[Suggestion] If you like this game, SUPPORT IT!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Beerbeerbeer, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Beerbeerbeer

    If you like this game, support it.

    1. Buy a year's membership. It's worth it for the experience gain and other benefits. I've been a member since release and, as a result, have almost every implant on all three factions, etc. etc. etc. Worth it.
    2. Buy some DBC and get those special Halloween horns and helmets. Worth it, too. I just did.

    Simply put, this is a unique game and there's nothing like it in the market today. If you want to keep playing it, support it.

    And a suggestion to the DEVS: You must clean up and better organize the virtual store, the lifeblood of this game. Simple things like being able to filter everything that is NEW, so people like me who want to support the game can quickly find new things that come up during events such as Halloween. Also allow us to filter out everything that we already own. The store is poorly organized and it's not easy to see and find new things. You should be presenting new things front and center; I shouldn't have to find the creepy clown mask on my own, let us all know it's available again.

    Seriously, it's basic crap that eludes this game that isn't helping your cause. It's like a death by a thousand cuts. Take a lesson from World of Tanks on how they run their store and promotions. LEARN.
  2. Naskoni

    Do NOT waste ANY of your money on this game. ALL of your money will be wasted on DBG's incompetence and stupidity. Just like all of PS2's income was wasted on Arena only for that PoS game to fail and PS2 to lose basically everybody still working on it.

    Take your money and go buy other games. Unless you are a moron that thinks DBG will manage to rehire the people they just fired if you throw money down the drain.
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  3. Beerbeerbeer

    Why don’t you just stop playing it then if you hate it so much? Why are you even here posting?

    If it bothers you so much, well put your money where your mouth is and go buy that other game and take a hike.
  4. Liewec123

    you're really going to tell people to buy a year of membership for a game that looks like its about to get the axe?
    they literally have TWO members of staff, and one of those is Wrel.
    no new content will be coming and we'll be lucky if the game isn't unplugged in a few months.

    i get wanting to support a game that you love, over the years ive poured thousands of £ into this game, literally thousands.
    but i don't think any money now will do anything other than line the pockets of the greedy suits who own it.

    and yes, Naskoni has a point, i hear that DBG made a lot of cash from the "lifetime" subs,
    and how much of that fat cash came to PS2? they spent all of your money to make PS:Abortion,
    and PS:Abortion has killed the company.
    infact it might have been better if they didn't have the cash to make that failure,
    perhaps without your funding they'd have simply stuck with PS2 and we'd have a couple more years!
    so in a way, perhaps you helped to kill PS2 by funding PS:A!
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  5. Naskoni

    Why didn't you stop reading my post if you hated it so much? Why are you even posting in response to it?

    If it bothered you so much you could have gone and done anything else with your life instead of wasting your time answering to it?
  6. HelioUSP

    If they turned Battle-Eye back on, then I would've left the subscription in place.
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  7. OneShadowWarrior

    Well let’s see, I bought a lifetime membership since the game was first released because I believed in it. I’ve got almost every gun, or vehicle weapon, tons of skins, implants on ALL three factions, don’t care about the robots.

    In the last few months I have shut the money well off. Arena is the dumbest move they could have ever made, no one wanted a battle royale. They don’t listen to the veteran community fanbase and keep making stupid moves. Can’t pay for what your not getting!

    All they do now is just keep playing with the variables of setting and resetting weapons and going back and forth. No new maps, no new vehicles, nothing exciting, not even fixing some of the most longest outstanding bugs.

    I think the the life of the game is played out and this game is on it’s last leg.
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  8. Beerbeerbeer

    That’s the whole point of supporting the game: to prevent the game from getting the axe.

    If no one supports, it surely will get the axe.
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  9. Liewec123

    But you aren't supporting it, money spent to support PS2 is instead flushed down the PS:A toilet.
    It would be nice if money you spend in PS2 was being spent on PS2,
    but DBG are idiots and rather than focusing on a truly one-of-a-kind game
    they want to throw YOUR money away on a doomed-to-fail Battle Royale piece of junk.

    And that was before they fired pretty much the entire PS2 team.
    If you buy a year sub now do you really think you'll be supporting the game?
    Unfortunately you'll simply be throwing cash on the grave and the suits will pick it up.
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  10. DarkStarAnubis

    I appreciate your enthusiasm but you should look at the reality. DBG has already axed PS2 by firing a number of members of its team.
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  11. Skraggz

    You dont reward corporate greed and ignoring of their playerbase with money. Throwing money at them now to save a game is not an ideal solution. Their poor money management and **** investors will ensure your money is spent poorly, probably on a 3rd failed attempt at the BR market, because hey fornite.

    I love this game. I would not advise anyone to spend money on it. The higher ups failures are embarrassing. The dev team got punished for it.
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  12. Beerbeerbeer

    It’s not a matter of rewarding any past actions; it’s about looking ahead. If they saw continued support, DBG may hire new blood (which is exactly what this game need).
  13. Skraggz

    No, no they wouldn't. They are cutting costs, they will continue to misspend, their leadership is bad, and chasing after the new fads, that are oversaturated and no longer a fad. Their leadership is greedy and tried to recycle ps2 assets to make a buck.
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  14. Naskoni

    Since you seem rather slow, and you were told already, it's already done, it's over. DBG, or at least its management, make NO distinction between Planetside 2 and Planetside: Arena. For them it's the same thing. Arena dying in two weeks meant for them that the whole Planetside franchise is now officially dead. That's why they fired everybody. Wrel being still there is irrelevant - the man is useless.

    There is nothing to support. And when there was something to support still DBG threw the money given to support Planetside 2 down the drain that was Arena.

    Now, if you are dumb enough to want to transfer your life's savings to DBG due to your delusions that Planetside 2 can be saved - be my guest. But don't tell others to do the same.
  15. pnkdth

    Despite the over the top and rude nature of their posts, I agree that this point it is probably too late at this point. I also do not play much anymore either and have already spent more on PS2 than any other game I've played.

    PS:A was their hope of getting in some extra funds but that's unlikely because of the overzealous actions of salty PS2 players of downvoting every single piece of content released byt DBG + leaving fake reviews of a game they've never played and never intended to buy (but that's the lovely world we live in these days with cancel culture, i.e. if I don't like it I will lie/smear/ban/destroy it). I guess that is what happens when the community think DBG should have just ran their business into the ground by focusing on PS2. Entitlement takes many forms.

    On the flip side, I've had about 7 years of fun in PS2. It has given me a unique gaming experience and I will remember it fondly. I wonder what the next big MMO PvP game will be, perhaps Camelot Unchained.
  16. Cyropaedia

    In fairness to the OP, the EQ and EQ2 teams are fully intact probably due to the revenues from EQ1's TLP servers and a conservative development philosophy. It's possible to "crowdfund" PS2 to keep it afloat but it's probably too late for further development. I would hope that Wrel creates goodies (skins, weapons available to all) to bring back inactive players with a blast email at the very least.

  17. tigerchips

    You're telling people to go pay for membership and now you're telling them to stop playing the game.

  18. Exileant

    :oops: Well a number of them needed to get the Ax sadly. They were listening to the wrong people, and that is what messed up the game. ;) There is always hope. o_O They learned very cool new things with the new game they made. o_O Now if they dump the graphics into Planetside two and rename the existing game "Planetside Omega" forget my wallet, I would open my-- *Dubbed Voice* (GUN CHAMBERS) Hahahaha! I know just about everyone sane feels the same way. :eek: Planetside Arena Graphics, Planetside 2's rules..... The love is in the air, can't you just smell it? o_O:oops::eek:......:p
  19. adamts01

    It really is pointless. Daybreak has never, and will never put our investments towards this game.

    Something we could do is start a go fund me for the few devs left. I don't know if they took a pay cut, but they're definitely not getting any bonuses. It would be something to keep them holding on a little longer, because when they go this game goes. It's kind of crappy giving money to those who didn't lose their jobs, but if the idea is keeping the game alive, this might be the best way to do it.

    Maybe someone who talks to Wrel on discord or whatever could float the idea to him.
  20. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I'm afraid I won't be putting any more money into this game. I've subbed twice. I've bought SC when it was SOE. I've bought DC when things were changed to Daybreak. I've told all my friends about this game and encouraged them to play. I've done my part as much as I can.

    I won't put any more money into a game that suffers from a lack of communication.It's dreadfully demoralising to see the developers posting on Reddit rather than the forums their company pays for. To me it says a lot about them... or rather... very little.

    Not only that, this game has suffered bout after bout of bad decisions. Over simplifying things where it wasn't needed. The catering to those over on Reddit because they couldn't be bothered to communicate and discuss with us here. The sheer ignorance when players had told them time after time that their decisions on PTS were poor yet they released them anyway. The constant and stupid bugs that are released in this game with every update, some of which have been game-breaking.

    One of my biggest reasons for not putting money into this game is primarily because how stale the game has become. It's natural for someone such as myself to find the game to be stale, having spent over 6 years playing it... however, it's not the gameplay that's the problem, but the content. Every update has been a trickle of weapons, or some poorly designed QoL update.

    Rarely have I seen an update with something that makes me feel like it's adding good content to the game. Aerial anomalies mean free aircraft for 40 minutes. Those 40 minutes mean I have to deal with A2G players over and over, because they have no worry about a loss of nanites. I get that it could be argued I should just go somewhere else, but imagine if we all did that? The game would have a lot less players, and players are one thing this game can't afford to lose.

    I see them trying to appeal to new players, which is commendable, but it's something that should have been done a long time ago. Any new player that starts this game now ends up being steamrolled by veteran players. We know every continent. We know the tips and tricks to fights. We know the secret sneaky locations, and the game mechanics. I see so many new players complain they get 'instantly killed in one hit' or how they just can't seem to win a 1v1 fight. A new player doesn't stand a chance.

    The last stream I watched was about sanctuaries. I know it was a constantly requested thing, but making a 'social hub' with so few players in this game is really silly. Unless they remove/integrate VR/Koltyr into them so that it's a place where people go when waiting in a queue, making it into a place where there are vendors that sell special items or whatnot.. I don't see it working. This isn't an RPG, it's an FPS. I don't want vendors in my FPS game.

    This game has had so much potential, but its resources have been wasted constantly going in the wrong direction and through poor communication. The amount of chances players have given it, constantly buying bundles and subscriptions to try and support the game despite knowing it will eventually fail... all just so they feel like they're supporting its survival for just a little longer.

    I'm tired of fighting at the same bases on Indar, especially at TI Alloys. Whomever redesigned that base should have been the one to be fired. It was already poorly designed before its overhaul. On Esamir, the solution to a long-standing issue to the Biolab problem (this being the constant fighting at Andvari/Mani) was not to redesign the areas, but to put a bandage over the situation by allowing people to cut those bases off. The only thing this screamed to me was, 'We have no idea how to fix this problem'. Even if that wasn't really the case, that's how it's felt. Even on Amerish, the same base fights... Heyoka Chemical Lab, Silver Valley Arsenal etc. I don't mind playing on Hossin. I love when it gets all foggy at night and there a fight going on in the swamps rather than in the bases. But at the same time I also hate Hossin because it's just so cluttered.

    I could go on and on.

    I understand what you're trying to achieve by encouraging us to spend our money... but many of us already have, and we're just so tired of doing so. We're tired of trying to support a game with developers/management that makes so many bad decisions, refuses to listen to its playerbase, and can't even commit to posting on their own official forums.

    This will always be my all-time favourite game. No other game is like it. But I am done investing money into a failure.
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