If the NC is not underpowered...

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  1. TehGrimZa

    http://i.imgur.com/KsiEV.jpg how's that for proof?
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  2. Sebastien

    That's a great argument. Covers false generalisations, name calling, and The Burden of Proof.
  3. Shehadi

    How are our tanks overpowered? I am not trying to be an ***, I just want your perspective.
  4. anaverageguy

  5. Shehadi

    I think its bias to say that the other two factions dont work as a team, it really depends on the server. I'm TR all the way and I agree that the other faction's weapons give me a rash, but I refuse to believe that we are somehow superior as players because of such.

    I dont want NC to be nerfed or anything I just want to get my hands on a weapon that has the same stats as the GD-f7
    XD that thing hurts!!
  6. Shehadi

    I agree Vanu weapons are rediculously easy to use, and this to me only gives them a huge advantage in close range with their LMG. But Recoil CAN be compensated for, most of your stock weapons have only vertical recoil and is easy to predict. It is bloom that you cannot fix with skill. I did a weapons test and I learned these things about the NC and VS weapons.

    NC weapons, mostly their rifles and carbines, can chew up enemies in close quarters and are very unforgiving to their target, if you start shooting someone, chances are he's not going to make it 3 steps before he is dead. At range you can reach out and punch right through someones shields and even kill them quicker than any other empire's auto weapons at range. If you get careless with these weapons youll die horribly, plus, they have higher reload times.

    VS weapons are VERY easy to use. The way most VS fight is they get in close or medium and lay on the trigger until their target dies, its so idiot proof except for one thing. Carbines have damage models similar to TR weapons in their effective range, BUT they only have 30 rounds, so if you arent careful, you could empty your clip and the target is still standing, this happens much easier with the VS. However the LMG's in close to medium range are EXTREMELY effective, due to the fact that you only have to hold down the trigger and point the small end of your weapon at the enemy and wait for them to eventually die. When testing this weapon I got many kill streaks with the Orion and didnt break a sweat. On top of all of this the Vanu have the Highest reload time.

    TR weapons, some, not all, sit in an awkward mid ground, in some cases we can melt people with the TRV but at range I find that I can only plink targets and piss them off..with all TR auto weapons. I think our carbines if used correctly are ok, but theyre not great at range (unlike the NC carbine) and are mediocre at close quarters (unlike the GD7F which every NC seems to have)

    I have used alot of TR weapons and I have found that the weapons i dont get my *** kicked with are these: The TRV(good in close quarters) The lynx (also good in CQC but out performed but the GD7F) and as for LMGs..I am still trying to figure out which one is best..as it is NC LMG's tear through me in minimal shots, and the VS just spray their s in every direction until I die while I can't aim because of flinch...but this experience could be because I suck..I dont play HA all that often.

    Take from my analysis what you will, this isnt cold hard facts, this is just my experience in testing the other faction weapons in real combat and in tests with a friend, so take it with a grain of salt.

    TLDR? sorry im long winded XD
  7. OddballE8

    Because people dont like playing as smurfs?
    Because red-black colour schemes are more attractive to most?
    Because alot of people get attracted to the vanu sci-fi look?
    Because most are used to weapons that are effective at medium to long distances instead of short to cqb distances?
    Because some just dont like the "we are so obviously modeled on the USA ideals" backstory?
  8. Vermana

    ITT Biased kids who only see their own accomplishments and ignore all those of others. TR Players boast that the TR are the best, NC Players boast about NC, VS Players boast about VS.

    -TR Weapons and Tanks are fine. ROF and TEN MORE FREAKING BULLETS PER MAG is a lot better than you people make it out to be. I wish my Carbine had forty rounds with accurate hipfire and complete dominance at close range. I wish my Tank had high speed and two shots that can decimate entire groups of Infantry with HE rounds far better than other tanks.

    -We've (VS) held off hundreds of NC+TR (Working together mind you, not killing each other) with vastly inferior numbers plenty of times. We also regularly defeat NC/TR and take/hold continents despite having a near constant 10% Population disadvantage agaisnt both factions(It's almost always 25/35/35 on Connery).

    -All three factions have loads of skillful outfits and players. Anyone denying that and claiming their respective faction is inherently superior is just plain stupid and biased. The Devs themselves have stated that as it is now all three Empires are balanced and only intend to do minor tweaking in the future.

    -The NC are not UP, the TR are not superior in any way, and the VS (me) want you to suck it up.
  9. Haskaal

    I think the biggest game-changing factor are the MBTs and if you think about it carefully, factor in terrain and mobility of MBTs, you might agree with me.
  10. Doov

    The argument is just not credible. It's premised on the idea that damage is the give-all end-all stat when combined with skill, but it isn't. Skill doesn't compensate for recoil as much as you think. Vanu can just aim for the head more easily than NC or TR, and thus do more damage, because they have an easier time aiming for the head! Combine that with flinch mechanics and your argument falls apart faster than Janette Jackson's clothes at an *** concert.
  11. f1stbr34k3r

    I know the crown is hard to control but holy ****...
    its been like this for more than 20 hours on cobalt, THE CROWN SHALL REMAIN OURS.

    when the NC was trying to get it, the vanu didn't last for more than 2 hours, while the NC had it for more than 20 hours, and is still holding it!

    they can be good if they try.

    the NC is full of 12 year old kiddies who are yet to understand you dont need to shoot the generators...
  12. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Understandable, and hopefully things are more adequately balanced in that area within the near future. I won't, nor can I, say anything towards the contrary regarding that.
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  13. Shehadi

    yes you have a point about vanu weapons, but I find that I have to ***** foot around most NC players and shoot them while they arent looking, because i cant win a straight up fight. People who call this tactic playing to my faction's strengths are ********, because if NC who know what theyre doing always blast me in a straight up fight so I have to sneak around that just puts us on unequal ground. It means that we have to use clever tactics, while they have to just crouch in a corner and wait for me. Funny little tactic that camping, for the NC they just plaster me even if I know exactly where they are hiding provided they are not using one of their crappy weapons, if I were doing the same thing I will always ALMOST kill them before they turn me into a fine red paste. Sometimes I feel like I am just tickling enemies with my weapon, but hey maybe lower damage makes up for spraying bullets in every direction at once with a high rate of fire.

    I think things are so close to balance but I keep entering scenarios where I use similar tactics to an enemy we aim the same way, we fire the same way, we dodge the same way, and I lose every engagement. I know there arent suppose to be clone factions but having a faction that can dominate in both close quarters and long range provided they have the right weapons is not balanced.

    Say what you want about how hard it is to control NC weapons, I have tried them and I won most of My engagements provided someone didnt blast me in the face with a shotgun..I dont want a nerf I just wish I could pick up and use the same weapon..then again I dont give two damns about the uniqueness of faction weapons. XD
  14. Hans Goddius

    As a TR on Connery, NC are more of a pain than the VS. I feel likes there are epic battles between the NC and TR and we go fight the VS when we need to take a break :p
  15. The Jiggler

    I play NC. I log onto the forums and i often see threads saying we are under powered. You are entitled to your opinion and i won't try to change your mind BUT

    1. Have you looked for and joined an active and organised outfit? This makes a world of difference to your success at taking bases. Use voice comms, ask for help and test new strategies.
    2. Have you looked at the weapon stats data mined out of the game files; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...IU1NKenEzNzZOSWNaanFqSUVxLWc&type=view&gid=12 Nc weapons do more damage across the board and we have great options for CQC, mid-range and long range. You don't even have to unlock a bolt action rifle if you play NC.
    3. Do you actually use vehicles or just constantly spawn infantry and get blown up by vehicles? If you see alot of enemy ESF and liberators - repair and use turrets / get double bursters on your max / get in a ESF yourself. If you see tanks - use tank mines / get in a tank / go man mode with the HA rockets. Don't continue to spawn ground troops if you are being farmed by liberators. If you encounter an enemy zerg consider organising a fall back in /re chat so you can regroup and zerg. Temporarily losing territory is not a sign of imbalance.

    I only started to think that NC might be underpowered from reading these forums. I never felt underpowered in game. SOE have already made changes to some NC infantry weapons to improve their accuracy when aiming down sight and moving - you can see some of these changes on the google document above on the 'recent patch changes' page. They have also changed TR and VS weapons to even the field in this regard.

    Do you play to NC stregths? The NC are not good at hit and run. We are not good at running away at all! Do you get outnumbered and think that is imbalance?

    I sometimes play in a public squad instead of with my outfit and i usually have to beg people to stop spawning infantry when we don't have air supremacy. I play on a server where NC have not capped Indar and i don't think we are underpowered. I've tried the other races and i don't like how little damage the other races do. NC has straight up damage and better armor in alot of cases. Our vehicles are not as fast or manouverable so you have to be an opportunist and scout the enemy so that you can flank them. Co-ordinated brute force is your friend and it's the playstyle that i enjoy the most.

    NC max is the best max in the game - i consider it a wasted cooldown if i haven't gone 10 for 1 in a bio lab. NC vanguard is the tankiest tank in the game and you can beat any other tank 1v1 without even flanking. I really enjoy flying and the Reaver is not the fastest or most agile fighter - but we have the best survivability and that means you really have to pick your fights and not stray into enemy flak.

    My squad of 10 people has shut down VS and TR zergs 2 or 3 times our size via team work and playing to our strengths (Plus we have a damn good medic). I'm literally only writing this post because i feel as though the constant QQ will result in lower NC populations and that is bad for the game.
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  16. Birdrock

    I applaud your persistence in trolling. You might want to make your statements more believable next time though.

    On the off chance you are serious... LOL.
  17. m44v

    I don't feel the NC is underpowered, is only the SAW that sucks balls.
  18. Signolias

    i'll say the nc gear is underpowered save for the vanguard i can go toe to toe with any other engineer in the game and doesn't matter which gun i use the tr or vs will kill me in cqb PERIOD it has nothing to do with how many people are on it's a simple matter of the NC have two restrictions to their one perk the restrictions being less accuracy and heavy recoil the other two do not have those restrictions the tr have faster rate of fire and less recoil ontop of being fairly accurate and the vs have fair accuracy rate of fire and damage with no drop to their shots the TR have a clear disadvantage for instance i took on a tr light assault he had a trac-s i had WITH IN 10 FEET and he tore me apart in all respects i should have had him dead to rights had the drop on him and every thing don't tell me the NC are not underpowered
  19. BigMacDeez

    Why is this thread still allowed to exist?
  20. Phrygen

    NC are weakest due to the reaver being the worst ESF after update 1, because the Vanguard MBT is very slow in a metagame dominated by mobility, and because regardless of how balanced infantry weapons are, faster weapons are better in this game due the fact that being hit with gun fire messes up your aim.

    Two of those should be adressed, the last one is fine.

    because NC being the weakest faction is a legit truth, and it would take very little tweaking to fix the balance issues.