if we're on the topic of the new cannons changes -LARION NSO CANNON

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  1. typnct

    the current MBT nso cannon is completely obsolete - the tank is a large target as is, the worst tank prob in the current meta... i get more kills with a lightning than with this pile of armor

    this tank is the worst tank in the game for many reasons, the main one being his turret max lower angle which makes it impossible to engage lightnings/harrasers or anything when you are climbing up - it is completely obsolete relatively to the rest of the armor

    NSO "MBT" LARION MAIN CANNO - the new tank cannon needs ~100 150 dmg buff to be even semi viable, or ~150m/s velocity... - this cannon sounds nice on paper, but in reality is completely unusable because THIS MBT IS NOT AN AA PLATFORM, and his up/down angles are already the worst in the game... what are we supposed to do with a 700dmg cannon when the rest do ~1400 dmg per salvo? huh?

    NSO LIGHTNING LARION - useless, obsolete and nothing more, worst tank cannon in the game and has literally no use, the rest of the mbt's got a high alpha/high dps/high dmg cannon, nso got nothing here basically
    it is slow, bad, horrible option that serves nothing beside a cert trap for newer players to the nso faction
    bad in each and every way, i don't think i can express it in a more correct way
    it needs to be ~750 to be even semi viable
    TR got 800dmg per salvo with 2 Sec reload, we got a 500 dmg with 2.5 Sec reload - makes 0 sense, in all honesty you might as well remove it until you make it better
    this is just a joke of a nation