If you could pick any special ability for any class...

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  1. Ziggurat8


    You're allowed to customize any 1 class with any 1 special ability from any class but once you've used your ability you're stuck with it forever.

    Please include a brief description of why you picked that particular class/ability combo over any other class/ability combos you might have thought about. Sky's the limit but you can only pick 1....choose carefully!

    For me my mind immediately went to Resist Shield MAX, Hunter Cloak MAX or Drifter Jet MAX. Instinctively I thought what would be the most broken combo I could come up with? Lately though I've been playing a lot with the Lasher and if there is anything the Lasher is king of its death from above. While I would have to give up overshield the idea of being able to perch on rooftops as a HA appeals to me more than just being straight up OP.

    Skirmisher Jump Jet - HA. Final Answer. Lasher/LMG and RL from the tops of trees and buildings sounds like fun for days. Being too OP would get old pretty quick for me which is why I forgo the MAX class. Plus I don't always have the nanites for a MAX.
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  2. LordKrelas

    Is the ability only replacing the original, or can it be merged?
  3. CommodoreKeen

    Infiltrator chassis + engi repair gun o_O
    oh no, thats a tool
    Infil + medic shield
  4. FateJH

    I would give my MAX Charge

    because, you know, why not
  5. UberNoob1337101

    The ability to equip a pump-action shotgun on a infiltrator. It's pretty obvious, OHKs in CQC for days and go invisible. Ambush ppl and then instantly kill them. Would get boring pretty fast but I'd really laugh from all the silly OPness. But unfortunately that's not really an ability :(

    Anything for the Medic really, I just don't find Nano-Regen that much useful unless I run with Carapace+Combat Surgeon+Nanoweave where it's super powerful, and Bubble shield isn't useful in the way I play. The idea of a Medic going permanently invisible at a cost of his primary was hilarious, and it would be so powerful, camp a corner invisible and throw revive nades to completely renew your forces, all while being virtually untouchable and undetectable, or res people while enemies have already ran past you. I'd really want a Medic with Stalker cloak, or a jetpack! Both are great, I'd definitely pick 1 from these on my VS alt where I main medic, but it's not really amazingly stupid, would definitely get me a lot of giggles and win bases, but there is just some *oomph* that it doesn't have...

    Engineer has the ammo pack as his ability, or was it the turret? Never really paid attention to it, but if it is the ammo pack, then I'd safely replace it with overshield. But then, some gimmicky play-styles that I enjoy to do like UBGL+ammo pack+grenade bandoleer for infinite grenade spam wouldn't be possible anymore.

    But in the end, probably NC's Aegis Shield on my HA. Would tank so many bullets it'd be silly, and HAs aren't as restricted in movement as MAXs and playing the objective is what I do, most commonly the durability when I need it is in situations where I need a lot of protection forward to survive incoming fire and somehow push to incentivize the cowards in my team that don't push for whatever reason. I don't mind losing the over-shield for an ability so powerful and useful at assaulting important areas, much better than being a panic shield IMO and it would feel amazing to use, just imagine leading the charge as a mere man carrying a shield and tanking so many bullets... on top of being able to recharge said shield quite fast, and a really powerful all-round arsenal.
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    MAX + jump jets, lol
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  7. Demigan

    There's soooooo many things you could do...
    For example, any class with Kinetic armor, as Kinetic armor starts with an 81,5% damage reduction of small-arms including headshots... Only this time you have a recharging shield and medkits to screw your enemy! This would make the Medic the strongest unit due to self-heal during combat.

    Infiltrators with shotguns or C4, although not sure if weapon-specificity is also an ability in your eyes. If it is we might just go all the way immediately: Rocketpods, AH's, TB's, Dusters (imagine a handheld Duster inside a point-room, hell it would even be good against vehicles due to the relative CQC nature of most infantry) etc. If the OS didn't have a minimum range larger than your targeting device and required Cortium to charge I would have picked that one.

    More down-to-earth and less supa-dupa:
    LA's, Medics or Engi's with LMG's. LA's with sniper rifles (would be a lot less OP than people think, Infiltrator would overall still be better). Conc grenades on LA, stickies on LA. Medics with AI mines, Medics with Rocklet Rifles for a bit more oomph against vehicles or MAX's etc.
  8. LegendarySalmonSnake

    Would probably take lockdown for my VS heavy and go ham with the lancer. The added fire rate (charge up speed hopefully) and reload speed would allow me to create a nice no fun zone for all those pesky harassers and ESF. :p Atm landing the 3rd or 4th critical shot before the ESF or harasser finds cover is a struggle. The added velocity would greatly help against ESF that afterburn to the sunset as well. The upcoming lancer nerf saddens me :(
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  9. Liewec123

    i'd pick drifter jets for my engi,
    imagine using a biolab jump pad to drift over the enemy tank convoy and dropping 5 tank mines? :D :D :D
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  10. JobiWan

    Cloaker Max
  11. Ziggurat8

    Replaced. For instance you can't have OverShield and Hunter Cloak on the same character. Can't have medic heal aura and Jump jets. Only the special ability would change.
  12. Hegeteus

    I ran into those when the game was at it's buggiest...
  13. Ziggurat8

    Special ability only. So any ability you trigger with the special ability button. Over Shield, Cloak, Jump Jet, ZOE, Aegis, Ammo etc...
  14. Halkesh

    Self-heal MAX
    Ammo pack heavy (overshield won't help you to survive a tank shell)
  15. C0smos

    I would say Carapace medic 0.75ads weapon with self- heal and darts.

    Oh god you can already do that. lol
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  16. Liewec123

    could be worse, remember STEALTH SKYWHALES? XD
    if infils spawned a wraith flash, activated the cloaking, switched to the back seat, hopped off the flash,
    whatever vehicle they jumped in gained permacloak :)
  17. Demigan

    Just the ability slot? Then my top 5 for OPness

    1: resist shield MAX, assuming the resist shield stacks with the standard resist it already has (it doesnt with Kinetic or flak). Activating it would give 120% damage reduction against small-arms and heal damage(!!!!!!!) and a 65%(?) reduction of explosive damage is a nice addition.
    2: drifter jet MAX. The vertical climb is a bonus, the horizontal faster-then-sprintspeed is the big oomph. No stealth MAX here, its powerful but the slow speed and bulkiness would mean its too easily spotted anyway.
    3: stealth Medic/HA. The AR/shotgun and revive capabilities are going to be murderous combinations (not to mention strealth c4), but a HA with his LMG and rocketlauncher is damn good too, especially as Stalker when you get to keep your rocketlauncher...
    4: I wanted an AOE heal MAX here but AOE heal doesnt heal MAX's. So I guess a general "AEGIS shield for any class" would be good here.
    5: unless vehicle abilities become available I guess engi's with HA shields or something. Ammo pack gone doesnt matter much unless this applies to every single engi in the game.
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  18. Rainproof

    I'd be happy if they'd just return the TR MAX sprint capability !
  19. TR5L4Y3R

    heavy assault with engiammopack ability instead of overshield=unnending supportfire ... like what else would i ever need?

    engineer with jetpack instead of ammopack ... omg the positions i could rain down turretfire, still have my archer and br and still able to c4 better yet drop mines but also can repair .. maybe even aircraft from outside xP

    medic with cloak instead of selfheal/shieldregen could be superusefull when he gets access to forwardspawn as utilityitem but otherwise .. meh ... would be at best in going with pumpshotgun and c4

    now HA with cloak instead of shield on the other hand ... ufff ... afformentioned shotgun and c4 but also rocketlauncher peek a boo and vehicle grenades or concussion ... mean stuff ...
  20. TR5L4Y3R

    Infil with ammopack instead of cloak ... infinite sniping .. infinite scouting ... he should at least get the default hundred shields back though ...