If the NC is not underpowered...

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  1. Shehadi

  2. Shehadi

    I just said **** it and bought the GDF7 for testing, and found the thing to be an amazing weapon, BUT I was outplayed a couple of times by someone with a trac5 and once with a lynx, which shows me the thing isnt so awesome it trumps everything. I will take your post to heart and test out the TR carbines some more to find their sweet spot. As it stands I think I have the other weapons figured out.
  3. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I'd like to think that I'm pretty fair with my opinions.

    I truly believe that the NC will start slaughtering when the majority compensate for what we all adapt to throughout the course of playing FPS games. However, either way, it's going to take time before they are able to adequately ascertain if there are truly any balance issues to address...which I believe will be minute.

    If they prematurely address what people perceive to be inadequacies, then when these players -do- compensate for weapon recoil, bullet drop, bullet bloom, etc...you'll have a drastic increase in performance. Then, they'll have to nerf the NC...which will upset the player base even further than they are now.

    It's best, in my opinion, for them to wait until the majority learn to compensate...and then they can take a look at the top players amongst the NC and truly discover where any actual balance issues lie. This way, if they need a boost...it'll be well deserved and not reduced at a later date through overcompensation based upon player stress towards the skill required to master this particular faction.

    Like I said previously, VS are easy to master...but possess the least amount of potential towards excelling beyond their current limitations. We have little to compensate for, and gain no drastic boon upon doing so...where as the NC have the most to gain through this natural compensation. TR gain a bit, being the intermediate between the two.
  4. Hashi

    I understand that. But what would have made this game a lot better is if they started every faction with a basic gun (NSF) and let the person choose to cert/buy into their faction specific weapons because as of now, if the NC start off with a higher learning curve, not much of them will want to stay long. It just sucks getting the short end of the stick in any way and when it comes into something so detrimental as population it's going to hit them really hard. They should have dealt with this much differently.
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  5. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Look through my posted threads,

    I literally posted something regarding exactly that. I agree with you completely.
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  6. Hashi

    I'll definitely give it a check out, if they can do something like that for the players what you say will most defnitely make an effect into the game, but I hope it's nothing that will make the NC too OP I'd like to know that this game runs on both individuality and balance
  7. Stordito

    bacause this faction
    Looks as smurfs
    Sound like country music
    And play like unorganized kids

    Those 3 are enough to hang the good ol' jackhammer and dress up in purple spandex.

    jokes aside,
    I'd like to see the NC fight on par with TR and VS but i don't think the problem is in NC weaponry, but in a combination of empire population, playerbase and territory.
    it's no big secret that each cont have a "better warpgate", but even on esamir the NC usually suck when VS and TR are not fighting each other.
    sometimes i have to choose to get to NC territory (usually very small) because i can't see any smurfs for hours if i don't do so,and frankly it gets boring fighting the same empire on major facilities every day.
  8. Tenebrae Aeterna


    I think that giving everyone stock weapons by default would decrease the frustration NC players feel with their faction flavored weapons. By the time they obtain the certifications required to purchase them, if they don't use SC, then they'll have compensated a bit for recoil and what not...making the transition much easier.

    Right now, NC weapons are like your first drop into the game...harsh. :p
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  9. Gaseous Snake

    Are you sure you're not confusing under powered with underrepresented? I'm simply asking and not trying to start a flame war here with pie charts and spreadsheets thrown at each other. I truly believe that in this game TR is the most played faction and I'd like for SOE to show faction numbers just like every other MMO, even Aion had this feature but then again I'm not gonna hold my breath.

    During peak times in EU servers, TR can simply stretch its resources across pretty much any of the continents and dominate it. The only one that we have a hard time with is Indar as on our side it's open space but there's too much hills and ground vehicle inaccessible bases on the VS and NC regions. I was on Indar today and at one point TR had over 37%% of the population with Amerish having another 36%. NC on the otherhand had around 25% and twenty something percent on Indar and Amerish respectively.
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  10. Signolias

    again let me reitterate what i had said earlier i had the drop on a light assult within 10 meters well with in cqb parameters by a long shot and he had the trac-s which is equal to the gauss compact s my gd-7f was fully upgraded for cqb and i hit the tr light assult with 1 round he waited until i was reloading he then opened up and killed me there is no reason that the NC weapons should be so inaccurate and the other two factions have such more accuracy oh and for the people that say the TR are the crappiest guns...that's why the devs have said that the tr have the highest DPS of all factions currently the VS from what i understood are second with the NC at the bottom and that is raw DPS stats not including the walk of the guns or the accuracy of the guns
  11. LittleBlackRainCloud

    Even 20/20/60 presents contest, you can actually control territory with thsoe numbers. But the numbers are much worse than that .. On Sol Tech 75% Vanu on esamir is the norm. Middle of the day, everyday, NC takes Amerish, Indar is a staemate 24/7 with NC typically holding 35% of the continent (almost never maybe 1 time during prime hours in the past 2 weeks ~The crown) and Esamir past 10am through till 10pm is Dominated by vanu. If this were just this server I would say it's just the way thr cookie crumbles, but this is also much the same case with connery as well. IT dosn't have to do with guns it has to do with server population and map advantage.
  12. Meiu

    I am fairly adept at all the factions weaponry and I can confidently say the issue isn't exactly the weapons themselves as it is the flinching/suppression mechanic that is to blame. This mechanic specifically favors ROF and accuracy than any other stats and since accuracy and ROF are not often paired in NC weapons this is where the perceived imbalance is coming from. Once this mechanic is either A) Removed completely or B) the degree of flinching/bloom from being hit is scaled off the damage of the round and not just the binary get hit or not, then a lot of these threads will start disappearing.
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  13. Xae

    People keep saying flinch is totally ruining slow RoF guns. And I keep Slug'ing people with a 200 RPM Nova.

    I'm not buying it.
  14. Meiu

    I hate to ruin your belief in what you say but the actual stats for the weapons disagrees with your hypothesis.
    However, I can tell you if you were using a Razor GD instead of the GD7 you would have easily killed him because the issue with the GD7 is the accuracy is extremely terrible outside a few meters. If you really were within 10m then the issue was actually your aim because anything inside of 10m (assuming I get the jump on someone) I shred them apart without a chance unless it is a heavy with damage reduction shield (which gives him time to spin around and melt me with a carv9). If you were outside of 10m I would agree with you about the insanely horrible accuracy of the GD7.

    Did you aim down your sight or just open up with hipfire? Even within 10m you are gambling hipfiring the GD7 due to its insane ROF and the kick all NC weapons have. Were you being shot while shooting him? There are a lot of factors that influence the results. I am curious personally.
  15. Meiu

    Nova is a shotgun with slugs that is less penalized by Flinching than a carbine, AR, or LMG. Shotgun has a far faster recovery on a shot and is penalized less (which is why I use slugs fairly often for anything outside of 10m on my LA NC). So what you are doing is compensating for a bad mechanic by using something that isn't penalized as badly as the other options. Which in practice is good, but forcing everyone to run with slugs on a shotgun isn't exactly a good solution to the matter.

    You don't have to believe anything, but due to your playstyle you aren't exactly able to give a valid opinion on the matter since what you are playing is the adaptive way to bypass the said problematic mechanic :p Even then, depending on the weapon hitting you, it is still possible in many scenarios to cause enough flinching where even your slugs won't be able to hit your target, hell even without slugs its possible to cause enough flinching to make your shotgun blasts fly to the far right or left even at close range.

    Also, another important note is that you are using a VS weapon, which is penalized the LEAST by flinching than any other race weaponry, NC weapons have inherently higher recoil than the other factions and a slower RoF on most of their weaponry which amplifies the penalty further than you would ever experience on even your slowest weapons on VS.
  16. Xae

    Why is a slug different from a bullet?

    Do you have any data tables on Recovery time?
  17. hellin

    I said, well, I'm not going to buy GDF ... I did not like they.
    I agree that it is the resulting performance will be better than the other weapons NC. Although he lost on any T7 chaingun.
    Anyway. Balance is not the numbers on the paper, it is a statistic with what is happening. And stupid FIHM say what you like the best weapons that you complain.
    And! If NC is a good gun, why you do not play for them? I can explain why. You just do not want to balance. As the saying goes, if NC is balanced then you will lose your mega kills and a KDR.
    What I wanted to say - I said.
  18. hellin

    Friend. Explain how to learn to compensate for the dispersion of fire? Please ... :):):)
    PS. What is the sense of the fraction of experts fluent in weapons, require too much skill? This fraction should be introduced soon for veterans. And then it has to be unlocked only after it is fully in one of the other factions. Or all the same it must be some balance.
    If I'm wrong - correct.:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
  19. hellin

    One follows from the other.
    I have several friends who went with me on the server ... played on 30 minutes and said, "The weapon sucks." They offered to move them to the server to play VS. But I do not like suits VS ... Not manly look.
  20. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I don't know too much about the bullet bloom, the randomized spread that happens upon excessive fire. From my understanding of what was entailed within a youtube video, you simply release the trigger on the automatic weapons every once in a while and it automatically resets...so it seems to simply be there to enforce a slight break in your hosing of the enemy.

    Personally, I don't think it should even be in the game... Bullet Drop and Recoil are more than enough, but from my understanding of the bullet spread...you simply release the trigger for a second and it will reset completely...permitting you to hose immediately after without the randomized spread.

    As for making the NC an unlockable faction for those of whom have become veterans...that would would be horrific. I can't even begin to list the myriad of reasons as to why this would be so.


    I'm not really a fan of the whole bullet bloom thing... I can see how one would compensate for it, but during the heat of battle...compensating for recoil and bullet drop is more than enough without having to tack on an arbitrary need to release the trigger once in a while to ensure your bullets hit their target.