If you could change the Heavy Assault shield how would you?

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  1. Eternaloptimist

    I think complaints about HA shield OP get confused with complaints about so many people playing HA. The shield really isn't that big a deal and plenty of HA get killed by other classes. Ofc there are so many of them that you have to do it more often...........that's all really. HA are fun because they have LMG and RL and choice of many more weapon types than other classes. Compared to poor LA especially, they really are a logical choice for so many players.

    If you really want to rebalance HA with other classes it would be better to enhance the others that need it rather than dragging down that stands out in popularity and...........I almost said versatility but then nearly all the other classes are highly versatile themselves in different ways.

    Give LA some more clout or some more staying power and I bet you the hate/whine threads will shift to them even though, like HA they are a dedicated assault class and should be up there with HA in fearsomeness.
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  2. Leftconsin

    We should include faction traits in on this:

    Vanu overshield should in addition to giving 650 extra health should increase the damage output by one tier and increase movement speed to 1.5x.
    NC overshield should negate a LOT of damage (2000+) but be up for a short period of time.
    TR overshield should reduce movement speed to zero and add 100rpm fire rate.
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  3. gnometheft

    HA shields resist headshots as well... Maybe you should do some self reflection before accusing people's intelligence eh?

    I suggest you start playing LA for more than 0% of your playtime. Then i guarantee you wont post another message like this, which includes no real argument at all. Also advising players to aim at the face, when you have 11% accuracy? Your post is one big fail-_-
  5. xwoz wozx

    ide completely scrap the idea of shield. its op to doom when certed out. heavy's already have lmg and rocket advantage. but that's not enough apparently. every other class has a disadvantage to counter there advantage. but hear heavy's have 3 advantages we don't mind...
  6. xwoz wozx

    regarding hornyboss comment. my la play time is well over 60% and im a bit of a head hunter over body/limb shots with accuracy ranging from 20-30%ish depending on wep. I completely disagree with you post and condescending opinion of said player. not everyone is equal and not every one is a % bum. some people actually play for fun not just to add the there ego.
  7. LodeTria

    Remove it, rename class "assault" and give it access to all weapon types. Becomes the most varied class but has no special traits. Your dime a dozen soldier as it were. Tool slot can be a another primary weapon if they want, but then they loose pistol.
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  8. Ryo313

    great idea remove every class make only 1 class give that class 1 LMG 1 Pistol 1 RL and nothing more so nobody is going to cry anymore. who needs class diversity anyways? no more jum/drifter jeting around so no tank driver has to cry about c4 fairies.
    no HA shield so those who can't play don't have to cry . no Infiltraor cloacking and headshoting from a distance where you can't fight back with other classes. no engi turrets mines etc . and god forbit those medics cheese that healing is op as **** x'D

    srsly guys its getting more and more ridiculous to read that crap . HA is fine as it is and the shield is fine as it is . heck i can even take out a HA in 1vs1 as LA when attacking from above and when i use the environment ( pro tip the last one works with every class)
    if everyone whould switch from HA to LA everyone would ***** about that class or how about Infiltrator? same crap....

    don't fix that ain't broken.

    and here for all crying girls out there

    oh and as a side note... there is already a thread out there about the HA shield ;)
    (for everyone who can't find it)
  9. Ronin Oni

    Only problem with Resist is "medstim tanking"

    Which the fix is simple... Don't allow spam of medkits. Put a 3-5 second CD on their activation so you'd get killed before you could jam another one in your arm
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  10. Ryo313

    that is one of the best ideas i've read in this thread so far... giving medkits a cooldown solves 2 problems at once.
    1. less survivability for HAs
    2. more reasons to play Medic
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  11. Ronin Oni

    Can't take credit, someone else mentioned it a long time ago and I just remembered it as a good idea and the first fix to apply to HA shielding.
  12. Ryo313

    the shield itels isn't as op as it seems ...

    MSG runs out of energy very fast and has a very slow regen rate. so it takes awhile for the HA to get back into combat an any ambush while the shield isn't fully regenerated is deadly for the HA.

    Resist Shield: reduces dmg by 45% or something like that but is only effective if you are at full health.so activating mid fight is nonsense and you get killed pretty much during an ambush.

    Adrenaline Shield: ... never used that one can't say anything about it sry.

    on top of that the nanoweave armor doesn't stack with any of those shield (and doesn't help against headshots from what i've heard same goes for the shields i think)

    so ... yeah....
  13. Alchemist44

    I wouldnt change it.
    P.s.: I main LA, I dont play much as HA.
  14. Korban

    "If you could change the Heavy Assault shield how would you?"

    Add more variations and types to it, the current three types are a bit boring as of now.
  15. Arklancer

    Easy, I wouldn't.

    You know why? Because nothing is wrong with HA's

    What will it take for half of forumside to comprehend that?
  16. Scr1nRusher

    Also, its not the shield thats the problem.

    Its 3 simple things:

    1) 0.75 ADS on certain LMG's.

    2) SMG access

    3) The ES G2A & G2G lock on RL's can be dumbfired.

    Just 3 things. Really really simple.
  17. DQCraze

    Make it so cant toggle it. Its either on or recharging.
  18. Scr1nRusher

    That would basically turn the shield into ZOE.
  19. DQCraze

    Ya pretty much.
  20. Scr1nRusher

    Thats a bad idea.