If you think VS is overpowered: rotate guns

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goodkat, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Goodkat

    Give us a weekend where we rotate everything faction-specific. Give VS the NC weapons/veh, TR the VS weapons/veh and NC the TR weapons/veh. Lets find out the truth. I dare you.
  2. An Hero

    They won't do it, you need to win or your side gets empty.
  3. gunfox

    Oh yes, yes, please, pleeeaase SOE give me a Solstice!
  4. ThundaHawkPS

    You can already do this, it's called playing a character on another faction. The truth is, the VS has super strong LMGs, the TR lynx and cycler are monsters, the scattermax crushes people inside 10m. VS guns on the whole just feel like buffed versions of their NC counterparts (serpent> gd7, HV45> GR22). The 10 extra shots TR gets on carbines and ARs is likewise a big deal.
  5. Recce

    I logged on to Connery yesterday for a bit where I have a old BR5 char. Man the default VS carbine is nice.
  6. Banick

    Let's do it. It'll be such a reality check for you.
  7. pnkdth

    Why is everyone so excited about the solstice? By everyone, I mean everyone who does not play VS. It is a weapon so bland I forgot I owned it.
  8. the pestimist

    I get what he means have the exact gun from nc on a vs character on the same server and swap it back.
  9. the pestimist

    this would prove it once and for all plz do it SOE.
  10. Extremite

    I was just thinking about this earlier at work... I would be willing to trade out my VS guns with the TR for a while. Hell, I'd be willing to trade any of my LMG's for the Gauss SAW also. This would be an interesting way for people to find out just how balanced the guns themselves really are.
  11. Extremite

    You know the Solstice really isn't THAT good, right? Just wait until you come across a good LA with a Serpent.
  12. Joe-H2O

    I support this. As someone else said, it will be a reality check for you guys.

    The default VS guns especially are much easier to use. Their downsides don't cut in until beyond 100 m range, and the flinch mechanic works in your favour.

    I'd love to see the results if we all traded guns for a week - rotate them around like the idea to rotate warpgates.
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  13. Bullwinkle 01

    Unnecessary. Just run an alt on the other faction. I have, and the VS weapons and vehicles are jaw-droppingly dreaming compared to NC. And the TR, for that matter.
  14. ToxicBeaver

    I'm all for it. I bet NC would destroy with VS guns. VS players would be outplayed by scrubs if they had NC weapons.
  15. gunfox

    Well, many TR/NC tested VS at least once and experienced the default Solstice, a weapon that, for a change, actually hits where you aim it at.
    If you have even better weapons in your arsenal, good for you, I guess.
  16. Goodkat

    The way to find out if what you claim is true is to do what I suggest.
  17. MooK

    Despite the fact that I'm sure it would reap huge benefits for my faction, I would prefer they just simply let me loot your corpse if I wanted a VS or TR weapon.
  18. Aractain

    Looking over the stats the VS usually have a few small advantages instead of TRs 10 extra rounds, but the best sights in the game and easier to use weaponary for new users (keep your tank pointed at enemy, so many vanguards have their back to our rockets), little inertia on the scythe and landing cushions means learning to fly is much easier. Harder to hit in general from scythe to mag to black night camo.

    For a skilled player the vanu arn't really a problem but new players have issues with them however new VS players have less of a learning curve so it can feel like your pwning n00bs as soon as you pick up VS weapons.

    VS not OP, just some flaws in TR/NC design that have a effect on play style that gives VS an advantage.
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  19. Goodkat

    I would be all for this. Planetside 1 did this and I would use looted Jackhammers all the time. This game does not have an inventory system, however, so I don't think looting will be in. Also in Planetside 1, you could get other empire vehicles by hacking them or taking their home continents. That actually quelled much of the "Vanguard/Magrider/Prowler is OP!" talk because people could see for themselves that the vehicles were actually quite balanced.
  20. wrenched

    rotate guns and tanks and omg people will quit in droves when they find out what you have been playing with