If the NC is not underpowered...

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  1. MurderBunneh

    Hmm I would think the ability to avoid damage at all would be better then slightly better armor.
    And in this game other tanks are really third on your list of threats behind HA missiles and Air power. But that is just imo.
  2. TribecaNYC

    I use to think NC weapons were UP then I switched to TR. I then got owned by NC weapons and realized it was not the NC that was UP it was me. I then switched to VS cause NC was OP and TR was UP and the same thing. NC and TR weapons owned me. Once again it was me that was UP.

    So now I am working on this thing that certs and SC can't buy, skill.

    In just a weeks time I have learned to use VS, TR, and NC weapons to their strengths and now feel slightly less UP. yay me.

    TLDR... Its not them its you.
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  3. Phrygen

    All ESF are broken. None of them have a mass variable or something along those lines right now. all the ESFs have lost momentum, and the DEVS HAVE CONFIRMED IT WAS A BUG ON TWITCH STREAMS.

    but clearly, since you think so much of NC, you have a skewed or inaccurate perception of balance in the game. Go play NC then and figure it out. You even think the vanguard is the best tank?? Lawlz
  4. Akrasjel

  5. Turiel =RL=

    19.33% was the overall (combined) map control that NC had last night on Miller primetime. In a perfect world it would have been 33%.
  6. Tactics

    I'm on mattherson the only time NC gets full continent lock is when the population is extremely one sided
  7. Tankcommander

    Why oh why did I chose Genudine? We (NC) only cap Amerish when everyone else is asleep, and although we have 98% of our team fighting on Indar we never get more than a third of it. Bah

    I really feel our weapons are the best, but then again, I've always preferred heavy hitting weapons. That being said, NC weapons seem to be the easiest to kill with if you have good aim and proper FPS skills. But, in the end, it is all about population and teamwork, something that is nonexistent for Genudine NC players.
  8. Vorenius

    Incorrect, the 666th is highly organized and requires all squad-mates to be on TS. With greatness comes trolls I suppose.
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  9. Aristel25

    See the issue here is that you have no idea what our Team speak or Outfit chat is like in the slightest. The fact we have Air/Armor/Ground forces all running in different squads, each with objectives. On our "ops nights" we can typically have upwards of 4+ platoons of Outfit members running each with different objectives at any given time. If that's not organized then I'm afraid I don't understand the word. I'm sorry you feel our Air isn't where it's needed, but we make the attempts of making sure our forces are pushing where they are needed on the "Soft Spots" of the enemy. A LOT of the time if you see our Armor columns rolling in, our Air is likely to be close behind.
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  10. Doov

    You seem to think it's only about bullet drop. Recoil sends bullets flying in all directions. There is no compensating for that. Yes, you can say "burst fire," but while NC is burst firing, Vanu are sipping long island iced tea, chatting on a cell phone, and doing their taxes while holding down the left mouse key while watching the + EXP numbers fly by their screen.
  11. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I do?

    I seem to recall typing recoil several times in the quote you just displayed...it's even in the second sentence. However, I'll reiterate...everyone compensates for recoil and bullet drop in FPS games, it's what people do naturally throughout the progression of playing.

    You're right, Vanu are sipping long island iced tea, chatting it up on their cell, and doing their taxes while assaulting the enemy (extreme exaggeration, but I'll humor you.) but when the NC learn to compensate for their weapon recoil and bullet drop, as everyone does by simply playing a FPS game long enough, their faces will be turned into mashed potatoes before they even know what happened. This is because, eventually, NC players will learn how to compensate and be dealing more damage due to hitting more often.

    Vanu have it easy in the start of the game because our weapons are geared to drastically reduce the amount of compensation needed for these two mechanics. However, as everyone learns to adapt and compensate...Vanu get no bonus, we fall behind.

    TR will be pumping more rounds into the enemy.
    NC will be hitting more often and dealing significantly more damage.
    VS will be the same as they were when they started the game.

    See what I mean yet?

    NC have the most difficult time advancing, compensating for recoil and bullet drop, but when they do...they receive the greatest benefit and will excel beyond everyone else. You get a far greater boon for advancing in skill level than the other two factions, with TR being in between. They'll be pumping more rounds in as they compensate, but they're still weaker.
  12. Meiu

    Hate to rain on your parade but I play NC on Jaeger and we almost always at all times have complete control of Amerish aka America.
  13. Scan

    I'm sorry mate, but your arugments don't hold water.

    Even if we manage how to deal with our bulletdrop and recoil, there's still the RPM and reload times that aren't on par with the other two factions. Managing our recoil and bulletdrop is accuracy related, the problems with the NC weapon is time to kill related.

    (just keeping it simple here folks for examples' sake)

    Imagine each player having 50 health.

    Let's say my weapon does 10 damage per hit it's firing one bullet per second.
    It takes me 5 seconds to kill you. (provided every bullet hits, because if one misses, I'm behind one second)

    Yours do 7 damage per hit, but fires 2 bullets per second.
    You will kill me in 4,5 seconds. (same as above, but a miss only gets you behind 0.5 seconds)

    Even with alot of practice, becoming dead accurate with the weapons, I still lose. Not because of "L2P" issues, but because of RPM issues. It's 0,5 seconds in this example. It might be far less diffrence in the real game, but that is beside the point.

    TR and VS weapons are easier to aim, easier to handle, and take less time to kill a target, because they fire quicker. Hence they are more effective and take less practice to get frags.

    You defend your faction and that's awesome. There's nothing wrong with it. Your weapons are fine. The NC weapons are not however. It has little to do with the incompetence of the NC players.

    If SOE will correct the unbalance, I expect people running over here to this forum with tears in their eyes and yelling: "Zomg, the NC are overpowered"
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  14. Doov

    You seem to think that it's all about recoil, but you're forgetting COF expansion. You can't compensate for that. Sure you can say that NC needs to control the COF and hit the target just a few times with the heavy damaging bullets, but then you're ignoring the flinch mechanics. While the NC player is trying to aim his gun, the Vanu can just recline in a lazy boy arm chair, create a financial plan for the upcoming business cycle, and teach their children how to perform advanced calculus while amassing vast amounts of certification points to spend on the Vanu semi automatic sniper rifle called the Magrider.
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  15. Bill Hicks

    there are so many TR and VS posting here, wetting their pants at the thought of being nerfed when Sony pushes out its big patch in january
  16. MayorD

    orly? i mean, the first patch... rockets are still not balanced, hit sometimes without dmg, grenade launcher got this reload problem, jackhammer - well... enforcer? both of them, useless waste of sp. but we got horns and helmets, and more weapons...
    this game is on the way to world of tanks. no im not about tank zergs, about company. there are bugs and troubles since months, but what they do? new tanks, new ways to get money, who cares about fixing and balancing? "working as intended!"
  17. warmachine1

    All NC weapons are based on electromagnetic "coilgun" principle, which fires bullets that fly 5-10x faster than standard explosion propelled weapons TR uses.
    Should be at least noticable ingeme!
    Like VS energy weapons having no drop - which is realistic
  18. MayorD

    well, thats gauss canon. wiki said, this thing got no barrel fire, low recoil, high speed... all we got in this game! working as intended
  19. Banick

    It's all server specific.

    On Briggs we are drastically outnumbered, especially this double weekend exp event. During peak yesterday VS have 60%, 56% and 33% (overpopulated because of ezy mode weapons and vehicles). TR have 41%, 30% and 33% (populated highly because of ezy mode infantry weapons). NC scraped in at 3%, 20% and 33%.

    At this rate, once character transfers are offered I can say with certainty on Briggs at the very least, you will lose the 3rd faction unless something is done.
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  20. Kiro


    That's the continent with the most population at 11pm. Either all the NC suck, or the empires are unbalanced.

    I didn't take a screenshot, but 20 minutes later the Vanu had 25% of the map and the NC lost some more territories...