If the NC is not underpowered...

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  1. Hashi

    I agree, it's not the weapons. But sure as hell the WG placements have something to do with the fact that we're pedaled back all the time.
  2. Poopypants

    because the players who play NC suck

  3. Hashi

    We already do good, but the warp gate placements and how it's dealt with is a total deterrence
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  4. Neovita

    Can we stop this? NC are dont unterpowered in any way. I am Playing TR and NC (Vanu were to easy to play for me, thats why i dont touch them anymore). NC are rly great at short and long distance becouse of crazy damage per shot, just loosing accuracy at middle range. Their aircrafts have a nice agility (reaver is ways easyer to control comparing to a mosquito, even if the reaver has no upgrades and mosquito has the first controlling upgrade!) and all the other vehicles are not bad in any way.

    What i did experienced in my time as NS is, that those gust dont want to organize themselves. Thy just want to move from one building to another, spend 5 minutes to take it if there are no enemys and move again (or look for another zone, if they counter any enemy). Almost noone wants to try to defend anything.

    You dont believe me? Just switch to one of the other sides and you will experience a totaly changed gameplay and will face some teamwork! So stop whining around, learn to play your classes and blame your own people for being incompetent fighters please, because the race is very well balanced at the moment!
  5. Hashi

    you've been playing since last week, I'd highly advise you to think before you post.
  6. Hashi

    Lol, all the stock guns have the same TTK, the reaver does keeps an extra 8 bullets in the mag compared to the scythe. They're all the same in terms of HP xD
  7. Poopypants

    I've been playing since the tech test... you do realize that accounts are free so I can have as many as I want? ... Your post is a good example of the average NC player's intelligence level... and you wonder why you are losing all around... lol
  8. Hashi

    The NC stock gun did not have a speed increase, it was one of the unlocks that did.
  9. LittleBlackRainCloud

    Yes it's fun for that reason, but when you are warp gated consistently every night on 2 continent during prime time hours it gets old fighting an uphill battle. And whathappens when the game flops the other way and the NC zerg Amerish or Esamir in the middle of the day? No contest is no fun.
  10. Hashi

    alrighty, so you've been here since tech test right? Why was it that the NC murdered the TR/VS on Esimir/Indar ? My main statement as to why the NC are getting owned right now isn't the guns, or the players but the map design. So yeah, if all you have to put into this discussion is "NC suck" I'd take a gander at some of your players...
  11. Poopypants

    my players are doing fine because we don't suck
  12. LittleBlackRainCloud

    this x100, you couldn't be more correct
  13. Hashi

    Alright, keep telling yourself that.
  14. Nehlis

    The worst thing for this game is the zerg mentality. Pouring all of the factions pop into one continent, taking everything unopposed, then leaving everything open for the next zerg is killing the game. Having one continent dominated by one faction by a 30/30/36 percent ratio is ok, but the 20/20/60 just makes it unfun. Once one faction begins to dominate a continent by population, many players think "I'll just go to the continent with the most of us" meaning more people leave, further shifting the balance. There needs to be some sort of major incentive to keep all factions at a relative even ratio.

    The NC aren't broken, it's just the zerg mentality ruining the game.
  15. Poopypants

    I don't have to tell myself it I can just look at all the red on the map and the lack of blue or all the QQ on the forum... lol
  16. Hashi

    Lol, yeah I guess that's true. I'll just totally forget about what happened on Indar in the early days, or when the T9 Carv got nerfed, or about the prowler and how no-one talks about it... Keep telling yourself that buddy, take a look at the mirror mr tech tester! g'night, you've wasted enough of my time already as it is.
  17. Olek

    I have found playing as NC on my server that when the teams are fairly even that we do tend to get pushed back a lot, I don't know if it is the weapons, the lack of any real organisation, or just a higher % of bad players.

    One thing I will say, it's not enough to play a faction for a time, get used to the equipment, then jump into another faction, get hammered constantly and decide, these weapons are not over powered, you really need to spend some time to get used to them before making a judgement, at least as much time as you did with your original faction.
  18. Poopypants

    it's ok... I'm sure one of these days you will come up with an excuse as to why NC is at a disadvantage that people will actually buy into... it still won't be true but you will atleast have a lie to tell that doesn't get you laughed at... chin up and all
  19. Shehadi

  20. Shehadi

    so its balanced as people get better at the game, and more NC learn to control their recoil, that because of this, they will become more effective than both factions.