If DBG actually adds everything on PTS in phase 1

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ballto21, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Ballto21

    I will eat 15 pounds of lettuce and only have water to wash it down on camera while wearing a spandex wetsuit and upload it to youtube.

    Lettuce because biolabs space lettuce.
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  2. DooDooBreff

    id rather watch you play "hide the pineapple" but i guess this will do
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  3. Ballto21

    i was origionally going to have a dildar custom made and upload me shoving it up my *** but i doubt the mods would let me link you guys to xvideo.

    i still like this game and want it to do well but with DBGs track record theyre going to add the ANTs and resource system, maybe, MAYBE, the BASICS of construction, then add nothing else for two years.
  4. Mezinov

    I will need an exact list of features on PTS that you would warrant as "counting" for "Phase 1", that can reasonably be compared to the level of patch notes we receive on the official forums.
  5. Ballto21

    fully implemented ANTS/construction, indar/general map revamp, ns auto pistol.

    indar revamp includes small base removal (abandoned ns for example)

    if the auto pistol is announced as canned ill drop it, however illcount it as phase 1 if they release it in two different updates so long as any further updates (not counting bug fixes) come within 45 days of the first
  6. Booface

    Well if you're going to play this game you have to be specific enough you can't weasel your way out later should DBG actually come through. What do you mean by "fully implemented" in terms of an ANTS/construction system? Like if they give us turrets, walls, and spawns, but they don't give us landing pads or wal-marts or corner pubs, are you going to consider that not fully implemented? And by indar/general map revamp, do you mean all continents or just Indar? And if they remove, say, 75% or 80% of small facilities, do you not consider that a revamp?

    I would like a bulleted list of specific metrics that would be required for your suicide by lettuce.

    Edit: I'm not informed on the subject but I'm not sure 15 pounds of lettuce in one sitting wouldn't be dangerous, so don't actually do that.
  7. Pikachu

    Does Nexus count as phase 1 battle islands?
  8. Savadrin

    But did you see the air shield generator, and the placeable object that makes constructed turrets into spitfires?

    What do we get for those?
  9. Ballto21

    ive eaten stupider things.

    i haven't been on pts to look at the bases yet (too lazy to redownload it) and am going off of what devs have announced already/has been shown.

    Everything that is curently involved in base construction on PTS.


    anything that you can currently work with on PTS must be added, as well as anything added to PTS between now and when the first update goes live.

    Lets say that the first update goes live and its all implimented, but AFTER the update its all implimented then they say "Oh were going to work on adding airpads now we didnt do it now for X reason" i will eat the lettuce. As long as it is on PTS BEFORE it is launched at first lettuce consumption will happen
  10. Ballto21

    has the update come yet as i still intend to eat the lettuce if all was complimented at once
  11. Scr1nRusher

    Have you been on the PTS?
  12. user101

    Nanites fields will become killing fields for tanks. Mines will be everywhere in nanites fields.. Sunners will sit in weight for the lone wolfe nanite collector.
    Major battles will take place in over pop nanites fields. Flipping a point will become almost worthless in the game..

    Game Lag will increase 300%+ Users with I3 PC's will be out of luck playing, they will crash. You will need 4 GB of video memory to even play the game and a full 8GB for playing... !

    There will be numerious updates every day for months fixing bugs... game will crash at login for days.

    Bring it on DEVs and lets get this over with...
  13. Moz

    To finish off the title:

    ".....we are screwed"
  14. XanIves

    . . . . wut?

    Do I need to pull out my book of Revelations or something? Did I miss some sort of end-times pronouncement by DBG? Or are you simply complaining about features that aren't even out yet, and demonstrate nothing of what you're talking about even on the unoptimized PTS?
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  15. AxiomInsanity87

    Negative - the glass is half empty
    Positive - the glass is half full
    Feminist - the water is trapped in the glasses oppressive regime where the glass ***** the water

    Which one are you?
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  16. DooDooBreff

    this glass is always full as long as it is not in a vacuum
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  17. Antillie

    This man gets it.
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  18. user101

    DEV's Book or Revelations all things must pass... !
    There will be 1000 days of updates in Phase 1. Nashing of teeth over PS2 PC crashes.
    Only the fathful will play PS2 and prase the DEV's. The rest of the gamers will be cast in to internet hell.
    There will be a PS2 war to end wars... only the unfathfull will be left on Indar with I3 PC's.
    And Phase II will be the assentions into the heavens of PS2....! There will be holy wars ships in the the heavens in 3D.

    Yes the book of revelations says it all for the future of the DEV's ... We know the updates and crashes are comming.
    Lets just get it over with.... ! I am tired of waiting... for the end times of PS2, lets just get it to the heaven point.
  19. Wind_Walker

    I'm going to use this now.
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  20. DooDooBreff

    youre welcome

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