If ESFs had ES Abilities

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  1. HLM

    I was wondering what sort of empire-specific abilities ESFs might have in the future and drew what I think is an accurate prediction. I hope you like it.


    [Edit] It's sort of big. Make sure you zoom in on the cockpits!
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  2. Bankrotas

    What are you talking about. Reaver already has ES ability. It's called Reaver Rush.
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  3. Prudentia

    you forgot the pink glow of the Scythe that barely allows you see trough it. also the Scythe didn't charge straight forward into an airhammer to get instagibbed.
  4. Gleerok

    Lol TR. ESF "lockdeath" ability
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  5. IamDH


    Although the NC ability could need a buff. You know what, nerf the striker and the carv, i've had a bad day today
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  6. Codex561

    Cloak? I want it!
  7. Iridar51

    Click to enlarge the picture, it says Mag Speed.
    Cloaking or creating holograms were my initial thoughts too, though :)
  8. jiggu

    Y'know short-term cloaking would be pretty cool, I'd have to follow engine hum or something instead.
  9. FateJH

    An old suggestion of mine for the Mosquito was a magazineless nosegun. Basically, all the ammunition slowly gets pushed into a "single magazine" in exchange for a larger cone of fire or slower RoF as the ES ability is certed-out.

    Note: the ammo pool may need 1 round in it to reload properly. if so, an alternate idea is to cut the ammo pool in half and make the magazine size half of the ammo pool. For example, the 75/900 Needler will eventually become 500/475 when the ES ability is fully certed.

    Most people felt it would be OP.
  10. IamDH

    Follow dat vanu booty
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  11. z1967

    *begins jovial laughing that descends into solemn crying*
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  12. DrPapaPenguin

    TR already has an ES ability and it's called "Rush of **** to the brain". It's not limited to mossies though.
  13. p10k56

    Will like to see how will anchored Mossie look like:D
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  14. Taemien

    Allow the reaver shield to ram shtuff. :D

    In all seriousness, ES abilities would be pretty cool on the ESFs. If reavers were given a shield, I think you'd never hear a peep out of our pilots for having the largest hitbox. Unless of course the TR/VS ones are just that much better.

    VS ability could be some sort of warp thing. Basically they warp forward so many meters per rank. They retain all momentum prior to the warp.

    TR ability I don't have a clue to what to do for this. If we're gong the anchor/lockdown route... then hover stabilization like Libs have and increase their fire rates. That might make them actually pretty nasty if they get a bead on you first. Not very useful in A2A roles.. cept for fighting Libs far far away. But could be devastating to ground if used properly. I'd rather see something else though. Maybe like an overboost or something of that nature.
  15. HLM

    Yeah, I was worried people might misinterpret some of the pictures.
    That was pretty much my first time drawing anything like that.
    Hopefully you all understand what's supposed to be going on with the Mossie.
  16. z1967

    I like the way the scythe is like, "are you okay bro?" at the end :D
  17. DashRendar

    Just wanted to say that ESF abilities are a great idea.
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  18. HLM

    I dunno.. if it ever happened, I can't see the TR getting anything good out of it.
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  19. NinjaTurtle

    Scythe = Cloak

    I want to be a Klingon bird of prey... or at least a mini version
  20. Kunavi

    Mossie Lock-Down... Freeze in place, no need to manage thrust and pitch and all that. Increases the usual crap. Call it done. Thank me later.

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