If the NC is not underpowered...

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  1. ForceM

    So that is what you get for doing a friendly constructive post.

    You get insulted IN YELLOW too. Next time i want NC blue for the insults, and Terran red for all the rubbish you write. So most of your post is red and the rest blue. I like those colors.

    I just asked where the Reavers advantage is. You repeated what SOE tells in the advertisment of the game. NC is hard hitting and durable. But how much more punishment can a Reaver take? And is it really more hard hitting? I would be glad to see some numbers on how much that is and if at all. I have flown all 3 aircraft and the scythe seems the best hands down ecxept in speed. That is where after last patch mossie is good. Also in air combat it is speed and manoeuvrability that are the number one factors (well in a simplified air combat like in games like this one). Reaver has none of these actually over its enemies.

    Also i did not complain or whine or whatever. The problem about the Gauss Saw is a pure matter of fact. You come to a room with a random player and a random weapon. If you both shoot equally well you lose 100% of the fights. Medium range you burst to hit he full autos, he wins. Long range is a rare situation and if you get into such a fight the SAW is quite okay but not better than my trusted EM1 or a Carv really. Also that's when an infiltrator gets you usually with a real long range weapon that earns its name. There are also fine NC weapons but most of them are not starting weapons and have to be purchased.

    Again why are you insulting me i did nothing to justify that. Calm down yellow dude!
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  2. ShadowWolf TR

    have you looked at any other servers? *gasps in surprise at that simple idea*
    the NC aren't exactly a faction that lets you walk by and conquer the world (i'm a TR and i admit that the other factions [VS included] that their a formidable force)
    so no, on some servers they dominate on others...not so much...
  3. Ivalician

    NC stock guns aren't suited for what they end up being used for 90% of the time. Other than that, I have no real experience with vehicles, but I think past stock weapons, balance on a higher level, while still in need of some tweaks, is okay.

    If you play a lot of BF3, this is how I classify the stock weapons.

    NC use pre-buff G3A3's with foregrip. Avoid long range because your recoil is too high unless you are in semi-auto, and CQC because your RoF is too low. The foregrip nicely improves accuracy of the first one or two rounds when firing from the hip, provided you don't get hit, but makes long range bursts ineffective by introducing horizontal recoil. Learn to flank well, play midfield and maintain distance.

    TR use AEK971's with foregrip and extended mag ( not a full extended mag, like +5 rounds )? Kind of. Like half a foregrip. Less horizontal recoil than a stock AEK, but more than a AEK with a foregrip. Eats faces in CQC, still pretty good in mid range. You can plink at long range with success, just don't expect any kills. Play aggressively. Close and spray, the SMG way. And can you imagine an AEK with extended mags? Beast.

    Vanu uses AUG A3's with heavy barrel. Overall pretty good. Decent in all scenarios ( as good as any other AR at extended ranges ). The super high bullet velocity ( like 670 m/s in BF3, making it faster than most sniper rifles ) kind of is like Vanu's no bullet drop. But every once in a while, the gun will do something wonky that will make you flub what would've been a kill. In BF3, maybe the high horizontal recoil made you miss that final shot or the slow RoF ( 700 RPM ) when you are used to higher RoF weapons like the M16A3 ( 800 RPM ) causes you to let go of the shoot button a couple milliseconds too early. In Planetside, the lasers that broadcast your position to anybody within two miles letting your prey know where you are firing from and which direction to run in to seek cover. The damage drop off that lets the other guy tank just one more round. Great weapons in good hands, but every once in a while, the gun will fail you, not the other way around.
  4. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Where did I say equally?

    You're not understanding what I'm saying. Within every single FPS game, players learn to compensate for recoil and bullet drop...I've done it, you've done it, everyone else has done it. Throughout the course of playing NC...players will learn to compensate for this just as they have throughout every other FPS. So, seeing as how they have the strongest weapons out of all three factions, once they do compensate, it's not a matter of being equal....they'll be dealing more damage. They'll be superior.

    It's just getting to that point. VS may not have bullet drop or any drastic recoil to compensate for...but we can't increase our damage either, and our weapons even lose damage with distance. The TR can't increase their damage either...only compensate for their own difficulties and gain a slight advancment as well.

    When everyone compensates, only the NC gain an advantage because they hit harder, meaning they have the most potential out of the three factions. However, the difficulty to achieve this compensation is what deters most players from taking on that pursuit...which is understandable. We all want instant gratification when it comes to our abilitiy to kill...myself included.

    For those who do stick with the NC though, you're going to start to see them excelling beyond the other factions due to that damage.
  5. {joer

  6. Scorponok

    yup we do controll those 2...over days now..so the problem is really the players not the guns...trust me NC on woodman can be so dumb sometimes its painful to watch but yet they pull of taking 2 continents...thats telling me something else then UP :p
  7. AirSuicide

    The reaver isn't broken, NC is the only race that can spam aircraft and "Instant Win". And you all do it as your only strategy. NC needs to be either:

    A - nurfed into the ground, not buffed.
    B - The other races need serious buffs to anti Air weaponry to counter your 100 aircraft swarm. (Such as rockets etc)

    Personally since TR usually gets nothing but **** for their bonuses, and their vehicular specials are crap, I think they should get a Faction Rocket launcher that can 1-2 shot ANY "aircraft".

    Then Id like to see the NC try and air swarm us.

    I mean on another note, you NC people have it made, Your infantry, Vehicles, AND Aircraft are supperior to ANY other faction, when used correctly.

    Stop complaining, You all have it made.
  8. Xae

    NC is so bad they stayed at over 40% of the population of Matterson last night.
  9. xPatriot

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  10. Sharpe

    NC do pretty badly on Miller most of the time.

    Sometimes they get a continent when neither the TR or VS are actively disputing it - but mostly they just feel like a slight annoyance that sometimes tries to butt in on the VS - TR fights.
  11. MurderBunneh

    666th are nothing more then a bad pub outfit. The problem on Connery is NC have no large organized outfits. NC never get any air support where we need it. That is why we can have equal pop and still be gated.
    On the contrary go to Matherson where the GOONs play NC and watch what NC air power can really do. Air support decides who wins 95% time.
  12. Vendettta

    Maybe because not enough people join the NC? One reason why TR is so dominant is because we have the highest population on our server. I'll admit, about 80% of the players are awful but they can usually overwhelm with numbers. The NC weapons really aren't under-powered at all in most games. They start out with the best default sniper rifle in the game and the gd-7f is a beast for example. And they have the best MBT in the game. There are only a couple areas where they fall short, like the Jackhammer. Its not really as good as the chaingun or lasher in my opinion. And of course the Reaver is questionable against the Mossy or Scythe.
  13. MurderBunneh

    Nonsense just because the VG takes 1 more shot to kill and slightly better alpha damage does not make it the better tank.
    The funny thing is I play TR on Matherson and the NC dominates and TR has the lowest pop.
    Then I play NC on Connery and it is the same story in complete reverse.
  14. Spookydodger

    They are on Waterson quite often. At 4pm yesterday they had 2 continents and were trying for a third. I don't see them get 2 continents as often as TR, but it does happen.
  15. Gary

    All the tier 1 bolt action rifles have the same stats right? Did they not reduce the NC starting sniper down to the same stats as he VS and TR alternatives?

    Also Magrider is by far the best tank its not even close, It is so far a head its futuristic... oh wait...
  16. Vendettta

    Actually that does make it better. Usually one shot makes the difference in the average tank battle involving bad players.
  17. Vendettta

    I don't know, did they? Was this in the last patch? I played NC when I first downloaded the game weeks ago and I could kill someone with one shot usually while the TR required multiple shots.
  18. pnkdth

    Much of this feels like it is a numbers game as well. Checking my stats I've killed 64.1% TR and 35.9 NC. That is almost twice as many TR kills. Fun fact, I've killed TR HAs twice as much as any other class/faction. Dat CARV. Anyways, I've seen NC hold two conts at times on Miller and most of the time, if an empire decides to defend their continent, the attack fails.

    I'm not going to make the, frankly, idiotic argument that "on my NC char I have a much better KDR" as it is meaningless. It is fairly obvious our main characters will have a worse KDR due to easily it is to pad your KDR when lone wolfing. Many also tend to forget they're probably better players now than at the start thus their KDR will obviously be better on a fresh character(and upon typing this I can almost see the stats w****s rushing to create new accounts).

    As for the NC's weapons, I don't believe the problem lies with them but rather the NC seem to attract less players than TR/VS which I find very suprising(but then again, unsuprisingly due to me liking the feel of their weapons so much). I love my BR20 NC alt on Cobalt.
  19. donlokiman

    On Jaeger the Populations are even most times and the NC still lose... Why?.. The NC are made up of mostly children. During character selection that annoying rock music I think turns off anyone with the ability of strategic thinking.. those people Join the TR (epic music) and the Vanu gets a mix.. It is the one thing I have noticed about Jaeger.. Despite the NC having equal numbers they do not seem to grasp the ability to move forces in a way that benefits them in the long run.. Their fighting style is very much in the moment and not big picture so they are always being flanked and cut off and generally out maneuvered. I have notice the TR, while not really able to hold up in an outright battle against NC and Vanu are able to move around and take advantage of the other teams weaknesses.

    Now this all could be an age/maturity issue, or it could be how the experienced established outfits in the game have positioned themselves between the factions. I just see the NC's problems as one of strategic and tactical ability and not one of firepower and equipment.
  20. Gary

    Yes you have to "tier 1" rifles for each faction all factions have an identical Bolt action and semi auto. The NC start with the bolt and must unlock the semi auto, TR start with the Semi auto and must unlock the Bolt. not sure about the VS.

    All 3 of both types of the rifles were identical. The only exception to this was the NC bolt action had 50 more projectile speed which was not needed and gave them a direct advantage over the others. They reduced it down to 600 and then introduced a new rifle for each faction with less projectile drop and faster travel speed.

    (i think this is right... I know they reduced the bullet speed on it though)