[TR] If you help run or are the leader of one of the TR outfits read and reply.

Discussion in 'Waterson (US East)' started by Slyguy65, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Slyguy65

    I thought it was about time he TR gets an outfit alliance going, the unity is pathetic and just abysmal and needs fixing.

    - The NC have DVS and DREV running a dictatorship essentially.
    - The vanu have an outfit alliance...nothing amazing but still coordination is there.

    TR...are either bickering or never willing to communicate outside their inner cliques.

    ODAM wants to start working with other outfits legitimately, too many people from other outfits join our platoons and such and just "tag along". We want some communication going.

    Currently we are trying to reach out mainly to
    - C22
    - BRUV
    - FA

    Also any other smaller outfits, the problem the TR has is it spreads themselves way too thin and TBH the amount of outfits is just...wow. But from my experience they have few active members anymore (i assume these were made over Christmas break so its understandable.

    But ya besides just allying, we also want to get these numerous tiny outfits to merge with each other cause the amount of tiny outfits out there is just wow...especially when you compare it to NC where they have pretty much just 2 main ones, and VS who have 5 main ones. I have seen at least 8 different TR outfits and new random tags daily.

    Now do i think every single outfit should be in the outfit...eh no. Cause like i said there are just so many...and some are not that great with leadership.
    Outfits ODAM is wary to "buddy up" with AND WHY

    Simply put im tired of EGO not holding up their end of the bargain when we go to help and we get no help in return. Oh did i forget to mention EGO is the reason we lost indar...they said and i quote from their leader (netsky so ive been told)


    Devil dogs...TBH there is nothing really WRONG with them they just seem like they have no internal leadership since i always see them just tag a long with whatever large push is going EVEN JOINING OUTSIDE PLATOONS...usually they follow us or EGO...i have talked with a couple people from DD they seem good but like i said the outfit just follows...I kind of think DD should just merge into another outfit the way they act.

    I used to think a guy named Gray was the leader of ARC which is why i thought of them as allies once before...but i was wrong...their leader is actually some random person who find it fit to spam random crap in orders completely irrelevant to the game. Then proceeds to just do flash races...the leader of this group is called Onion.

    Spckash- Lol this is not an outfit, but IT IS THE LEADER OF ONE. Ravenwood. This guy though is the most idiotic moronic entity i have ever seen in my life as a leader of this game.

    This dude was the SOLE reason THE VANU AND TR BOTH could not neutralize indar over the weekend (2/17).
    He lead a push to cut off the vanu from pushing north ALLOWING THE NC TO JUST FOCUS ON US COMPLETELY. Needless to say once the moron cut off the VS the NC were able to back cap indar...oh and of course due to VS being pissed off...we had them pushing us again...

    Did i mention how we only had 1 ONE NC territory left to take before the cont became neutral...

    IMO this guy is an NC spy....though that is giving him too much credit i think he is just a kid that likes to troll.


    ODAM wants to get serious with making an interactive alliance. Right now we are focusing on these outfits.

    Reply to the thread, PM on forum or ingame. With your outfit and position in said outfit or who you know in said outfit.

  2. Tibincrunch


    I am the leader of Armored FIST [AF] on Waterson (a smaller outfit) and I agree with your sentiment about the lack of organization between outfits. However, your post above showcases exactly why the TR as a whole are pathetic on Waterson.

    Let me start by saying ODAM and other zerg outfits like it are a poison to the server. You effectively suck up anyone possible to bolster your numbers, yet you lack any sort of organization or structure to handle them. I've joined numerous public platoons led by these groups and I have experienced nothing but frustration as platoon members run wild and leaders try to lead with no tactical sense. The reason smaller outfits remain small is because you pull a majority of new guys in, show them boring gameplay by zerging and cert farming, and then they go inactive. Sure, some guys just want other people to play with when they log in and that's fine, but there's more to this game by playing it the way it was intended to be played with an organized group.

    Second, we need to stop abusing the command chat. Command chat can be a great tool when used properly, but right now it's a joke with people yelling at each other constantly about who's on the right continent or at the wrong base. Slyguy, you were the very first person I put on my ignore list when I saw they added that feature. Why? Because you have absolutely no clue what's going on yet you insist on trying to order everyone around and yelling at those who disagree. There are others on the server that do the same. Now when I log on to start Ops with my outfit I immediately mute everyone in the command channel so that when a verbal fight breaks out I don't have to interrupt what I'm doing.

    Your post here to try and start an alliance started out alright, but then took a turn south when you started pointing fingers at other people and outfits and reinforcing everything I said above. I agree that an alliance or some sort of coordination is needed, but you are not the person to be running the show by any means. Besides, you have so many members in ODAM that if you could actually keep them playing you'd have enough to handle things on your own.

    My proposition goes out to the smaller outfits on Waterson that struggle with the same things I'm seeing right now. Let's get in contact and communicate. I would MUCH rather have many smaller, tight-knit outfits working together than a few large ones with no organization. Please contact me here on the forum or in-game (Tibincrunch). If you are a solo player or a member of one of the zerg outfits and tired of their antics, consider joining [AF] by visiting our website at www.armoredfist.net/ps2.
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  3. Nefilim

    Every time I see ODAM, they're ghost capping dead continents with a massive platoon because another platoon gave them a little resistence on Indar.
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  4. Wargrim

    Lol, complaining about the split nature of Waterson TR, only to exclude some of the most active Outfits from allying up because of personal differences. Classic. We are so occupied with blaming everyone else instead of looking at our own internal failures. We will never regain any sort of organization if we are unable to look past "I do not like the nose of outfit leader x."

    When all we would really have to do is pick a bloody continent and pull it through, but we can not even do that.
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  5. TGxOgrover08

    DVS and DREV dont run a dictatorship btw. TGNA is another fist of the NC along with many other outfits. but im loving this thread.
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  6. Slyguy65

    I just said what made us warry, i used to like EGO and ARC until EGO stopped helping whenever they asked even though we helped them. And ARC's lead is very biased against ODAM.

    Also all i said is it made us WARY to team up...


    We had been pushing the neutralization of indar for some time. We helped cap esamir yesterday right before the NC took indar then went back to stop them.

    We are not a zerg...just cause we are a large group does not mean we don't have a brain.

    We have been pretty passive with who joins the platoons...but we have started to simply kick the people not folloing instructions.

    Just cause we are large doesn't mean we are bad, ODAM has lead a lot of the big pushes in recent months, just saying. Also wouldn't it be better to have an organization leading the zerg instead of PUBS....

    The point of the alliance is while we push the large fights we have the smaller outfits assist us by capping around the large fights, flanking the large fights, etc.

    Just cause i stated things that other LEADERS of outfits have done does not mean i hate their outfits, hell i see EGO players in ODAM public platoons 24/7...and DD.
  7. Negator

    For SLYGUY to make this happen, he has to set aside his petty mindset and absurd opinions about things.
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  8. Slyguy65

    Also about the NC "dictatorship" it was meant as a nudge at how DREV and DVS are pretty much the ONLY NC outfits...at least that i see.
  9. Slyguy65

    Oh do tell about my mindless opinions.

    Make a list (in game related) not forum related. Forum attitude and game attitude are different.

    P.S Holding a continent bonus is not petty...
  10. The Wolf

    No offense but you guys do have the best weapons in the game. Faster Rate of Fire, Very low Recoil, is a lot better then damage our only advantage is to shoot you guys in the back. Even at BR 1 with no certs I was easily able to disable 10-15 NC/VS. Note I was testing your weapons. Leadership I didn't pay much attention to but it did seem a bit more decent. I did test your weapons out and it seems to me they are to fast with to low of recoil. Tested with the T9 Carv. I know you guys are going to say "Oh thats not true" but yet it is.
  11. TGxOgrover08

    trust me. they ask for our help alot and we have seen ODAM a few times and with alittle under 2 squads repel you from a cap. and wolf is right, idk how many times ive been killed by the carv due to its obscene states.
  12. Slyguy65

    ODAM may zerg 24/7 but we do not always have a brain for the zerg.

    Also ive heard many stories from my leaders about how bad the NC are at coordination as well man.

    How one platoon held off 4 DVS/NC platoons at quartz, multiple times.

    Hell back in december and early/mid jan.

    The people who pushed NC off of esamr and amerish (mainly amerish) was ODAM...pop was usually even BTW since we all know VS stayed on indar back then.

    Trust me. We have equal amount if not more stories about the opposite happening man.
  13. Slyguy65

    This isn't a faction debate....in fact why you even here NC lol.

    But seriously, my TR people say the SAME thing about your guns ...they play NC for a few hours and get insane K/D. IMO the NC and TR are relatively the same except you have those CQC OP MAX's. Also you have omnidirectional mines like VS and TR have 60 degree only mines...just saying.

    POINT IS...this aint no faction debate. Maybe ill try this topic again in another week or so, since apparently NC think this is a faction debate, in a TR post...for TR people but w/e
  14. Alexander13

    Haha, kind of funny I just found this here.

    I'm doing something very similar for NC on Genudine, made a post about it in the Genudine category. Still trying to gain traction.
  15. The Wolf

    I said you guys had more decent leadership compared to NC. Better? Our Recoil messes every shot up. Techinically it is a debate. Maybe you shouldn't have posted it in the Outfit Recruiting forum. This doesn't look like you are trying to recruit anyone into an Outfit which makes this thread in the wrong area.
  16. Nefilim

    Okay, what is your definition of a ghost cap, then?

    My room mate joined your outfit last week and, literally, every time I came into the room you guys were pulling out of Indar to go to Esamir/Amerish where the entire map was green when there were big fights going on on Indar. Any time you guys came under attack while steamrolling people with your zerg by DVS or DREV, you would pack your **** and switch continents while being condescending as hell to anyone who stuck around to keep fighting.

    You would say people were "cert farming" or whatever because they would stay to defend locations instead of hopping continents with the rest of you. You would even ***** at people for flying mosquitos when they should "be on the ground" with the rest of the people staring at spawn points to stop the 2-3 NC/VS from leaving their spawn points.

    Basically, your platoon is a bunch of kids who feel empowered with their mics and anonymity, trying to boss other people around desperately and don't understand why people don't want to follow orders when your orders basically amount to, "Hey guys, we're getting killed, let's go somewhere easier."
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  17. Craig1287

    Tactical Gaming (TG) has some good members.
  18. Hader

    So I had joined ODAM back when it was really starting to get going and you had this Alpha spec ops stuff going on. And I was to help lead the air force.

    Any you without a doubt noticed I left soon after. For a variety of reasons. The main reason being that someone, I do not know who, decided to kick me from the outfit because I refused to join the ODAM squad they were making (even after I stated I was about to stop playing for the night anyways). Whether this person knew I was an air force leader or not, I don't know, but either way it was pretty ****** to boot me just for that. Then when I later tried rejoining I got completely ignored. Normally I would have talked to you or another general about it, but around the same time I discovered another small outfit that fit my tastes more as a strict fighter pilot. I decided to just take a break from the big outfits and do some small squadron ops for once.

    As for smaller nagging reasons, at the time Slyguy you really hated Indar and would not let ODAM fight there. I could understand, somewhat, being an Esamir/Amerish focus just for variety and a general outfit goal. But as soon as TR capped Indar last month from the Vanu, I saw you and ODAM all over Indar almost all the time. Kinda went against all you used to say about Indar there.Why not stay on Esamir when we managed to cap that? Esamir changes hands at least once or twice a day right now and that's because ODAM is more often on Indar. Granted I do see a platoon there ghost capping once in a while but this is hardly the same strategy that used to be employed.

    In defense though, I know server pop has decreased enough to where we only have one continent with a big fight on it (Indar of course) and maybe a moderate fight on Amerish/Esamir otherwise. I have no doubts server pop has affected everyone's operations the past few weeks.

    You had a good start to this thread with a good goal, but the content of your post does jack **** to help that goal. "Let's make an outfit alliance TR, oh but not with these guys because I don't like them and you shouldn't either." This implies elitism amongst TR outfits, yours and ones you like to work with. And that doesn't help us one bit.

    TR here on Waterson does need better outfit communication. A little work on that will help wonders. What it also needs is leaders to stop bickering, stop spouting nonsense in leader chat (orders chat too, but eh, few listen to that regardless) and simply just coordinate together. "Hey, my outfit of ## strength is going to attack/defend here. Hostile forces number ##, we could use support." Simple stuff like that.

    I do not like the turn ODAM has taken to be honest, I don't think you're leading in the right direction at all, something I sensed early on in joining.

    In any case though, I think any "outfit alliances" should not need to be made so official like this. We are all the same bloody faction already, let's just up our maturity in leader chat and be a bit better at communicating. Also wouldn't hurt to wait a week until we get merged with Jaegar, see how many outfits are brought to our side from there and see how big the battles get on other continents as well. Hopefully the merger will change things up a lot and bring combat back to all continents at once.
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  19. Grim141

    so what i am seeing is that ODAM thinks they can walk into a room and say hey everything that's been going on is cause we showed up? really, look ODAM if u are really out for winning then slighting the other groups out there might not be the best of ideas. honestly. also last night (2/21/13) from about 20:00 - 2:00 CDT a small group worked to liberate Indar. i was on the ground with this group and throughout the entire night did not see a single ODAM player on the ground. the only ODAM member i saw at all that night was a galaxy pilot that was intentionally ramming our liberator.

    thanks for your support please fight for the collective, or just not fight your friends.
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  20. Negator

    Not a surprise. One has but to look through Slyguy's post history to see who he is. Dude thinks the lasher is OP lololol....

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