If you buff Dumbfire Velocity and Remove 1HKO on infantry, you might make this game less miserable

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  1. Gambitual

    I will first like to say that @lmij loses credibility to his arguments when he adds insults and/or directly challenges people's skill.

    I don't play HA a lot, I mainly switch to it to try and destroy vehicles or when I know I can't flank with LA or infiltrate with the Infiltrator. However, I there are times when I see infantry running... just running. I can shoot them with my Orion across 50-150m distance gap, but between leading my shots and the Orion's horrible recoil, I have no chance of doing anything. However, I can take my S1 and hit them with good aim. I don't see why this is a problem.

    As for CQC problems, I understand the frustration. However, this is what you get in a combined arms game. People should be complaining that the Dalton should work as an AV cannon and do little (like 2m?) to no splash more than complaining over dumbfires. Sometimes it IS more effective to do hit 'n run tactics with a launcher. However, this is big here: there is nothing in this game that states that all fights have to be met head on. Playing peek-a-boo, as someone said, with a launcher can be a great way to gain advantage.

    Here is a CQC scenario. The enemy has taken the point and are patrolling the room. I could go in with any class but HA and get torn up. I MAY get a kill. Switch to an HA and the shield can help guarantee at least 1 kill, if not more. However, the enemy force in that room should, through numbers, beat you if you are alone. You can pop 1 or 2 guys, but if any of them are competent a third SHOULD finish you off. This scenario also applies if you have allies, but subsequently there are more enemies. Dumbfiring into the room can help soften, if not kill, targets and help you be able to get into the room without getting shot by to hell. What can a launcher do in this situation without ample damage? I guess you would just say that they should stick to softening targets and nothing else. Point is, they can hide and move around the room and wait for me to enter. I am at their mercy because they will have LoS on me before I do them. Explosives have a place.

    Again, I don't play HA a lot and even when I do I use my LMG against infantry 99% of the time. However, there are plenty of situations where rockets have a role in AI and they should stay that way.

    No one likes cheese. But cheese always exists. You'd think that the playerbase would adapt and get used to these ever so minor things.
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  2. Maljas23

    If the people who keep complaining about these non-issues have their way, there won't be any game left to play. I mean direct hit/kills with the RL has been in since basically forever. Suddenly now it is a big problem when those few low BR players start using one of their tools DESIGNED TO FIGHT AGAINST INFANTRY, to kill others.

    You guys want to get rid of the cheese?

    Where is that A2A Dalton nerf, Coyote nerf against both A2A and Infantry, Rocketpod nerf against ground forces, nerf against OSK snipers, nerf for the clearly outperforming PPA, nerf for the NC's all-rounder Airhammer, nerf for the OSK ability of PAs, nerf for SMG Infils, nerf for semi/auto shotgun CQC for mid-range buff, nerf for the ridiculously long range Skyguard, nerf for flak in general, nerf for Lib durability, nerf for MAXes.... etc...etc...etc

    Some people will agree with some of what I just listed, and others won't. I honestly do not care about the current above things. The point was that yeah some of it really is cheese, but like what the guy I quoted said, combined arms games will have cheesy stuff in them. You guys have to get over it and move on, especially when whats being complained about primarily in this thread, has no real impact on anything in the game, as proven by the all-seeing, all-popular eye, that is stats.

    Oh but some of you guys are actually ignoring the fact that RL deaths are actually very minimal, compared to just about every other form of death, in the game. That is grand.
  3. Revanmug

    Man, I wish they would increase the velocity of dumbfire. Having a tool more reliable at medium range that ISN'T a ******* Lock-on (or a root you on place slow as **** rocket) would be incredible.

    The loss of 1 hit kill against infantry would be minimal for a higher velocity gain.
  4. Maljas23

    I am not even arguing this, as I agree up to the point to where you said direct RL hits should not kill instantly. A compromise would be to let people wearing Flak 5 survive direct hits, as then it would be an actual game-related limitation, that makes sense. This way, people who are so hateful toward others using RLs against them, now have a hard counter for it, that, again, makes sense.
  5. Nepau

    As one person stated, a Speed buff to Dumbfire Rockets would be a Inderect nurf to the Magrider. Behing the Tank that is designed to avoid shots, they tended to get an advantage against dumbfire around mid/ long range compaired to the other empires. If you buff the Dumbfire speed you are pushing the Magriders range against infantry with dumbfire out further, and when you consider the Magrider already has the slowest Tank projectiles, is more of a Nurf to them then the other MBT's.

    Just food for thought, though somehow I doubt it would even be considered.
  6. Axehilt

    As long as dumbfires are slow enough to still feel skillful. The lack of trajectory-based weapon skill in modern shooters is really sad, since that's such an interesting and deep form of skill compared with weapons which instantly shoot whatever you're aiming at.

    Also we should be honest in noting that this change won't (and shouldn't) cause infantry to beat an AI tank (like Viper) except in the situations where they're already (and should be) good against tanks (dense urban maps like oldschool Amp Stations)
  7. Fortress

    It would definitely cause me to retreat more often. It's ridiculous how close a lightning can get to heavies without feeling threatened.

    And please take your arguments to a different thread if you are not speaking of 1HKO only in relation to the hypothetical speed buff.

    I swear, half of you need to take your ADHD medication.
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  8. Maljas23

    That speed buff is what I was talking about not arguing, because I agree with it. It's the 1HKO that I am. Since both are perfectly related to the thread's title, both fair game to talk about. Keep your comments unrelated to the topic at hand, to yourself. They don't add a damn thing.

    But if you really want to get technical, a velocity buff to rockets and rockets being 1HKO have absolutely nothing to do with each other.
  9. Fortress

    You have got to be kidding.
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  10. Maljas23

  11. Fortress

    I would be frustrated if this wasn't so hilarious.

    Forumside, you will forever have a place in my heart.
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  12. LIKE A BOSS!

    I don't mind as long as the Magrider gets a buff with it. Strafing will become useless against heavies. A Cannon damage buff and velocity buff sound nice.
  13. Maljas23

    How about actually putting some content in your post related to your own topic? Isn't what you were just whining to me a moment ago?
  14. Fortress

    I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do for you here.
  15. vanu123

    Problems w/ this:
    - ITS A FREAKING ROCKET LAUNCHER, of course its gonna insta gib infantry with such an explosive, slow moving, projectile
    - Get flak armor
    - It is high risk high reward, if you hit him, you get the kill, if you miss, he kills you
  16. LIKE A BOSS!

    A decimator can still OHK with maxed out flak. And it takes maxed out flak to take a hit from default.
  17. Maljas23

    I know you want me to talk both but soz, I actually agree with one of those two things, friend.
  18. Bortasz

    What you asking is a buff to the Flak armor. Not nerf to the RL.
  19. vanu123

    This is a problem how exactly?
  20. Flapatax

    You don't walk into the rehab center and try to take all the crutches away, Fortress.
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