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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by I play by many names, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. I play by many names

    I made a compilation of BASR headshots from 3 days of play. All moving targets, granted not all are moving perpendicular or at a high rate of speed. One BASR auraxed with 88% of the kills being head shots and anything but close range sniping still feels rather inconsistent since I started playing again. Server seems to be having issues especially at any large fights so perhaps that is it (people warping large distances constantly, having no animations and completely lacking heads). Anyways, here it is...

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  2. breeje

    wow don't know what to say, all those moving targets
    u make it look simple and easy Especially with the music and slow motion
    wtf i still don't know what to say, nice
  3. Get2dachoppa

    That's some nice shooting, especially at range on moving targets using the slower velocity M77-B. The slow motion with the peaceful music was a nice touch, IMO. Very serene feeling, but may not be to everyone's taste in a video.
  4. CuteBeaver

    That shot against InMediasRage at 5:14 was beautiful. I also like how you managed to get Negator shortly after lol.
  5. schapand

    Nice shot at 3:22 over the friendlies shoulder. Nice shooting overall
  6. SpruceMoose

    I like the part where wisdomcube gets nailed in cloak
  7. K2k4

    omg this has got to be the most satisfying video i've seen in a whlie.
  8. iller

    that adagio almost put me to sleep tho