If Minor Cloak Goes Live...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Beerbeerbeer, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. Beerbeerbeer

    My faith in the developers will have officially dropped below zero.

    It's same thing as the HE syndrome, where those geniuses thought huge splash/high damage HE during the early phases of the game was a good idea and "balanced."

    All I can say is this: reap what you sow.

    I will abuse the crap out of it. I will especially enjoy farming newcomers to the game, hopefully to scare them off as this game doesn't deserve new players with developers doing ******* things.

    Asymmetric application of game mechanics is my speciality.

    Here's your warning and I'll be happy to say I told you so now morons.
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  2. Campagne

    If it goes live and I don't get one, it'll be nothing but stalking with a darklight for then on! :eek:
  3. Eternaloptimist

    I will snipe Minor Cloakers. I can see plenty of cloaked planetmans through a 12x scope and they will be standing perfectly still - Bonus :)
  4. The Shady Engineer

    I don't get what the point of minor cloak is. What does it add to the game other than another unavoidable BS death?
    Also quick note, last time my buddy and I tested it on PTS, darklight flashlights didn't highlight minor cloaked targets. Might've been patched since then but just putting it out there in case it wasn't.
  5. BartasRS


    Besides according to latest Wrel posts on reddit Minor Cloak will have some adjustments before hitting live. Secondly it will be VERY hard to obtain - it is supposed to be cash cow for DBG so chances you will get it with buying implant bundles with certs are very, very slim. I read on reddit that in current PTS state drop chances are 0.05% so to have 50% of getting it you will have to spend 1000$ !!! People, do not freak out, there are other issues you should be worried about and if DBG thinks it will bring extra (much needed) revenue to them, let it be.
    To be perfectly honest, before enough people get it, master it and finally 'abuse' it so much time will pass that this game may as well be truly dead.
  6. Eternaloptimist

    I didn'y know that! and in any event, I'm more worried about enemies moving faster (catlike) than I am about the few who stand still
  7. Gundem

    Ah Forumside, uninformed as per usual. Not that Redditside is much better though.

    Catlike is getting sprint removed and crouch benefit reduced, Minor Cloak is getting strong reductions in the form of decloak time and visibility as well. Keep calm, and wait for things to actually go live before you scream about them.
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  8. DeadlyOmen

    The sky is falling.

    Thank you.
  9. Nabutso

    Pretty excited to round corners and see people crouching in a room waiting for their cloak to activate. With peeker's advantage, you have a 100% chance of winning unless you're bad.
  10. Beerbeerbeer

    This game does not need more invisible people. This game does not need more ways to surprise insta-gib people.

    It's not newbie conducive at all.

    Even putting it in with restrictions opens up the Pandora's box.

    If it's too restrictive, no one will use it, then you idiots will undoubtedly buff it. This cannot be balanced and it's better left alone you freaking moronic idiotic dumbshlts.
  11. hollowed

    Yay cancer for everyone! How about a wallhack implant? Or noclip implant? Or even darklight buttplug implant? Teleport implant? Minor lag-freeze-invulnerability implant?
    You could combine the catlike with darklight buttplug for the ultimate MLG OP setup. How cool would that be?
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  12. FieldMarshall

    I have played against minor cloak on the PTS and its honestly not as bad as people make it out to be.
    It could ofcourse be different in a live setting, but thats my first impressions of it in combat.

    This whole thing reminds me of when they said they were adding the mag-scatter, and the forum blew up because cloakers were getting OP shotguns that would break the game.
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  13. Shocky

    what the rest of those implants aren't OP as **** "ammo printer who needs an ENG." but yeah many of them are condensed down implants we have already and some are just op, why not just give use 2 implant slots and get rid of energy and ranks for the damn things.
  14. Corezer

  15. CrimsonEclipse5

    Honestly, good players are much more likely to run say, Battle Hardened and EMP shield, or Battle Hardened and Catlike than they are to sacrifice an implant for some gimmicky, long delay single use cloak.

    Catlike seems much more game breaking at this stage than Minor cloak, simply because it's useful in vastly more situations.

    The only real argument to be made against Minor cloak is that it diminishes the value of Infiltrators. The thing is though that Infiltrators are so much more than semi invisible mans. The scouting and utility they provide (with EMP grenades and tool slots) is enough reason to still play Infiltrator over other classes + minor cloak.
  16. zaspacer

    Does that even sound like good advice in your head?

    If something is bad on Test, then give feedback right away. If something is being suggested by Devs and it sounds like a wrecking ball of bad times, then give feedback right away. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it's much harder to get it back inside.

    DBG Devs are MUCH more likely to respond to earlier, louder, more frequent, and more manic outcry on the forums by a larger number of people.

    If DBG has established a long track record of making changes that you hate. Then speak out early, often, and with mania.
  17. Niamar

    Give infiltrators shotguns again, or don't release this overpowered bs.
  18. Beerbeerbeer

    Jackhammer triple shot, shotguns in general and rocket launchers.

    I will abuse this to no end.

    Then these so-called smart people at DBG will nerf it and then we'll get more idiots to say it doesn't work and no one uses it. Then the geniuses at DBG will buff it and I'll abuse it again.

    The only way to win is let sleeping dogs lay where they're at. Don't even put it in; it's a lose-lose no matter what you do once the cat is out of the bag.

    Put it in and watch what I said play out like a blueprint.
  19. Gundem

    The issue is not one of giving feedback. The issue is that of the doomsaying for changes that are on test for the purpose of testing the balance. Just give feedback, be reasonable, say "This seems like it would be an issue", or give your opinion as to why the proposed change would be a bad idea and leave it at that. Less nonsense about "ERMAGURD CLOAK ADAD SPEED HEAVIES GONNA RUIN THE GAME DAYBREAK IS SUCH **** WREL IS **** GAME IS **** EVERYONE PANIC OMGWTFBBQ", despite the fact that the changes aren't even live yet.
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  20. Beerbeerbeer

    I think the doomsaying is more than warranted.

    How could they even consider this? Are they even playing the game? This isn't the stock market, the past does give an indication of the future and they sure haven't made stellar decisions, in fact some of their choices have been outright dumb.

    For them to even attempt it speaks volumes and is deserved of any and all feedback.

    At this point I dare them to put it in so we can witness their stupidity yet again...