If DB gave you the change to move faction, would you?

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  1. Villanuk

    So, as the title states, If DB gave you the chance to take your BR level to a new faction with the equipment you purchased ( equivalents ) would you stay as you are or move on?

    I must admit i would desert the TR, in fact it was the first faction i joined was the VS but at the time with lack of information ( and not being on the forum ) i made the TR my main account, mainly as i wonted to use tanks and thought the double barreled tank was an advantage :(

    Having played more and more of the VS, i can understand why they are very populated. I love the sol, its a fantastic gun, stats wise nothing that impressive but its so sweet to use. No need to mention the HA is there, but although i got instant killed by a trac a few times, i would chose the sol every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    But not having flown much as TR, the mossie for me me was like a lion on crack, its just so unstable. One moment you think you have it under control the next its trying to kill you. the scythe, well even without up grades its the perfect farming aircraft, so stable so easy and simple to use, im going to have to really put some certs into this, its a dream to use. No idea how good its against other craft, but early impressions are very easy to use.

    The Mag, well it has its strong and weak points, but being able to get where you cant with other tanks again makes it another excellent farming tool. Tank to tank, i still think its up their, the movement saves your **** and maybe as ive played a bit now, its not that hard to use as i once thought.

    Maxes, not spent any real credible time with it, so that is something i cannot comment on.

    Overall i wish i made BR 100 in VS, i think i would enjoy the game more, but for now im going to have to spend more time on the VS.

    PS, this is not a OP nerf VS thread, save that for other threads, just my humble thoughts with no factual basis.

    So what would you do and why?
  2. UberNoob1337101



    I'm just hooked to the TR, their dakka and ideals are spot-on for me, and I must admit I hate most of the VS arsenal even though playing VS in general is a fun experience.

    But honestly, I hate my balls when I play Emerbad NC. They're so bad I think that my facepalm count during my NC sessions is over 5. Their guns are awesome though.
  3. HadesR

    No ... I feel there is no need ..

    Recently made a new TR alt ( BR31 atm ) and doing just fine ...
  4. JohnGalt36

    No, for the same reason I never used a Gameshark on my N64. Easymode is for Plebs.
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  5. Villanuk

    I do feel dirty, i must admit, and for many years i held back the urge but i do enjoy the VS more. AMC although on paper should be excellent, its fails compared to the sol ( i do wonder if the stats are true ) as the Sol is great and so easy to use. The sights on the VS are far better, i just cant think of anything apart from the chain gun i would choose the TR over the VS...

    I know, im letting the TR down, all those years and fights for us, but i just cant help it, its like opening a tub of pringles, you just cant stop. Sorry buddy.
  6. Drzewo


    I like TR too, and I would stay in it with my main char. Beside everything else, TR is so much like Federation
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  7. pnkdth

    I'd play VS for a bit. Since you're on Miller you're not contributing to any faction imbalances since VS tend to be the least populated faction. It is also nice to change things up a bit. I got so tired of my VS character around BR90 and entered a mode where I started to hunt for directives(well, not so much) and auraxium medals. I ended up burning out on the game since I used weapons I hated.

    Today I have a BR48 TR, BR60 NC, and BR90 VS(my first character) on Miller. I also have a TR/NC around BR30 on Cobalt. I usually stick to characters on the faction with the least pop so mainly play TR, and sometimes VS. The point though, is that I now playing whatever I have fun with. While I'm not loyal to a single faction, I do play for the underdogs, and, more importantly, I avoid burning out. Not only due to weapons but also due to enjoying fighting long odds.

    It is also fun for a bit of ego boost looking at characters with superior stats since you're starting off fresh on a character with all the knowledge gathered over 100 battle ranks on your TR character.
  8. Taleroth

    I'd consider going NC. I mean, I don't kill enough of them as VS, it can only improve my chances.
  9. MikeyGeeMan

    i switched from vs to tr.

    So no.

    I have alts and play them occasionally.

    But I keep coming home because of the never say die attitude of the people I play with.
  10. Kociboss

    Well I play every faction so this does not affect me.
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  11. Jolanar

    I probably would. I have some experience with VS but none with NC. I like the futuristic theme of VS, but respect the high dps of NC. TR... i've just lost interest. The spray and pray mentality doesn't work in reality and I always feel like I am at a disadvantage when I go up against VS or NC in a 1v1. If I hadn't spent so much damn money on TR. This was of course before the repeated nerfs.
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  12. Taemien

    I wouldn't switch. Unless everyone in my static wanted to switch.

    But I wouldn't mind having the factional equivalents for the weapons I purchased with station cash be available to my account.
  13. CorporationUSA

    I already have a toon for each faction. I have no loyalty.
  14. FBVanu

    No need.
  15. Keldred

    Honestly i would switch to TR. im cheating on my Betelgeuse with the MSW-R...and i gotta say the MSW-R is far superior...
  16. HunterXCooL

    Change faction ?? NEVER despite our underpowered weapon and such or so they say...
    Change Server is another story... i'l jumping right away
  17. Beerbeerbeer

    This game doesn't really have any faction loyalty, not so much as ps1 which pretty much almost forced it upon you at launch.

    I have characters on all three factions on two servers (six) that are leveled up enough, with pretty much everything I need or want that I'll literally jump around at will depending on my mood.

    If I'm sick of getting steamrolled or I feel like steamrolling, it's just a matter of seconds for me to switch.
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  18. Villanuk

    Thats my sentiments as well at times, plus we only have a few "fun" items to play with.
  19. FieldMarshall

    Yes. The only reason i stick with my main faction is because of all the time i have put into unlocking directive stuff.
    Though i do have high BR alts on all 3.

    Been playing my alt more and more lately.
    Ill probably move characters permanently, just have to do another (boring) exceptional directive first.
  20. 0fly0

    Already did, play NC until br 80 and decide to move VS (long time before all the crying op thread), you will realize soon that you miss some weapons, i really miss gauss saw, cyclone, acx and piston, not to mention vehicule shootgun, unlike you i didn't reroll because people cry about vs being op but because i was tired to play with noob who tk me all the time, i hate all the guy who reroll vs only for the weapon because now i start to cross those noob in vs too and guess what bad players with different weapon are going to teamkill you anyways and are going to stay bad anyways, here some example:


    You can see the number of teamkilling and the stats, vs really make them op.
    Talk about very populated faction on cobalt the normal population was 25%..., I never get tk playing vs and all of a sudden after all the vs op crying thread, we have a new generation of vs players with more than 30% pop and a full gang of teamkiller.