the Orion when it comes to ease of use so long as you don't just hold down the left mouse button and hope your target dies.
  4. Mikouen

    Well, it's boring, but practical.
  5. W0rthy

    This is sad. Try playing nc ha with gauss saw fully upgraded hv. You slaughter vanu and tr in half a sec when you learn to burst aim correct for the head. Mag is not op either. Mags are only harder to kill when they are fully upgraded. Stock they can barely dodge a tree. And a fully upgraded prosper will hunt a magrider down and eat it for breakfast, if you just know how to aim predict a little bit. Essentially this Neff train consists of mediocre players with either low br or delusions stemming from having only played one faction. Acting like they have mastered all fully outfitted all factions stock and sidegrades. The problem is that when you take these misguided rants at face value it looks like there is a huge problem with vanu. But when you then try out the other factions stock and just a few of the sidegrades fully upgraded you quickly discover the advantages of nc and tr which has no problem meeting vanu on even ground. Because these rants are not based on actual battle experience with all the factions, which is obvious for those who have. They are more based on trying out the other factions briefly, which because vanu requires far less aim correction then the other factions, when all the stock guns are non upgraded (gauss saw needs to be upgraded and then it is insane, but u.upgraded compared to Orion it looks like Orion is op but Orion can only get fore grip or laser and a scope, thats it) leading to theory crafting nitpicking specific weapon statistics as if it was combat experience. Using examples of solstice for lå and engy
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  6. Onetoo

    That's a really good idea. I think it would be a blast to have an event like you described. I really like the NC weapons on my 2nd character, and I would enjoy the chance to use them on my VS.

    Personally, I like all the weapons though. TR is an undeniable beast in close range, my VS Solstice has the accuracy for medium range, and the NC guns just feel like I am punching holes through people.

    I fully agree with anyone who claims that the NC are harder to pick up, and that TR/VS are easier in the beginning. NC guns require skill at both bursting and controlling rise, while the VS/TR guns feel more forgiving.
  7. Autarkis

    Truth isn't.
  8. MooK

    Not really. You simply wouldn't be able to use it if the class weren't capable of it. In PlanetSide 1, if you didn't spec into ES heavy assault weapons, you couldn't pick up some Vanu's Lasher and use it.