If the NC is not underpowered...

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  1. iller

    We WERE dominant on Connery......


    Guess the honeymoon period is over :\
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  2. Shazbotacus

    Because most of the younger kids go to NC. Most of the former CoD or XBox players go to NC. Because aside from numbers, NC have no organization, tactics, or any sort of real strategy.

    Basically, because the vast majority of the NC player base is dumber than a rock. Other than that, you have the advantage in every area available, aside from tanks, in which the VS have the best.
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  3. Xocolatl

    Know why NC is UP? Because they have stupid story, and silly goggles, and wear blue and gold.

    No serious person would play them. If you don't have organized Outfits to take the lead, you cannot win in the grand scheme.
  4. MayorD

    youre absolutely right man!
    all serious men are wearing violet leggings, thats nothing to do with newbproof weapons and vehicles.
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  5. Turiel =RL=

    It is pretty obvious that NC is underpowered. There are a few other indicators besides the poor overall performance. Nobody in his right mind would call them overpowered for instance. So everything you read about NC correlates around roughly equal at best under optimal conditions but most likely worse. On Miller we have most of the PS1 veterans with tons of experience and under these conditions NC performs absolutely terrible.

    I think balancing NC cannot be done by simply making certain weapons better. It is a conceptual problem. NC weapons have the biggest recoil and the worst handling. Basically everything is way too rough and cannot be controlled that easily. The promised upside in form of more damage is illusionary. We all know that NC weapons have the worst average DPS on top of it.
  6. Deavonere

    Yes, sure. Kids will never go easy way right, they will of course take faction, that needs actual skill to kill anything ?

    I can guarantee you, that you have more kids in VS and TR than we have in NC. Why ? Because VS and TR are easy mode when you compare them with NC.

    As I said in different post, that glorious "tactic" that VS had yesterday on Miller, was to spawn Magriders and Scythes and spam fire on everything that moves. It was due to a fact, that they couldn't get a base by infantry. Great tactical approach.
  7. rumblepit

  8. Ronaldspiers

    Perhaps it is the community on the NC. The only time I ever see NC making progress is with zergs, total massive zergs.

    Today my outfit on Amerish decided we would halp the faction by capping important bases we knew the zerg wouldnt even go near. We capped a lot of the map and tried to use this to split off the TR zerg so that our zerg would stand a chance.

    So i think this is part of the problem.

    Off topic: i use the word zerg too much lol
  9. Uzas

    Organisation or skill is not the problem.
    Every faction got roughly the same number of idiots, veterans and outfit players, there´s no factor that would influence it
    There´s no evidence that organisation of TR or VS is better, exept map domination and this correlation is questionable because NC gets dominated on a regular basis on many servers.

    Thats just a mock battle, right now much of the NC equipment needs more skill to use compared to VS and TR. Because the majority of the player base has a relatively low skill level and will switch the game after a few hours, NC is hurt the most. At least right now. Everybody should be interested to balance the factions in a fair manner. Or someday NC will get buffed like crazy and VS and TR will whine on the forum

    Btw, all factions are zerging, thats not the problem.
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  10. Snow Sheltie

    The New Conglomerate on the Jaeger server's been kicking the vanu and terran around the place. All the factions in that server own one continent. The Vanu are the ones having the toughest time right now with how they keep getting kicked completely out of their home continent by the NC on numerous occasions. There's also some well-organized outfits in Jaeger for the NC and TR. I don't know about the Vanu since I have yet to see any massed outfit assault from that faction.
  11. warmachine1

    I suggest swapping WG locations as first step, maybe the maps are unbalanced more than factions
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  12. Linedan

    Part of the problem with us on Indar specifically is that terrible warpgate placement NC has. Yeah, great idea guys, put our bastion on the continent at the bottom of a slope so we're constantly attacking uphill when we get gated. Also, the two bases up the northwest road (Old Auraxium Mine and Feldspar Canyon?) are actually more defensible when attacking from our warpgate than when attacking toward our warpgate, and the TR on Mattherson are extremely good at using that defense to make it tough for us to break out north/northwest. The bases along the west road aren't as tough.
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  13. Xocolatl

    I don't think that anyone worries about "skills" when they select their factions for the first time.

    Frankly, I perform best as NC. Their weapons and play style definitely suits me best (I prefer hard hitting weapons, and I prefer to double tap instead of fire full auto). But as I said before...stupid goggles and stupid color scheme, also I can't agree with their philosophy.
  14. Shehadi

    The NC territory can be annoying to fight through because the terrain gives the NC opportunities to strike from above alot, but once we press in far enough, you are right, it is an uphill battle, and that sucks.

    To put more perspective on it though, if we get locked in our warpgate we cant roll tanks out without enemy air destrying anything trying to cross the open ground but honestly, i dont know what its like to actually fight that fight seeing as im TR and i didnt play early enough in the beta to get much experience pushing into the norht when NC held it.
  15. Shehadi

    i love how every faction blames their success on the kiddies being at school, or going to bed. Even people in my faction do it all the time and I find it irritating because i know they say the same thing about us. Its such a laughable mindset XD.
  16. Shehadi

    your guns dont suck, ive used them before, and I would love to have myself some NC guns..unfortunately its at the cost of being blue and yellow..not my favorite colors, heh..But my point being is you cant say that your guns are crappy when a TR gun can supress or scar an enemy at range and do ok in close quarters, but the NC weapons outright kill you at range and paste someone at close quarters.
    Dont even try to tell me how hard they are to control, its not that hard, I should know, I have done multiple combat tests with them.
  17. Shehadi

    its too bad you wasted your money, you should make an NC character on a server where they have better presence, hopefully when your SC purchases are no longer on just one character. The NC arent underpowered, and I prefer to shoot at them, but!!! dammit if thats the faction you chose you should have fun playing it, and a crappy server shouldnt be the thing to take that away from you!!
  18. LittleBlackRainCloud

    "Being a fellow NC, their zerg can be frustrating to get around and some of their players would sooner throw their own faction under the bus for their own gain. Just today, I saw some 666th threatening to blow up a sunderer with out a warning because "it wasn't in the prime location" when it was right next to a ******* teleport tube.

    Once again, to the leaders of the 666th, you need to put a leash on some of your peeps. Some are just plain rude."

    There are some really cool peeps on Connery (played the server for a month), but I have to say the ratio of as.**** children on that server (NC) is pretty bad. There was someone who did the exact same thing to me, and frankly I went ballistic. I don't put up with that crap, and the punk has the brass bal.ls to actually complain about i after nuking my sunderer. I have no problem letting a few haha wasn't it funny I killed you moments go by .. and laugh .. because teak killing is worth the cost . But that sort of behavior sent me off the handle ~ I have zero tolerance for that elitist inbred crap.
  19. Nehlis

    Meh, NC are a harder faction to play as infantry, but definitely not gamebreaking UP. You just need to make the difference up with skill and tactics. I personally embrace the disadvantage, since it's more fun playing with some form of challenge rather than mindlessly spraying or having inhuman recoil control.
    Instead of whining about UP or OP, just compensate with personal ability and organization.
  20. Shehadi

    want a cookie?..