[Suggestion] If Negator had his way... (reddit repost)

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  1. Negator

    1. New players would receive a short cut scene upon entering the game that would prep them for entrance into a 'basic training' outfit. It would have a cool RP name related to each faction. It would have a link with basic communication how to. It would allow all the new players in a faction to converse, ask questions, and form bonds. At BR 19, each player would receive another cut scene congratulating them on their inevitable 'graduation' from the basic training unit and would espouse the importance of joining a real, player run outfit. At BR20 they would automatically be kicked and could never rejoin. There would be a server wide message congratulating said player on his acheivement. (credit to Novum for the idea)

    2. SOE would realize just how important funneling people to outfits is, and would DROP EVERYTHING to support them. Player communities provide player retention, education, a meta, and many other things they will never be able to replicate. FOR FREE.

    3. Outfits would get calendars to assist coordinating the hundreds of players we support (FOR FREE). We would get obvious MOTDs. We would get an OBVIOUS PLAYER RECRUITMENT TAB to assist with funneling new players into outfits, rather then let them leave the game due to confusion/frustration/etc.

    4. SOE would realize how important individual leaders are to the game, and would then support them via leadership awards, cosmetics, trackable stats. A deployable outfit standard to mark your territory. Shoulder pads. Coms backpack gear. A ******* cape. ANYTHING to make people step into the saddle and take charge. ANYTHING to keep the burning out leaders we already have. Those solitary individuals that manage outfits, lead epic flanks, push points in coordinated manners no zergfit ever could are just like outfits in that they provide an experience to the player base that SOE simply CANNOT REPLICATE. FOR FREE.

    5. At BR30, you would receive a cut scene that spends 2 minutes explaining basic leadership functions, including: finding an even fight based on map numbers, the importance of providing spawn locations, laying waypoints, squad composition, and terrain. You would recieve a spawn beacon and be told how to use it. Your narrator would provide an epicly motivating speech that ended with your character staring down from a mountain top into a massive battle and commanding you to assist with leading your faction's troops to victory. The RP awesomeness would make you piss your pants with excitement.

    6. Everyone would know that Negator loves this game, and they should too. 131,000 certs and counting with 3 other characters over level 40. Don't kid yourselves folks, you don't need company provided carrots to make your experience enjoyable. Forget 'the farm' and focus on skillsets. Expand your mind into the world of squad and platoon level tactics. A whole new world opens up to you once you step out of the 'spawn into a fight, win the fight, load next match' mindset. The most epic planetside 2 experiences involve large scale, coordinated opposition. The lamest and least interesting involve large zergs mindlessly attacking/defending Crossroads Watchtower. Those massive zergfests are the ones that kill new players. THEY are the people getting farmed. THEY are the guys who complain about getting killed from every angle but didnt see it coming. THEY are the ones quitting because nobody stepped up to put them in a galaxy and bypass the killing fields, had them hold spawns to beacon onto the point, or told them there is a better fight elsewhere.

    7. ...A whole bunch of other **** that will come spilling out of my brain at a later date...
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  2. Konfuzfanten

    Great ideas

    I would like to add one suggestion:

    When you capture a base, outfits can claim the base and then the giant Vanu/NC/TR poster showing the faction symbol, will be replaced with a poster designed by that outfit. Would be a great way of showing off the active outfits.

    The original poster thread:

    "They can be just static posters on walls added by developers or be sprayed by players, but ONLY in cetrain places(like billboards on each base or each major base).

    In second variant, each player can have one basic poster for free, and others could be bought with SC(cos sadly, SOE needs money, and better this way, then with something like implants). Also, they can be created by players and approved into a game by devs. Thus, you can even use billboards to advertise your outfits! For example, player can create something like "Vany Outfit XXX recruiting!" with pretty pucture of spandex *** on a background, get it approved(probably), and post it eveywhere to have stream of fresh recruits! "
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  3. Akeita

    You deserve a cookie, but there will be no more stragglers running around the map for me to rocket pod em' anymore :(
  4. Paragon Exile

    Knew joining the Vindicators was a good idea. Thanks for confirming it further ;)

    All of those ideas are good. I especially like the idea of a new player outfit, however; who would lead them as CO's?
  5. Stormsinger

    I believe I can summarize the above with the following gif.

    This would be
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  6. Sandpants

    No to cutscenes.

    Yes to Funneling Players into Outfits, Leadership support and Recruitment awareness.

    It works. Other games are good examples.
  7. Devrailis

    These are exactly the sort of things that would make PS2 a better gameplay experience.

    Rather than lobbying for nerfs/buffs, someone here is looking under the cover to improve the game's mechanics instead.

    SOE should take note, so should Forumside. Well done.
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  8. Iridar51

    I'm not sure I speak English well enough to ever try to lead a squad, but battle regalia? Capes and shoulder pads with outfit insignia? OH **** THE HELL YES! I'd even lose the Russian accent for this one.
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  9. ChampagneDragon

    If I didn't know you were VS I might almost like you just for this post alone.

    Seriously though, some great ideas in there.
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  10. Phazaar

    It's been said consistently (if all-too-quietly) for a year and a half. Make it happen SOE.
  11. Trudriban

    Excellent ideas. Half-life 3 will come first (and before Hossin) but good thoughts nonetheless
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  12. TyranEndlos

    Yes, yes, yes! These are the kind of ideas that we need to make Planetside 2 better!
  13. Badname707

    For an MMO, for a WAR MMO specifically, this games comms are incredibly lacking. Sure, you gave us VOIP, but no in-game messaging system? No messaging people offline? We only get to send messages to our outfits over a tweet?

    Over everything else wrong in PS2, the way SOE handled comms, outfits, and the community at large was their biggest mistake.
  14. GoEErs

    I was just perusing the forums one last time and came across your post. I would expect nothing less from you. I have come to respect the the things yourself and Footjam do even though I've never played with either of you. It would have been nice to have done so. But other opportunities presented themselves and I will be taking a leave of absence for an indefinite period. Nice Work. Later.
  15. FaLI3N

    If you were to lead me you would be needing that Russian accent of yours ;)
  16. Iridar51

    It's not so much the accent, really. More an inability to efficiently communicate. I know the language, just not accustomed to using in everyday action.
  17. FaLI3N

    You don't seem so bad in writing and everyone loves a russian accent :)
  18. Chris Bingley

    Whilst this is all well and good on paper, I do have a few issues. For one thing a lot of outfits require you to use Mumble/Teamspeak, several of them will kick you from the outfit if you're inactive for a long time, and fianlly (and possibly most importantly) for a lot of outfits joining the outfit platoon is compulsory. I have a massive problem with this as sometimes I just want to goof off and sometimes I just want to lone wolf at a fight between the two opposing factions and snipe at them from a nearby hillside. Being forced to constantly be involved in a platoon isn't for everybody, especially when some platoon leaders will keep throwing you into hopeless fights where you just keep getting farmed whilst out numbered 2:1 or more.

    In conclusion, outifts are great and *can* enhance your PS2 experience, but they aren't for everybody and forcing people to join an outfit could end up costing the game more players.
  19. Negator

    good thing none of this forces people to be in outfits. Sorry you have a ****** outfit as well.
  20. Negator

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