If you like this game support it.

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  1. Bindlestiff

    Show me where I said "everyone, don't spend" as you seem to be making out. Stop trying to turn my reply into something it isn't - and I certainly didn't write the comment to feel empowered.

    Seriously man, I applaud you trying to drum up support but people will buy when they feel like they want to. Just the same as people wouldn't listen if I told them not to spend - which I am not.
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  2. Itorien

    I have spent some hundreds of euros in total.

    Give a lumifiber medal cosmetic as a contributor reward pls
  3. Taemien

    He's not being immature, he's just posting his opinion, and a bit of fact. Here's the issue I have with PS2:

    I have everything I want to use.
    I have certed everything I am going to use.
    I've played the factions I want to play.
    I don't need exp.
    I don't need certs.
    I don't need +50% nanite gain
    I have all the cosmetics I want.
    I have the implants I need.
    I have all the energy I need to run said implants.

    So what could I possibly do to support this game? I didn't get everything I have because I farmed. I didn't get it all because I hate the game. I love the game. I personally don't see much wrong with it.
    But what am -I- supposed to do to support? Buy some cosmetic or sub that I don't use? Without getting into politics or debate, just understand that my morals on buying something means I get something in return. I don't get anything, I don't buy anything.

    I've made suggestions on how PS2 could make money. Specifically Kronos. Unfortunatley that 17.99 they could have made from me using them didn't go to PS2. It went to Everquest. I bought them with platinum and since I could not consume them in PS2 I had to do it there. I could have bought a 14.99 membership, but didn't see the point since I was about to cinch everything I needed rather soon on my newest character.
    But right now, the only way I can support PS2 is to play it. Hopefully other players enriched by my participation will sub or buy something. That's the only way players like myself who have cinched all they need will be able to support the game.

    That is until they give me something to buy. This isn't a complaint. But a shut up and take my money request. I'd gladly spend money on PS2. But I need something in return for my patronage.
    Everyone of their other games has a means of paying for a sub or DBC to enrich your Endgame or at least participate in it. PS2 is the opposite. When you reach the 'end' congrats.. you don't have to pay for anything anymore.

    PS2 isn't Pay to Win. It isn't Free to Play. It isn't Play to Win.
    PS2 is Win to Play Freely.
    Many of us have 'won'. That's not good. Where's the money going to come in to keep the rest of you when you reach this point?
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  4. sustainedfire

    Not sure why you attacked the first person to reply, he seemed to want to support the game....

    I am of the same stance as that poster.

    I would pay (again), if there was something to purchase.

    There is no guarantee the game will not shut down next year.

    There is minimal communication as to what is happening with the game. A "construction system" is supposedly being developed. And how is that going?

    There is no information on progress, and a lot of the other teased content is nowhere to be seen. Battle Islands? ES Buggies? Max Weapons? Rocklet Rifle?

    If I am going to pay into the game further, I would like to see something new added, or some guarantee the game is going to be running for at least one more year.
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  5. DeadlyPeanutt

    lol, new content and balance fixes are what are necessary... you want us to donate money to a 3 year old game that has basically been abandoned by it's dev?

    dream on

    your donation would go to supporting H1Z1 and whatever other titles DBG has in development, not PS2
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  6. Dualice

    Totally agree with this. I'd say logging in and playing regularly is support enough; as of late the developers really aren't doing themselves any favours if they're trying to make us want to spend money on Planetside 2.

    I don't think Bindle's the one with his panties in a twist, sir.
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  7. ConradHorse

    I have suspended any donations because I am unsure about the future of this game. Instead of fixing bug and performance issues the management have decided to close the issue tracker. They were so ignorant about it that for fortnight when you click the bugtracker link on the forum, you get an empty page. This gave me to think if my donation is worth anything or the game is going down.
    I love the game. This will not change. When I had my desktop offline, I spent hours on the forum with laptop talking things with other people and SOE cared about us and responded and used some ideas. It's one of the best games I've ever played.
    I enjoyed the game most when it was run by SOE. I am very angry with SOE that they gave it to DBG. When SOE had the incentive, the forum was thrilling, and the game too. It didn't go any better when DBG took over. Any serious updates ended with Hossin and Valkyrie which as far as I remember was SOE's work.
    In my opinion, DBG had been granted a huge credit of trust by being allowed to run this game and they failed it.
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  8. Zombo

    i never ever said people shouldn't pay for the game, i only said that i won't pay for it, what the hell is wrong with you?

    also, please answer my question from before, if you care to reply: why should i pay for a service i am not satisfied with?
  9. Liewec123

    i agree its good to support something you enjoy, but these guys have a point,
    if DBG want to make more money then they should be making things that people will spend money for!
    personally i'll be buying TR and NC new max helmets, and pink and baremetal camo!
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  10. Zombo

    it's the inherit problem of a free2play model
    sure, monthly subscription is rare to see these days, but it works very well with massive online games if done right

    free2play basically forced the hands of the devs to create unenjoyable content
    with monthly subscription, the game could have had a way better progression, unlocking things in a faster way (because devs don't need to sell the weapons to bypass a painfull grind)
    also, devs could have concentrated on creating new continents, because they would have been payed anyway
    monthly subscription also is a big deterrent for hackers, since they'd lose money each time they would get banned

    we are so long in to the game, and since the start, how many new vehicles have been introduced?
    really, the Harrasser and the Valkyrie, and these aren't even Empire specific
    oh right, we get a new one soon, the ANT, right, again not empire specific

    sure F2P gets you a lot of money really fast, but what games have a way longer running time and probably earned the devs more money than PS2 ever did? EVE online and WoW are allready being played for how long? 10 years +? and PS1 didn't do bad either

    all in all, SOE had the choice of going for fast money, or a long-tem enjoyable game, guess which one they chose ;)