If this isn't aimbotting I don't know what is [Video]

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  1. Taemien

    3-4 times on the same person as shown in the video? I've done what you've said too.. but hardly consistently.

    Take a look at the first death.. its going tink tink tink from headshots. Knowing that the TRAC 5 does 224 damage at that range in headshots, at 750 RPM we know that the TTK is 0.32s

    It takes about 2 an a half seconds. So that tells me, one out of every four to five misses due to CoF. That also explains the 25% accuracy. What is possible is that an aimbot is being used that doesn't tighten up the CoF. This is to avoid cheat detection since CoF requires a bit more muddying in the transmission of packets and direct interaction with the game in ram, both things give off signatures.

    Now I am saying its 'possible', not definite. But what is damning is the range and consistency. Everyone here has headshotted someone out to a decent range I'm sure. But to do it literally a couple of times in a row in the same fight? I dunno. What I'd like to see from anyone suggesting this is skill is to reproduce the same results and show a video of 50m+ headshots.
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  2. Demigan

    Don't forget: Even if he does have the COF miss a lot of shots, he barely gets any bodyshots. It looks to me as if he changed bodyshots to headshots, but did not know that the legs have a seperate modifier and forgot to set those for headshots as well.

    Regardless, the fact that almost every hit he does score is a headshot is the damning evidence here, as there should have been more bodyshots due to the COF and RNG.
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  3. Savadrin

    This name stands out to me, but I can't really remember why. You're on emerald I assume?

    The name itself isn't all that memorable. For instance, I remember Nabil1998 for his Arnold taunts after repeatedly predicting my next path and waiting for me. But the people who just outplay me, or I outplay, I typically associate in my mind for when I see them again. WaaWaa usually gets me with his Lib and I missed a chance to Blackhand him yesterday in return. This isn't like that.

    I either killed this guy a bunch of times, or was like "Wow really, that's an impossible shot."

    On a side note, I was killed by a BR16 yesterday with 2600 (not a typo) Directive points. Is that even possible?
  4. pnkdth

    It is an alt.

    The guy in the video isn't, as he has 10 directive points.
  5. Gammit

    This is what it's like playing against many Emerald VS players for me, and I doubt many of them are using aimbots.
  6. Moridin6

    right i think it has a lot to do with the network/game code itself. at least once a day im like ***** CHEATER, as i got stroked by 2-3 rounds seemingly instantly, in my head but then i get a kill with a tank weapon while i was on foot in a different hex.. wonky **** game
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  7. QQmore

    This is aimbotting plain and simple. Report the scum. Source: BR 100 with waaay to much play time.
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  8. Sulsa


    ok that was funny
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  9. Goretzu

    If they can consistantly headshot from that range in that manner, they almost certainly are.
  10. DCWarHound

    I would say no doubt that he is cheating in some way, the head shots are way too consistent even if he misses some shots,
  11. FLHuk

    Ty for posting a video describing what has become my default PS2 experience!

    Get this amazing skill performed upon me more and more and more and.....
  12. Liberty

    A few stipulations here.

    1. I am massively out of practice (having played maybe 8 game sessions in PS2 over the past year with no other shooters to really exercise my muscle memory for recoil control).

    2. I am not actually a high accuracy / high head shot player so not the best person to show this off.

    3. The VR test room is used to provide a controlled environment. If you can do it against a static target, with the proper injection of skill it becomes possible to do the same things against a moving target.

    Also, for some reason in the VR it stops showing the "head shot" marker at ~38 - 39M, I did this at around 50 M and had similar results (+ 1-3 bullets to kill) but it is hard to show off chain head shots without the markers because the target is so small.

    The second shot my aim is definitely off and on the 4th I over shoot a bit, but in 1 and 3 you can see that it is at least possible and in the hands of a better / head shot oriented player who plays regularly you could certainly accomplish it more consistently.

    There are two 10 bullet kills in there at 38M (125 damage per shot, 250 damage per head shot) assuming the kills came from 4 head shots that is actually 40% accuracy from that range. Much higher than the 25% in the player's stat page. Which makes sense given added difficulty of moving targets and probably shooting further away at times.
  13. Goretzu

    Watch the orginal video again, he is at a much longer ranges (in some cases, much, much, much longer - longer than 50m never mind 38m, even at his closest range, his furthest may well be over 80m), firing at moving targets and in some of the cases taking hits and/or moving himself.

    He's also snapshooting and not repeatedly re-lineing himself up at the same (completely stationary) target.

    Which is unfortunately to say that it is nothing like your video.
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  14. TheFlamingLemon

    In your video you burst fired and took 10+ bullets to kill the target, and that's in a static environment at closer ranges. In the video, he took exactly 4 shots at much longer ranges on a moving target. If anything, your video demonstrates that it is indeed impossible.
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  15. Call-Me-Kenneth

    i can do this with a carnage.
  16. Liberty

    Seriously, both of you read what the hell I wrote.

    I could do this comfortably out to around 50 M, but head shot indicators stopped at 38 M. I was using a similar amount of shots to do this. Someone who is better practiced and more familiar with the Trac-5 micro sway could do it better than I do and further out.

    Also, you often can't hear micro bursts from other players with the way server tic's occur. That is why it happens all at once when being shot but on the shooters end there are several small bursts from the person firing. A TTK of 0.7 seconds on my end can come out as a 0.3 seconds from my opponents perspective. (This is a fundamental of planetside and shouldn't be anything new to anyone who has played the game for any reasonable amount of time).

    To the second dude, I addressed this directly. It took 10 bullets, 4 of which hit. Which makes for much higher accuracy than the guy in the video sports. The illusion of chain headshots with 100% accuracy is explained above with server tics and how the perception outgoing damage is different from incoming damage. If you know what to listen for, you can hear how poor his accuracy is in the first clip of the video and he probably fires off 25 to 30 rounds. (Which makes sense as it was the most challenging shot)

    I'm not saying the guy is or isn't hacking, I'm saying that what he is doing is possible with enough recoil control / muscle memory.
  17. Taemien

    Now let's see it against a ticked off jumpjetting Light Assault :p

    Weapons do handle vastly different outside the VR when the targets are shooting back. Though I think that goes without saying.

    Another facet is the targets outside the VR aren't inherently as visible either. Thats where many people are calling foul. The distances shown in the OP's video you can barely see the target, one can only assume the same difficulty applies to them as well. Hence the thought that they are using an aid.

    Now I am playing devil's advocate here. My initial response hasn't changed. I think there is some network stuff happening, but it looks 'suspicious'.

    Now here's the other thing that looks wrong. Why did the guy stop there? He logged in on the 24th and hasn't played since. Ironically and coincidentally.. he stopped after this thread was created. I'm not going to jump to conclusions. Everyone can come to their own.
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  18. JustBoo

  19. Liberty

    There are a few things to me that come off as counter intuitive to hacking.

    1. Just how many bullets the suspicious person had to spend on that first kill (which was by far the most difficult shot). If it was an aim bot, you don't suddenly start to take twice as many bullets to kill someone because they are drifting slightly down while moving to the left rather than remaining flatfooted while moving to the left. (Listen carefully to hear how deep the shooter is into their mag)

    2. After mapping out targets in the VR, I don't think any of those shots came from much beyond 50-60m and the last two are probably under 40 M shots (which I showed off). To me, it falls under difficult but not entirely impossible (opinions are opinions here).

    3. Unlike many botters, the guy uses decent fundamentals with shooting angles / cover / etc. If you already know you are going to automatically outshoot everyone because something is doing the aiming for you, why bother? If you are going to bot, why do it flat footed, crouched behind cover, etc when you could just as easily do it mid flight or anything like that.

    4. Low KDR, low KPH, average overall accuracy. (People say hackers anti-pad their stats but if you are going to play a throwaway account for 3 hours, do you really think they'll spend time to do this?)

    And as far as why he stopped logging in, throwaway account to get attention like this. People do this all the time, sometime on their normal account (with a high directive score) sometimes on entirely new accounts because they are free to start up and it is good for a laugh. There was a thread within the past few weeks where people were talking about their throwaway accounts and the hacksuations they get.

    Again though : it could be botting, it might not be it is hard to tell given what is actually possible in game.
  20. MikeyGeeMan

    While the stats are quite suspicious there is not enough data to show any kind of hacking. While the hsr seems high, it all becomes clear on the kill board. No multi kills in the same second. There is an obvious flow to the killing and even in the video there is nothing that screams aimbot.

    It isn't an aimbot and you don't know what one is. That was some good shooting by an extremely skilled player.

    Suspicious ... Yes.
    Cheater ... Not enough information or evidence to convict. You wouldn't never get past a grand jury for an indictment.
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