If you could change the Heavy Assault shield how would you?

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  1. Auzor

    I'd love to see more variation in the shields themselves.

    1) Nanite mesh generator: as is honestly. At max rank it takes 45 seconds to fully recharge. A base vanguard tank can fire 11 shells in that time. People seem to forget it drains over time, even without taking dmg. And glows. And slows. In addition, this one is harder to combine with medkit spamming.
    2) resist shield: make it protect vs headshots and dmg > 400. This one gets problematic combined with a medic, or a medkit spammer. Solution: medkit gets a cooldown. Suggestion: 3 seconds. Medic+ resist shield heavy is still very tough, but requires 2 players to pull it off.
    3) Adrenaline shield: removed. The problem is this one doesn't scale linearly. Give adrenaline shield to a very good headshotting player aaand.. boom, recharged.

    other options:

    4) Sneaky shield. Doesn't glow, nor slow. Obviously: lesser effect.
    if nanite mesh generator is 700 HP, this could be 350; or it could offer rapid shield regen during combat. Think the medic self heal ability, but only for his own shield, more powerfull but only for a few seconds.
    5) Sneaky AV shield: again, no slow no glow. Works like resist shield, with a sliiight difference: no bonus vs infantry weapons.
    Offers resist vs vehicle & max weaponry,...

    6) AV-y resist shield: normal resist shield is 40-45% resist.
    AV resist shield grants 60% resistance vs explosions, vehicle weapons etc,
    but only 30% vs infantry weapons. (Nanoweave armor is 20% at max rank; nano-armor cloak resists up to 35% of small arms)

    7) Overcharge shields: quadruples your shields for a few seconds, then collapses. (meaning: no shields)
    Now, suppose you take 2 167 dmg bullets, then activate this shield. You get an extra 498 shields. So as far as ambushing goes: if the first bullets land, it is worse than NMG.
    Taking cover for a few seconds would also be highly effective vs this heavy: he'll end up without shields at all.

    8) Directional shields (aka: NC max ability): probably difficult to implement.

    9) Somehow, a more anti-max shield. Extra resistive vs all max weapons (including AI, explosions), but worse vs other weapons than resist shield.
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  2. Grandpa

    It is good as it is. No changes needed...
  3. CapEnTrade


    I want a bullet activated-shields. If that happens halve the shields resistance to damage.
    I would remove the SMG, this combination of close quarter combat gives him to much of an edge over non-heavy combatants, Shotguns are a different breed of there own.
    In this world a heavy should have a higher chance of winning a 1v1 vs non-heavy.
  5. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Head-shots needs to ignore the shield.
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  6. Garrum

    Take the shield away completely, give them passive nanoweave and flak, freeing up the suit slot for other choices (ACS, grenade bandolier, etc.). Alter the LMGs to be basically ARs with big mags, and increase RL projectile speed significantly while heavily reducing their damage to infantry.
  7. Ryo313

    i wouldn't change anything about the shield.its fine as it is.
    what i would change is the medkit. adding a cooldown to it so they aren't spammable anymore ( and giving ppl a reason to play Medic)
  8. gnometheft

    You are really defensive about your class I get that. But you are drastically over-reacting.

    I encourage everyone to go look at my reddit history, you'll see ive made 2 posts about heaavy assault there(neither of them call for nerfs), and 1 post here(which is a direct copy of one of them).

    You think I'm obsessive? Why are you so threatened by me asking about how people feel about the HA shield?
  9. Scr1nRusher


    You do know that you ended up creating a "FOTM" situation where people think there is a massive problem when in actually there isn't one?

    You do not understand repercussions & long term aspects.
  10. gnometheft

    No I understand entirely. That's why I made these posts. To get people thinking about the HA shield.

    Duh. You think people come to the forums asking "should X be changed?" when they think everything is 100% fine? People come here to voice their opinions/dislikes. Of course I think it could use a change. I don't know how though, that's what forums are for!

    If you are talking about the recent most played class posts, I did not create a fotm situation, the only thing I did was share states about most played class %.

    I had no idea I would get promptcritical to respond with actual figures. Reddit exploded recently about the HA numbers because of his post, not mine. The only thing I did was share it.
  11. Scr1nRusher

    Please tell me you understand the role the class & its shield plays & how nerfing the shield will cause repercussions?

    Actually I decided to take a look at your character interms of directives & weapons auraxiumed.



    And it really shows how much of the game your lacking in.

    Now take a look at mine.



    I have a wider range of experience & knowledge when it comes to the classes's & the vehicles. I'm also working on multiple weapons trying to auraxium them, along with completing directives.

    From your POV it looks like I'm being defensive, when in actuality I don't like seeing people do or promote stupid stuff.

    Look, I've been wanting the HA class changed, but done correctly without balance problems happening post nerfs.

    The HA class needs to be nerfed by doing 3 really really simple things:

    1) Removing 0.75 ADS off all LMG's that have it.

    2) Removing SMG's off the class.

    3) Removing the ability of the ES G2A & G2G lock on missile launchers to be dumbfired.

    Those 3 simple things are all it takes to solve the HA issue without causing massive balance issues over time.
  12. Auzor

    Oooh, now this could be interesting.
    No shield, but free nanoweave + flak + a suit slot..
    a drastic decrease in AI potential.
    Tbh: nanoweave itself isn't that big: a nanoweave medic would have a technical advantage from selfhealing.
    I'd suggest extra heavy suit slot: heavy nanoweave: increases small arms & sniper dmg resistance to 30%, headshot dmg reduced by 20%. (1429 HP vs bodyshots)
    Heavy flak: increases "flak" damage resistance by an extra 20%.

    LMG= AR with big mags:
    what happens to the hipfire?
    Do heavies get LMG's with 845 rpm, 143 dmg? (Tar, Cycler TRV,.. ) The firepower a heavy gets would increase.
    I'd rather not tbh.
    I consider AR > SMG, plenty of people want to remove SMG from heavy (not me)

    RL projectile speed increase: yes please!
    Reduce dmg to infantry: simply reduce the splash damage. The Phoenix does 100 splash damage. The others 750.
  13. Jbn0s0rus

    I would decrease their capacity (one or two bullets top) and reload time (by quite a lot).

    So that HA don't have that much of an advantage but have it more often. It would balance the HA nicely IMHO, leaving them more vulnerable to sneak attack, but still keep them on the front line.
  14. Shanther

    I would totally buff it. Make people cry move. It would be funny.
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  15. Littleman

    It's because there's nothing wrong with the HA that it's considered so overpowered.

    I'd like to see how HA handle with 1000 health (no shields) and a built in 10% nanoweave and maybe 15% flak resistance. They can keep their ability shields exactly as is for the duration of the experiment. I'm sure some of the complaints come from shooting a heavy and never even cutting through their (non-ability) shielding, knowing that $#!% will just come right back. They didn't even have to pop a medkit or call over a medic, so it was like nothing was done to them at all.

    Hence why I main HA, like apparently 30% of the player base. Mind... those numbers show total play time, not the percentile of players that have X class as their most played class. THOSE numbers I'd like to see.
  16. z1967

    I would probably make them choose between having a shield+LMG (AI), Shield + RL (AV/AA), and LMG + RL (MAXes/most versatile).

    Alternatively, make them choose between a shield and utility slot weapon. Not a real fan of this one though.
  17. Goretzu

    That is something that just should be done, it's not just HAs that cause issues with it, although it maybe them that get the most hate from it.

    It should be a pretty simple fix too.
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  18. Auzor

    Only 1) is an issue.

    SMG's have lower dps output than carbines, do much worse dmg at say.. 30 meters than the LMG's,..

    ES G2A can be dumbfired: oh noes?
    If you make em lock-on only, the annihilator is the clearly superior,
    and you can no longer use em vs maxes.


    1) 0.75 ADS removed.

    2) Medkits get a 3s cooldown.

    3) All rocket launchers: less splash damage, higher velocity.
  19. gnometheft

    It doesnt seem like you are responding to what im typing so much as trying desperately to make me out to appear to be against HAs /uninformed, which anyone who checks my stats will see otherwise. Because of this, i am not gonna respond to you anymore scr1n, but i sincerely hope you keep bumping the thread.
  20. DK22

    An implant to turn it on automatically on the first hit.
    An implant to make it last longer.