If I'm NC, should I only use Shotguns?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Poorform, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Poorform

    Shotguns on my tanks, shotguns on my reaver, shotguns on my infantry, shotguns on our MAX. It's like Planetside is trying to tell me something.
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  2. Pikachu

    I like them, they are just too weak.
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  3. Zombekas

    I have auraxium on a TR shotgun and a VS shotgun :confused: They're not that bad
  4. Keiichi25

    No, it is more of the fact that in order to illustrate NC's focus of Hard Hitting, but in close, the Shotgun weapon was the only thing that seem to not be anything similar than just a slow firing weapon. The Airhammer is AI intended, same with the Enforcer Non-Missile guns. The problem with the NC MAX AI weapons is that they all suck for range and ammo capacity, but if you put them up for something other than a shotgun, it would seem like an OP heavy LMG which then the VS and TR would gripe about why can't they have the 'heavier' guns as well.

    They already griped about no Shotgun variant version for their MAX armors. And sadly, most of them don't realize there are times being able to shoot more than 6-9 or 8-12 rounds does come in handy at times and not all NC players get instagib ability just shooting a few times with the Hacksaws or even the Grinders. The NC go through their ammo reserves faster than either the VS or TR MAX AI weapons and have to fall back more in order to really have much staying power.
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  5. uhlan

    I use the basic NC weapons per class and do well.

    Truthfully, that's all you'll ever need. Just remember that NC weaponry does have a bit of a learning curve and you'll need to be patient for a few days. After that, you will see how nice these weapons can be once you get the hang of them.
  6. FocusLight

    No, you should be using what's available to you.

    As for shotguns, I love them. That is, I love the concept, especially pump-action shotguns. I greatly enjoy using shotguns in most games, but PS2 has me a little let down.

    In PS2 shotguns are a all-or-nothing weapon. People hate them with a passion when they work again't them, but love them when they work for them. Sad thing is that in a CQB scenario - the only place you will want to bring a shotgun - if you hit will with a single shot, or a couple well-placed ones outside of pump-shotguns, you win the fight, least in a 1v1. If you miss and need a second shot, you often die. Frustrating, either way.

    I would not mind at all if shotguns in general had their range boosted for a bit and their damage nerfed - add far more pellets, make the cone far tighter, make the damage per pellet way, way weaker. In effect, make shotgun TTK and range similar to SMG TTK and range, with even pump-actions needing at least two shots to kill even at point-blank. Honestly I think that would make shotguns more balanced in the way that, it's more fun to use and more useful to have, and less rage-inducing due to it's gimmick working, or failing.
  7. Serell

    I LOVE shotguns.

    The problem is our shotguns suck balls. Enforcer Modified and NC Max is a joke.
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  8. Poorform

    NC max is a joke. Not kidding. The power it has in close range, VS maxes do just fine, so do TR, but our gimmick is that boom boom and then out of ammo in 2 seconds. We have zero sustainability in a fight, we constantly have to use hit and run tactics because our reload is atrocious and anyone who's anyone knows to just get a little range on our max then tear us apart from 50 m away while we struggle to get back in range or to run away. Honestly NC have the worst max by far.
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  9. Serell

    Yes. Boom boom and then out of ammo is no fun unless you can instagib. If we can't instagib, we need more ammo. Just straight up double our NC Max magazines and everything is good.
  10. Shadowyc

    You're not a TRUE NC unless you're wielding a shotgun.
  11. Liquid23

    from the window of a trialer with your 1/2 naked and pregnant sister hanging off your arm!
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  12. RasFW

    I almost exclusively use shotguns anywhere I can help it when I'm playing NC. I'm saving up my certs for a Jackhammer right now. Already have the Air Hammer and Enforcer Modified. Next adventure is saving up for my S12 renegade and then MAX Arms.
  13. Bill Hicks

    I love shotgonnes on my engineer in torchlight 2
  14. Sen7rygun

    You may as well. For all the (reasonably well founded) complaints of faction blandness they create, 90% of the combat that actually matters in this game (capturing and holding down capture points) takes place inside the ideal shotgun range.
  15. IamDH

    Whilst eating freedom fries in one hand and playing the guitar on the other hand
  16. Liquid23

    almost forgot the beer hat with straws!
  17. DJPenguin

    Ran pump shotty slugs yesterday for the first time in months. Came out with a 5 or 6 k/d. Give it a shot.
  18. IamDH

    While making love to his woman
  19. MikeJackson

    sadly they nerfed a shotgunner's best pal, the drop pod and the squad deploy (which is a nerf to sustained beacon play).
  20. Liquid23

    covered that... note the : 1/2 naked sister on arm