If the NC is not underpowered...

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  1. ForceM

    So the terrans got nerfed. But really it is not notable. The TAC5 or something in that way kills in milliseconds. So do certain other TR weapons. The NC does not only have crap but nothing cones close to it. And yes i jave tried most TR weapons.

    I feel tge weapon where NC still has a big disadvantage is the Gauss Saw. I have the EM1 or whatsitsname and when i get into a fight with that it is rather balanced 50/50 in kills and deaths. But when i take the saw i lose every fight. Short range no chance whatwver they have youre dead. And if its only a pistol... Medium range is still full auto range for TR and i cant hit **** at least not with saw. I now have all upgrades on it as recommended and i still prefer any TR or NC or Vanu HA weapon i own over it. That tells me this one should be fixed really fast!

    I feel that weapon alone ruins a lot for NC because the rest is quite okay.

    The reaver also has no advantage over any of its counterparts anymore after patch. Slow, huge target, not stabke, not manoeuvrable, abd where is the legendary NC durability and firepower? Not in this plane at least. Its quite a problem because air superiority wins battles so hard...

    Warpgate positions need to change after each week too to achieve fairness. After that we see if NC is still UP
  2. Linedan

    Playing NC on Mattherson seems to be feast or famine. When the big outfits like Sturmgrenadier and the Goons get rolling, the big blue zerg is unstoppable and continents fall like crazy. But I've seen NC have 60% population on Amerish mid-afternoon or early-evening and be sitting there with less than half the continent...and losing it at a shocking pace. A lot of it just depends on when the big and/or organized outfits for each faction are on. A smaller organized group will roll through a much larger bunch of independents with ease.

    As for NC weapons...meh. They may be a little underpowered but not drastically so. I finally found one I liked with the GD-7F. I'm learning to love that thing because it's almost like a TR carbine with the relatively high ROF. I'm not a fan of most of the others, especially the Razor that I wasted 700 SC on plus 5 days of not being able to unlock attachments. And I really wish they'd switch the Gauss SAW and the EM1 and make the EM1 the starter HA weapon, it's much nicer. There's no comparing the CARV/Orion with the Gauss SAW, but the EM1 seems more competitive.
  3. Intruder313

    I'm on Woodman (back to 1 cont now and that's likely to go soon). I personally don't think NC are underpowered as a FACTION, just that several of the Infantry guns have completely OTT Recoil/CoF bloom which makes them a nightmare to use compared to the point and kill guns of the VS (and to a slightly less extent the TR).
  4. Liandra

    TR currently have a high pop so that is to be expected and we will get those back once the numbers are even again. I'm really fine with my guns. They are harder to use, but they work just as well for me.
  5. Hodo

    I love the OP...

    "My faction is obviously underpowered because on my server we are losing!"

    Trueth is no one plays NC because Blue and Yellow is so 2005. The new colors are Black and Red. Better Red than dead!
    And in Asia where the fashion world gets its ideas purple is catching on.
  6. Champagon


    Hardest hitting MBT in game period
    BONUS: Have invulnerability shield

    Hardest hitting guns

    Toughest ESF in game period

    Destruction maxes of doom, in game period
    Bonus: Invulnerability shield on this one as well

    nothing wrong with the NC, just most of you guys are bads....
  7. Doov

    Oh, Vanu - I thought you were supposed to be the smart faction?

    This argument is silly because game balance isn't about individual skill compensation! It's about everything else being constant, are the guns in equal power. Everything else includes individual skill. If you need to be a better player to perform EQUALLY as another faction, then the FACTIONS are imbalanced (balanced only by INDIVIDUALS).

    We shouldn't have to compensate for imbalance in one area, but putting in more effort in another.

    Don't obscure the problem by emphasizing solutions that do not address the underlying issue. So many people on the forums do that. It has nothing to do with organization or individual skill. These are two variables that interact with infantry balance, but do not determine it.
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  8. dr_Fell

    Not true. Our GD-7F usually easily overpowers Trac-5 in CQC. Although Terrans get Trac as default, GD-7F costs 1000 certs.

    You are a bit right and a bit wrong. We do not have hardest hitting guns (TR does, and in case default HA weapons NC Gauss Saw has lowest DPS of them all). ESF is toughest but lacks in speed and maneuverability, what is more important with ESF to ESF fights.
    Also the same things You have written about NC MBT can be written about every faction MBT perks.

    You are writting just only about NC pros, but every facion has its pros and cons.
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  9. TheCuqui

    The third continent in Ceres server is NC territory. Continents with balanced populations have a balanced gameplay, so dunno what the OP is talking about.
  10. REDRUM4K

    Everything that kills me is overpowered! LOL
    I find it odd too that Esamir on CERES is always dominated by the vanu since i win almost every shootout with them. But i think I agree with some comments here that there is smply a lack of organised gameplay at NC side. I hardly find a battle on esamir were NC is combining infantry, cavalery and airforce in one big attack or defence....

    I also like the NC weapons best. They might be a bit low on firerates but make that up in stopping power. I do have to admit i spent a little sc on guns... An for AA use the max with the flak guns. They rip planes apart even at high distance. There is no truth in NC weapons being underpowered. If there is something to be called overpowered its the TR heavy tanks imo.
  11. MayorD

    i just loooled. you ever played NC?
    And well, the only things i always see run away are red-black.
    TR veteran: ooo, tactical retreat!
    TR newbie: hm, what is it?
    TR veteran: run away, but manfully!

    you really think vanguard is fast enough to run away? rly? or the flying brick.. i mean reaver. you know whats reavers ground weapon? this for 100 certs? A shotgun! you ever seen a aircraft with shotgun, with 3 ammo in magazine? And vanguards secundary weapon for 1000 certs? A shotgun!!! damn useless and damn expensive. more dmg, you say? first you need poke with those guns in enemys face, shot 3 times and then its powerful... NC weapons got not enough dmg for almost zero accuracy and damn hard recoil. Gaus saw hits everything, but not the target, even 2 m away. My EM1 with laser and softpoint ammo. run into TR LA, lost my HA shield, shield and half HP before killed a standing enemy in 2-4m away. Tell me about more def, hp or dmg. somehow i cant find it.. And yes, shotguns!!! Jackhammer needs 2-3 hits in face of enemy to kill it. WTH? There should be an animation, when jackhammer hits an enemy the TR head is flying trough half BioLab.. but no, TR whine. how comes a shotgun with 5 cm calibre kills us so fast? nerf it.
  12. AngryPlayer

    Pretty certain NC on Mattherson has held Indar this entire week.
  13. Deronok

    Contact an officer/someone high up in their outfit with the names. Doesn't do much if all you're going to do is bash on the forums about it, in a thread most people wont even read.
  14. Champagon


    Some NC nublet that doesn't know how to form squads and got ganked....

    it happens to the best of us man, its a tough life when COD rules don't apply. I know, I know....
  15. AirSuicide

    I've played all 3 factions since beta. I am intimately familiar with their bonuses and weaponry.

    NC Hit harder, ALOT harder then any other race.
    TR do less damage per bullet then any other race.
    VS have no bullet drop and are extremely accurate with average damage per bullet.

    These are not the only bonuses.

    * Both VANU and NC have Special weapons and gear, Terrans Do not its all just average run of the mill ****.
    * Both Vanu and NC have superior Vehicles whether it be versatility and maneuverability, or Armor and Damage.

    The only race that needs any sort of attention, are the TR.

    The reason the TR kick *** is because they are about Coordination and teamwork. TR outfits go into a battle with a "Plan", and follow it. TR practices strategies and uses them. Pandemic Legion held the Skydock on Indar for 12 hours straight with only 15-20 people against almost the entire strength of BOTH the NC and the VANU attacking them.

    Thats 20 people with a strategy and a plan who stood up against 400+ enemies and were not defeated. THAT is how TR rolls. and why we seem over powered even though in actuality our **** is the most under powered craptastical **** in the game.

    It is also why I decided to remain TR. Because I like the teamwork and actual military/team oriented type/minded people who play TR.

    NC and VS just zerg, or chaotically attempt to take over **** with no organization whatsoever. So it takes 100's of them to do what the TR does with 20-50. Were not overpowered you all just ******* Suck.
  16. pnkdth

    Every faction zergs. No matter which faction I play I find people manage to do incredibly stupid things.

    I find it curious that no matter who you ask it is always the other faction that zergs.

    But who am I kidding? Of course the faction you play has the best players, best teamwork, and never zergs.
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  17. AirSuicide

    I wont dispute that, I've seen some pretty dumb *** TR, but I see a lot "less" on TR and a lot "more" willing to follow orders and cooperate, then I see lone wolves who get everyone killed trying to be the center spotlight. (We call these Blue Falcons in the military because they **** everyone over.)
  18. Pinay

    We do it every other day on Matherson, although it depends on if TR and VS are not trying to do so on our continent.
  19. Phrygen

    yea, by that you mean the reaver is completely broken and worthless and the guass got a minor long range accuracy buff?
  20. Naix

    Oh look, another NC whine thread.