If you buff Dumbfire Velocity and Remove 1HKO on infantry, you might make this game less miserable

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  1. Simferion

    In fact you aren't farming infantry with RLs. You shoot, you perhaps kill 1 or 2 then die reloading.
    And add the AV tank cannons: they aren't meant to be AI but they instagib infantry too. Should we nerf them too?

    "Garbage players" are your words, not mine. ;) You didn't offend me because while I know I'm not a good player I can defend myself very well without resorting to RLs. If you took the time to see my stats you'd have seen of my 18k kills just 600 or so are from RLs. :rolleyes:
    And I don't care if I'm bad or good at a game, because it's meant to be something I do for fun.
    I simply hate when people like you feel entitled to blame and discredit other players because they want to prove their point and enforce their playstyle views.

    How many people? You are talking like a horde of players are swarming the forums, but I see only the usual vocal minority who wants to push its own playstyle, using ad hominem, instead on resorting on a civil discussion.

    RLs are just high risk-high reward weapons whose effect is cheesy only when in particular occasions, like Biolabs. Don't farm in a Biolab and you won't be killed so many times from a RL ;)
  2. Maljas23

    It will be low, that's for sure.

    This is really a non-issue blown out of proportion just like most of the previous Forumside 2 issues.

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  3. Krayus_Korianis

    Oh look, a nerf thread.
  4. Maljas23

    ML-7 says right in it's description that it is effective against vehicles and infantry.
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  5. MajiinBuu

    I think I remember the decimator's velocity being 60 m/s...
  6. MrJengles

    I usually do.
  7. EliteEskimo

    The developers mostly nerf tanks, not buff them, and unless the Magrider stats plummet to horrid levels don't expect much. If the Magrider starts underperforming to the extent it's worse than the Prowler Vulcan they "Might" look into it.:rolleyes:

    As for this thread, I would prefer infantry using high velocity dumbfires over no skill lock on spam. It will be like the old days where most people used the AA lock on with the high velocity dumbfire option.
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  8. ShortRovnd

    I like rocket primary, I vote to keep.
  9. Imij

    Actually with RL, you shoot one, kill someone, move behind cover again, pop out, shoot, kill someone, move back... see where I'm going with this? If you're talking about CQC; you run around a corner, pop someone, run back around the corner, run around another corner, pop someone, run away again... see where I'm going with this?

    And for the AV tank cannons remark, they have no splash and require a direct shot. No one is really complaining about them. We'll get there when/if we have to. That being said, I would be ok with it if they also didn't 1 shot infantry. Happy?

    Enough people that it's being looked at. Obviously the amount of people asking for it to be changed is enough that they've looked at the stats and agree that an AV weapon is being use to kill infantry too much. Same thing happened with the Saron and Dalton. I bet you forgot about those. Or did you just want to leave them out because it doesn't support your argument?

    And RLs are not high-risk high-reward. They're low-risk high-reward. Just because you don't understand how to RL primary people and be effective at it, doesn't mean others don't. I've played against, and still do, people are very effective at it. I've used it, abused it, and shunned it. As have other higher skilled players. There are plenty of videos out there, go see how to do it properly for yourself. Then come back here and tell me that it leads to a better overall gameplay environment.

    I get the feeling that you just want to argue for the sake of arguing, and you don't care about what's better for the game. RL primary or not being killed by RL primary. Take your pick. What does Planetside 2 lose by removing RL 1HK on infantry? I tell what it gains... a lot less frustration from players on the receiving end of it, many of whom are the newer and lower skilled players. Despite what you may think I actually care about the pubby experience.

    I'll just leave this here:

    Thank you Mustarde for the video, btw.

    It's hard to press the delete key and delete some words. I think it says so in the text document description.
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  10. Imij

  11. hibread

    Like I said in the other thread. Just make flak armour stop OHK direct hits from rockets (and maybe tank shells?). Give us a real choice.
  12. Maljas23


    I don't get what you mean. Are you implying that SOE forgot to remove that part of the ML-7's description if favor of your argument? I am afraid I am not clear.


    I would be fine with Flak 5 doing this. There is no other reason as to why a rocket hitting you directly should NOT instantly kill you.
  13. Imij

    I'm saying it's easy to change a few words in the description in order to make the game a better experience for everyone. Though I can see how someone can misinterpret that. I know we need hand-holding in this day and age, and "effective against infantry" can only mean 1 shot, so I think it's best we change the description to accurate reflect that it's an AV weapon.
  14. Maljas23

    SOE says its for both infantry and vehicles, while you were saying otherwise. I pointed that out to you, to show you that you were wrong. In case you didn't figure it out, you were. Now you are telling me that it is easy to change the description. You're right about that, it is. Wasn't my point though. Whether it means 1-shot or not, is completely irrelevant.

    Not really sure why you're being so pissy just because I asked for some clarification before making a half-***** counter argument. I would think most people would be happy I did.
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  15. Imij

    And I replied and clarified. What's the problem?
  16. Fortress

    Also I'm quoting this again because some forumsiders are not understanding the link between slow dumbfires and complete viper farmage.

    Hint: It might knock out multiple birds with one stone.
  17. Maljas23

    Yeah, no problem.

    I'm just completely disagreeing that the description needs to be changed. It works exactly as the description states it does. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing gamebreaking going on here. Just a non-issue blown way higher up than it should be.
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  18. Simferion

    Yeah,stop playing alone, so when you are killed by a RL user your buddy kills him while he's reloading. ;)

    Dalton and Saron cannot be countered simply dodging and shooting back. They have a splash radius so they can cover a great area and they are vehicle weapons. (AV main gun rounds has no splash , so you can dodge them at least and they requires more skill and less spamming)
    And I hope they won't use the same data they used when they decide to buff the Viper. :rolleyes:

    I checked your sig's char. You have about 1k kills with RLs from a total of more than 46k kills and you got about 50 days of playtime.
    So you kills about 920 enemies each 24 hours of playtime and only about 20 of them are using a RL. I don't see any abuse in them, considering the fact some of the 20 kills will surely be people in vehicles.
    These are data you can use to reconsider the statement I put in bold. :)
  19. m44v

    I don't see the problem, it will buff dumbfires since it will make them better against vehicles. Why do you need to OHK infantry? use a shotgun.
  20. Vostogon

    Huh. Another Magrider nerf? Well, I guess it's due another.