If ONK kinfes are not acceptable, then why are OHK shotguns accpetable

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  1. Gemenai

    I got no Problem with OHK knifes.
    I mean it´s not like infiltrators are not visible during cloak, since it is equal on every graphic option.
    It´s laughable how far you can see it.
    Also cloak is still hearable on range, you can even pinpoint an infiltrators location.
    Even in a big battle, where it is loud as f*** you should be able to recognize if your comrades fall one by one by knife kills.
    Mini-map and kill-feed are indicators.
    It´s called awareness.

    Maybe it could be changed in a way, that you have to charge your knife for a split sceond, to be able to OHK ( it should only require a short charge time not like the other bad examples of charge weapons already in the game)
    Instead of switching into a OHK mode.
  2. task_master

    You mean, ohk from anywhere at ridiculous angles, while you're not even looking at the dude (and he could even be behind you), because tf2 is well made game (i don't know whether it's netcode or hitboxes or w/e, but that's beside the point)? There's a reason I don't take spy mains seriously, it's because the class is a joke based around a ******** RNG mechanic.

    That said, I don't really care about instagib knives. I already do basically the same thing with magscat, crossbow, comm, and cerberus. This just sounds like a similar thing with some other downside (prep time) instead of rechambering and/or reloading.
  3. NinjaTurtle

    Because forum/SOE logic

    If the cloak was actually a cloak then yeah

    As it is the shimmer is so easy to see you need to be literally blind not to be able to see Infiltrators
  4. FieldMarshall

    If OHK knifes on infiltrators is OP, why is nobody bothered by the current hunter/commi+knife combo that basically does the same thing, (without sacrificing range when you need it.)

    I think people who dont want this ingame are overreacting.
    Sort of like when they wanted to give shotgun pistols to NC infils, and the forum blew up because that would most certainly be OP as hell.
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  5. Goretzu

    PS2 hit reg is terrible unfortunately, it is one of the main problems with the Aegis Shield.

    I'd guess the only way to balance it would be locking in a knife "reload" - that is giving it a long restrike time and not letting people swap straight out to another weapon (but rather again be a long delay).
  6. Kunavi

    I don't care about the knives. OHK is fine. What I'm not fine with, is actually PAs. And to some extend, the other ones too. Yes that includes mounting huge *** SGs on SkillSuits who also can have guided rockets and a shield. More so when the environments of PS2 absolutely favour these things. I don't get knifed often, when I do I am not being carefull or it's a guy from Russia exploiting latency to absorb 20-30 bullets to the head, then proceeding to knife you 2-3 times at his leisure while you empty your pistol on them too. This actually happened to me earlier in a Bio(And yes the guy was Russian. I think I should DL whole movies while I play to be more MLGReady). Anyway back to the point... Boom Sticks OP. And no they are not limited to 10M. I die a lot to them. Perhaps in an open or varied environment they'd have a more distinct role instead of being OHKTubes. But when I look at PS2 as it is now, they need to be balanced. More. The kind of balance inflicted upon the Striker, the one all non TR mains find "Fair".
  7. AFK1

    It just kills the feeling of realism. Tactics and skill don't matter if you can shoot someone 8 times, and then get instantly killed by their single knife swing while they're sitting at 1% health
  8. AgentStark427

    Or, again, like TF2, waiting for a prompt. You have to sit behind them for a certain amount of time until the knife moves to a backstab position.
  9. Demigan

    Allright, here's a rundown:
    -Limited ammo capacity
    -limited magazine capacity and thus limited kills before reload.
    -loud sounds alert nearby players, both audibly and on the radar
    -not all classes can use it
    -accuracy matters for a OHK even at CQC, if you don't have your center at least on a part of their body you don't have a OHK
    -Longer range to OHK than a knife, but mostly a 2 or 3 shot kill leaching ammo to the vulnerable reload time.
    -shotgun is the primary weapon, you cannot pick a different, longer range weapon as well. (there is a reason that despite their awesome power people take Carbines and other longer range weapons more often)

    OHK knife:
    -unlimited uses
    -unlimited kills capability in one run
    -much less sound and radar visuals
    -flashy lights alert nearby players visually when you grab it
    -all classes can use it
    -has a large "swipe" where it can hit players. No need to exactly look at an enemy for the kill.
    -shorter range than shotgun.
    -can pick another weapon such as Carbine or LMG for long-range options, additionally to the OHK in CQC.
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  10. MarkAntony

    Because/When it makes valid points.

    The opinion that OHK knives will ruin this game isn't valid. Just like when people "predicted" that everyone would play infiltrator after the nanoweave adjustment.
  11. Goretzu

    Yeah could work in most situations I guess, maybe not really bad ones, but then nothing works there really anyway.
  12. eldarfalcongravtank

    i find it outright hilarious how someone can compare the power (and one-hit-kill capability) of a PRIMARY WEAPON with that of a melee weapon. a primary is supposed to be the main weapon in combat while a knife is a last-resort weapon. we aint playing a ninja game here so one-hit-kill knifes aren't really needed

    moreover, a pump-action shotgun is designed to one-hit-kill at closerange because you forego ranged effectiveness and sustained fire (which are traits of automatic projectile weapons). a knife is a stealth or last-resort weapon at best. having it kill anyone in one-hit will make extremely frustrating gameplay especially with this crappy hit detection where people can effortlessly knifeslash from 5 meters away and still magically hit while half the bullets out of a victim's magazine failt to register properly

    IF ANYTHING, Maxes should be the only unit that can one-hit-kill with their melee. because if you get too close to them it's your own fault, given how slow they are
  13. Hicksimus

    Please tell me it's not a slot 1 weapon so I can use the stalker cloak and play spider!

    I'm going to hate this knife but I will abuse the hell out of it until they fix it.
  14. Ronin Oni

    They did.

    I forget since I never, ever, use my knife.
  15. Taemien

    I like how all of you go on about infiltrators. You can see an infil and just kill it. What you can't deal with so easily is a HA with shields, coming at you like a serial killer.

    I don't mind if these knives actually add an element to the game that is fun. But I will say this. If it turns into a melee slasher fest because its just more effective for a 12 man squad to run into a room swinging away rather than shooting. It will no longer be fun.
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  16. REZistance

    Add me to the list of players who don't mind one-hit-kill knives.
  17. Rovertoo

    Oh my... *shudder*

    I hadn't even considered that. That would be way scary.
  18. SpaceZeal0t

    Was talking more about pre f2p tf2 and cs:go, especially cs:go where there isn't a single spy and backstabbing was only good if the hitboxes were actually on the back and your target wasn't keeping awareness. In planetside 2 full awareness becomes a priority so it won't be as easy to pull off. Unless someone at soe really screws up the hit boxes.
  19. exLupo

    I have serious trouble finding issue with a slow-switch (equip+mode), nil-range, noise emitting weapon being OHK. Will it be frustrating if a ninja pops out of your backpack and sticks you in the kidney? Yes. Will it happen frequently enough to impact your K : D? No. Will OHK knives influence your empire's odds of winning or losing a point? <insert laugh track>

    I currently, in all of my class loadouts, have a silenced+flashlight pistol that I use when infil hunting and for killing the unaware. A few shots and a knife swipe is quieter, faster, and more reliable than the OHKnife alone. Since you have to equip and toggle, that's what it will be. OHKnife is an all-in choice and one which, if your lone opponent is listening for decloaks and knife audio (as everyone should be), stacks the odds against you when compared to current options. The new knife mode will be a non-issue because it is less useful than the pistol+knife we're all already using.

    Between PS1 and TF2, I have hundreds of hours practicing knife hunting. It's viscerally rewarding and, in the case of TF2, can be match winning (Solo a team pushing the bomb? Oh yes.). However, PS2, like PS1 before it, is about how many bullets you can point to or from an objective. The team with a higher mass of fire (or tier, tanks > rifles) wins.

    OHKnife is a novelty. It'll be fun as hell but any player (infil kit or no) who's going to do this already is with pistol/xbow+knife and to greater effect.

    Consider the line from Léon/The Professional:

    Léon: The rifle is the first weapon you learn how to use, because it lets you keep your distance from the client. The closer you get to being a pro, the closer you can get to the client. The knife, for example, is the last thing you learn.

    It's an ego play, nothing more. If you kill someone like this, you have defeated them utterly. Unfortunately, they'll respawn seconds later and the extra effort expended to set up the kill will be meaningless to anyone but you. Is the OHKnife unfair? Since it's less effective than pistol/xbow+knife I can't see how it would be.

    edit: The image of hordes of HA, knife rushing, is hilarious. Very Rush-N-Attack. I can't wait to see these happen; for comedy value only, of course.
  20. z1967

    tbh, drifter light assaults are even scarier in terms of effectiveness. That HA is moving slower, enough so that you could probably gun them down before they get near you. LA with drifters? faster than sprint speed and doesn't get a COF debuff from using drifters because the knife has no COF. Only bad thing is the problems with inclines and the issues with changing direction while drifting.

    But hey, at least now we have a viable use for drifters in infantry combat lol.