If you aren't on Indar, take off your stupid Indar camo, you gits.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Frostiken, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Regpuppy

    After reading the OP's post I have a strong urge to wear bright tank/yellow camos. Just to spite you...

    OP must secretly be TR or Vanu trying to tempt us into being easier targets. :eek:
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  2. MorteDeAmgelis

    My outfits uses Industrial Mix / Windblown as our outfit camos (Started is Industrial Mix, then was decided that Windblown was better but some people like me doesn't want to buy a camo just to stop using another)

    So personally I would get used to it ^_^. Cause if WASP are around then your gona be seeing yellow =P
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  3. Frostiken

    The thing is, on Hossin especially, the haze really mutes the yellow colors of the NC. They become a muddy brownish shade, which is almost the exact same as some of the Indar camos.

    It's not a problem on Indar because it's a pretty well-light and cheery continent. It's clear that one is brown and the other is yellow.

    When everything is gross-looking, that guy jumping out of the corner of your eye is pretty much the same shade.
  4. Keldrath

    Camo doesn't matter, just wear whatever you like.
  5. Keldrath

    Won't help you much against me since I just use the night vision scope on Hossin. Makes picking people out that are trying to hide trivial.
  6. Bankrotas

    In CQB I've been fooled couple of times by some blueish VS camoes. When you brush shoulders with another guy/gal you don't see their doritos too often.
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  7. z1967

    I guess I should buy a jungle camo now :|
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  8. Frostiken

    I don't know what it's called, but one of the Amerish camos is mostly black with some dark green. It's definitely the most well-rounded camo and perfect for double-duty on both Amerish AND Hossin. The dark gray / black also helps on the mountains of Amerish too.
  9. ShortRovnd

    No, you're too thick to distinguish between friend and foe or to react quickly enough to FF indicators.
  10. FocusLight

    You won't be using it if you are running past my position as that guy did. Regardless, camo works as intended so long as the foe don't use obvious assets like the one you mentioned. A Zephyr with the right setup will see a flatten you anyway, but those enemy infantry players who don't pay to much attention to the little details won't, giving you a little edge.
  11. FocusLight

    Tell me about it. I played VS on Hossin last night and there were plenty of bluish VS players. In the thick of the melee's with the NC in one of theirs bases I had so many FF incidents it's not funny to think about.

    That's another wonderful thing about playing TR. If it's not black and red, kill it dead.
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  12. MorganM

    I refuse to take off my bright white camo and the bright red camo on my guns for any reason; especially those too stupid to check targets.
  13. Sagabyte

    Did they cut down the price? I saw it was 420 earlier today.
  14. current1y

    lol +1. I always run a snow white + pink weapon cammo. Good stuff
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  15. xboxerdude

    Seriously why do the NC have camo that looks like the VS and why does the VS have camo that looks like the NC?
  16. MorganM

    A few on Emerald do that which inspired my current camos. Pink wasn't quite my thing but I picked the brightest red I could find =^.^=

    The bright red also looks neat on mosquitos with white lumifiber trim.
  17. xboxerdude


    I never really thought I was getting TKed for wearing shattered. I would think it would stop me from getting Tked since it's obvious im not a vanu
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  18. Lord_Avatar

    I bought it yesterday at full price (500 SC), so yes - it appears they threw in a discount. :)
  19. Lord_Avatar

    The epitome of tactical superiority! :D
  20. Rogueghost

    Black is camo is the worst, when I get into CqC panic mode I have a habit of mowing down anything that's black.

    Other than looking fabulous the main reason I wear shard camo is before tech was introduced TR was the only faction that had access to a silver camo, the other faction's shard being tinted blue/purple.