If the NC is not underpowered...

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  1. Golokopitenko

    Then why is not dominant in any server? Furthermore, why is the NC never dominant in any continent?
  2. MilitiaMan

    We do dominate.....When all the VS/TR are asleep.

    It's the only time of the day we have a shot at capping a continent.

    Though Connery NC do pretty well, but we have a lot of good PS1 vets on Connery NC.
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  3. ({x})Kyoji

    Yes, because you have went to every server and played NC there...

    Waterson has a very balanced population at the moment. VS are triple capturing more, but otherwise TR and NC are doing pretty decent. I would say VS > NC > TR on Waterson at the moment, but it is pretty close so the differences are pretty marginal and revolve around zerg timeframes.

    The NC are fine. You simply want to play like the TR play and that won't cut it. Get close range and wreck people or burst at range and get headshots.
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  4. Ganelon

    Just a guess: you haven't actually checked every server before making this stupid statement.
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  5. Rogueghost

    Dominating a map has very little to do with the stats of your guns, but the size of your player base.
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  6. Golokopitenko

    I dare you to show me a screenshot with a continent being clearly dominated by the NC.
  7. VoidMagic

    Happens on Matherson almost nightly.

    Simply roll a character on Matherson and look at the maps during primetime.

    Matter of fact there was a screen shot of exactly what your looking for somewhere out here from our server...
  8. Rendezvous

    Waterson NC do pretty well when all the TR school boys are in school.
  9. Ganelon

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  10. kayben


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  11. VoidMagic

    yep here it is... thanks!
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  12. Akrasjel

    They are... you color blind or what
  13. Golokopitenko


    I've been in 3 servers and NC has always been losing
  14. Drythe

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  15. Kiekeboe

    On Woodman NC have control of Indar and Amerish. They just capped Amerish, Always saying NC is underpowered when the NC is losing on your server. Maybe think about that there is more than 1 server.
  16. Golokopitenko

    That looks more like an abandoned continent. The other two look more true-dominated.
  17. millerlight89

    They take control of Matherson late at night, but that's only because their population is higher. When the server is equal, they are pretty much a non issue.
  18. Beartornado

    What server is the 666th Devil Dogs on?

    If a particular faction is doing really poorly its because it lacks a quality, large outfit (hell even a bunch of smaller quality oufits who work together can get the job done).

    On Mattherson we do have some large outfits, but the problem is that continent pops shift so harshly now you rarely see the stalemates that prove which side is actually better. Its more about joining the biggest zerg on the appropriate continent and killing the poor fools who haven't switched continents yet.
  19. HadesR

  20. Delax


    Being a fellow NC, their zerg can be frustrating to get around and some of their players would sooner throw their own faction under the bus for their own gain. Just today, I saw some 666th threatening to blow up a sunderer with out a warning because "it wasn't in the prime location" when it was right next to a ******* teleport tube.

    Once again, to the leaders of the 666th, you need to put a leash on some of your peeps. Some are just plain rude.
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