If you don't want me to farm, stop punishing me for my job.

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  1. Paperlamp

    I personally like thermal viper lightning w/ autorepair and fire suppression better than any MBT set up. And they're only 300 resources, and you can get the acquisition timer down pretty low. I usually get more kills per pull with a lightning than my HEAT Prowler which also has thermal and auto-repair - granted I run it solo not 2/2.

    I would DEFINITELY say it feels like farming and the kills are extremely easy/cheap if you know the right places to bring it to. I can get better SPM/KPM/KD while casually sipping whiskey outside a long tower fight than I'd get as infantry or even MAX.

    As for AP, the problem now is vehicles aren't the main threat to vehicles really. So while you're at a major advantage vs. AI using vehicles, the AI users can hang back hiding behind their infantry lines and let their infantry handle enemy vehicles while they pop in and out picking off enemy infantry with ease.

    How to balance this, I don't know. It's hard to suggest making infantry less effective vs. vehicles as that means when you have an unopposed AI vehicle you're getting an even easier cert/kill farm from infantry if there's no AP vehicles around to ruin your day.
  2. Hosp

    OP sounds more like an argument for the ability to swap loadouts than an argument for making AV roles more lucrative.
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  3. JesusVoxel

    Here is your problem. Do you enjoy the game or the "reward" of playing the game more?

    I stopped using anti-infantry farm weapons a long time ago because it's not fun for my enemies nor for myself. Engaging enemy armour is much more anjoyable than sitting around enemy bases spamming your farm weapons against the buildings.

    Surely you will get more certs by "playing" it the boring way, but XP and certs ain't the reason why I play this game and it shouldn't be for anyone.
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  4. Corporate Thug

    Very much this. I think a large part of the problem is that people will just sit around with nothing to do and just spam, instead of hopping out of their unneeded vehicle and helping in another role. When I pull a vehicle it is to fight other vehicles and once I'm done, then I go back to playing infantry and pushing objectives, I play to support my team even though I'm usually solo or in a 2 man squad. By the time I'm done pushing the objective or the enemy vehicles regroup and return I usually have enough resources to pull another tank to fight them. Resources are gained even when you aren't doing anything, they are free and more than likely you will have enough to pull another one if you decide to play a more needed role on the battlefield, unless you're steam rolling, in which you cap really quickly but your vehicle probably isn't needed nor your presence. Also, as Paqu stated, if you are done killing vehicles and are forced to start cheesing, then perhaps you will be more useful elsewhere.
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    You wants CERTS huh?

    OK take a 100,000 and give your enemy 100,000. Game over.

    How fun would that be? Everyone at BR100 and still farming?

    I am sure you all have seen the BR100 still lib farming and even doing it in areas they cannot cap and have no business even being there other than to get easy kills and easy certs.

    There are plenty of ways to earn certs beside endless farming:

    Pop disadvantage
    Ribbon bonuses (try repairing the one and only sundy 100 people are spawning from. Ever notice hardly anyone helps repair it?)
    Falling back from a tank zerg and placing mines and c-4

    If the point of the OP is "I cannot earn enough certs in my MBT", then I'd say GET OUT OF YOUR COZY LITTLE TANK!!!
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  6. LibertyRevolution

    Every time I get killed by a level 100 with rocketpods I just shake my head and wonder why they are still farming..
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  7. Van Dax

    tanks have an average lifespan of 20 minutes, I generally from 10 to 40 minutes. As an infantry player I change loudouts around once every 15 to 20 minutes (shotgun-LMG-Lasher) so It seems rather obvious to me that loadout changing would add a ton of options and playstyles.
  8. TomaHawk

    I was on Indar last night, and TR and VS were going back and forth at some base not far from our WG. I pulled a Prowler and noticed we had gained ground up to a building with a cap. So I rolled up in front of the door, deployed, and laid waste to the inside area of the building just outside the cap room. I had around 50 kills before someone got smart and C4d my Prowler. Until then, it was just VS after VS running out of the room to greet my HE shells with their faces.

    Am I farmer? Or was it the Vanu collective lack of thinking that was the problem?

    Btw, I rolled 2 more Prowlers after that and ended up with 128 or so kills. I could care less about whatever labels this brings, I aim to kill the enemy, and I don't care how they die, as long as I send them back to spawn.

    BURN SHOOT STAB BLOW UP it's all the same :eek:
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  9. DeadliestMoon

    Yeah, sitting outside bases shelling spawnrooms and capture points. Oh wait, thats your brainless tactic, sorry. :p
  10. LibertyRevolution

    My tank lasts me as long as it takes me to drive 300m to the next base.
    I drive in full speed shooting and ram it into the enemy armor.
    Then I hop out and C4 the tank in front me and watch the debris take out another one.

    This is usually fallowed by a hate tell from the enemy about how I need to learn to play and something about cheese. o_O
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  11. gigastar

    Difference is that AV infantry can switch to a different loadout at the nearest Sundy at no cost with the only downtime being the traveling back to the fight.

    The tanks, however, are stuck with their loadout, for better or for worse. Often worse.
  12. LibertyRevolution

    Yes, that is the forumside definition of a farmer.
  13. Ryme

    As the OP stated, vehicles are intended as a limited resource. The problem with that are drivers and pilots feel entitled/obligated to doing nothing but farm in and for their vehicles, because they are a "limited" resource.

    A lot of arguments for vehicle buffs exclude the fact that inside that vehicle is an infantry unit that can get out of said vehicle and do as much as all the other infantry units they complain about. They don't identify themselves as an infantry soldier who utilizes a vehicle as a tool, they identify as the vehicle itself, like in Mechwarrior, Hawken, or World of Tanks.

    Beyond that, there just isn't anything else for vehicles to do when there aren't other vehicles around. Sadly, the state of the game for a vehicle specialist is somewhat stuck in limbo. If vehicles remain a limited resource, the game needs more elements for them to participate in. If they become as readily available as infantry, they will need to be "balanced" into a similarly durable/potent state, which they would not be happy with.

    And while they may bring up cert acquisition rates as a justification, I think the main issue is that it's just boring to sit on or hover above a hill with nothing to do. You could award drivers and pilots certs for just being in a vehicle and not doing anything, but they would still eventually get bored and go look for something to do, which results in infantry farming.

    Given the successful hype behind Titanfall, I think SOE should reconsider some AI controlled elements that can serve as fodder to tide over vehicle specialists when enemy vehicle units are absent from a battlefield. I'm not necessarily talking about NPC armies, but maybe AI controlled turrets or land/air drones that vehicle operators can engage around facilities, as opposed to having nothing but enemy infantry to target.
  14. Van Dax

    So you're a bad player who can't comprehend that people would choose to not be bad?
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  15. Axehilt

    Maybe 90% of my prowler pulls are AP + Walker. I make 761 score/min tanking overall (and 805 SPM with the AP main gun itself; for reference I have 350 SPM with HEAT.)

    So you're going to have to define what you think is "punished", because certainly in terms of XP and winning battles, AP loadouts are dramatically superior to AI loadouts (and you don't even sacrifice your entire ability to kill infantry; when there's a high enough infantry presence I take AP+Basilisk and do even better. On non-TR tanks I'm more likely to take this loadout since their AP cannons aren't as good againstn infantry.)

    I guess if your'e playing for pure kill count that's one thing. But personally I play to win and unlock stuff, and AP is dramatically better for that most of the time.
  16. Van Dax

    for the prowler AP IS a farming loadout
  17. Paqu

    Well that wasn't exactly what I meant by moving somewhere else. But yeah that is one way of doing it.

    Anyways I meant that once all vehicles are gone, we will drive to another base to find more vehicles to kill. Even in bases where TR and NC are fighting against eachothers just to make sure we will find something to blow up. Sure we die a lot when doing that, but so what? We also get pretty epic killstreaks and tons of certs. Now how does that help our team? Well it sure doesn't but its just so much fun to do and the fun is why I keep playing the game.

    I just dont understand people who stick with the zerg and spam those spawnrooms base after base over and over again. Boring as hell.
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  18. a4555in

    Just enable vehicles to change loadouts(maybe changing loadouts should have a cooldown say 50% of the timer for vehicle spawn) problem solved.
    Maxes cost almost as much as vehicles, they can do it why cant vehicles?
  19. Ravenwolf Foxtrack

    I pull AP MBT on either empire, Aim, and take out infantry, a lot of times with head shots, just fine. I can farm infantry with AP MBT, then when enemy armor rolls up, I go fight them with the AP rounds. Sure, you can't get splash damage with AP rounds, but the direct and armor damage they do is far more than HEAT rounds and far better to have than HE rounds when armor rolls up on you. Are you just having trouble aiming? Maybe lag issues causing you to not hit targets you aimed at? Or are you just another sad farmer that gets mad when he can't farm easy kills while staying safe in their tank? If that's the case, then Esamir must suck for you. I wont go all "Lear to play lol hur hur" because I know that's BS, I think you just need to re-evaluate your play style and find a better solution for your "problem". Hell, be an engy with an AI mana turet and farm enemy coming into a forced choke point. Loads of xp and kills to get that way, like covering a teleporter room in a bio lab. or direct entrance to a capture point. Be a MAX with dual AI weapons with a support engy at a choke point. I mean hell, there are all kinds of options to take for farming, Old McDonald.
  20. Ice

    There's also the option of getting out of your tank once the enemy armor is gone.
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