If you could change ONE thing about Planetside 2, what would it be?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Duke, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Duke

    I suppose the title expresses the meaning of the post. If you are 15 and see something that is missing or if you are 35 and see something that is missing, I really want to know.

    We all see the direction of the game and in the forums we see the completely negative attitude about many things. How about we write about the things that bother us the most in one simple thread that SOE can use to help us create the game.

    I understand if you're too impatient and have the need to post your own topic about what YOU feel is wrong and if being the center of attention for seventy seconds makes you happy, then create your own topic of what bothers you.

    For those of us Planetside Veterans that I KNOW are mature enough to provide useful information (along with those new guys who can do it too) please; Please construct this thread in a constructive way that explains your issues and why you are having them.

    (here's to another lost thread of people ********).
  2. grinnin

    It's label of being called an FPS, I think that it kinda misguides people from seeing the game from a larger perspective than that of your average FPS. I even thought this for PS1. It's more like a warfare simulator.

    Balance the game.
  4. FatherJack

    Right now the most important thing they could do is sort out the render distance. Everything else could be put on the back burner for me.
  5. Eduard K.

    I would clone all weapons and vehicles, add ants and lodestars since the gals can no longer move vehicles and get some other goodies from back in the days.
  6. Kubor

    I would bring back the cert tree from Planetside 1 to encourage some much needed specialisation.

    It would cure the horrible vehicle spam in the blink of an eye and there would be some fantastic outdoor infantry battles. A the moment if you want porper infantry warfare that goes beyond brief skirmishes ended by vehicles, you have to go to a Biolab.

    It's so boring :(
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  7. Dhart

    Give us all the same guns, tanks, and planes.

    It'll be skill vs skill instead of your weapon is better than mine.
  8. JPRampage

    Bring back two-man tanks please (one for main cannon, one for driving is what I mean).

    Would effectively cut all tank zergs in half (reducing whining) and actually require coordination and teamwork among players to succeed in armor columns.
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  9. }{ellKnight

    The sunderer bug... needs fixing. Spawn it drive it, get out, can't get back in or change class or spawn on it.
  10. Kobo

    Only one?

    Remove automatic resource gain. Make people work for their tanks and aircrafts.
  11. supahitecjetfyta

    1 big map instead of 3 small ones.
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  12. Dis

    Having the game be released properly in the spring of 2013, you know...when it's ready with 5 continents, optimized performance and bases that weren't designed with crayons on napkins.
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  13. dr_Fell

    Performance on multicore processors.
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  14. SavageTwinky

    They should borrow from 2142 and have launch-able pods from a sunderer, also when you cap a continent spawn a ship like titan mode where you can fly around with the top outfit or something. And mechs and jetpacks for everyone,
  15. Niv

    1) Upgrade planetside 1 graphic engine with "Forgelight" engine while using the planetside 1 models.
    2) rename it planetside 3 and make it free to play allready.
  16. Azren

    Planetside: Next is what you want.
  17. ToggleSwitch

    I know it's been brought up many times before but if I could change one thing... I would strengthen main base phalanx guns. Their armor needs a big buff without nerfing their range or ROF without adding heat build up.... and maybe where they could be moved along some sort of rail system. But!, definitely, their armor would be improved.
  18. Canaris

    Bases and Outpost layout, needs to be more defenseable against vehicles
  19. ShaadeSilentpaw

    The horrible faction colours.
    TR look pretty badass, but NC & VS just look like clowns.
  20. Niv

    No just want the original plan for planetside 2.
    planetside 1 with upgraded graphic, that was the original plan until they start pick ideas from other games and not made there own.