If a max is heavier than a flash, why does the flash not die when it runs into the max?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Weatherman343, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Weatherman343

    If the max is about the same mass as a harrasser, why do they not both incur damage?
  2. Demigan

    Because its not about weight. The Flash/Harasser knocks the MAX over and drives over it. The mass of the MAX hitting the ground causes serious injury to the occupant (who cant use the suspension in the legs like when he would jumping off a building) while the madly spinning wheels and weight of the Flash/Harasser finish off the rest.
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  3. fuzzbuzzputty

    An average person would have a good chance of surviving a high speed collision with a quad bike but you think a bio engineered super soldier with a heavily armoured exo-suit wouldn't? K...
  4. Demigan

    Drop an ant from the top of the Empire State building, it'll survive.
    Drop an Elephant from the first floor, it's going to go splat (well, it'll die for sure).
    Weight is key here, weight, terminal velocity, acceleration to that velocity

    Fallover (or get run over) without a heavily armored exo-suit, you'll survive.
    Fallover with a heavily armored exo-suit, your brain turns to jelly upon impact, if not other organs that get smashed to pieces. Especially since the limited arm-movement allowed in the exo-suit will be limiting your chances of slowing the fall.

    You could also argue for how the armor works. This is armor designed to take a short burst of energy from an entire tank shell! But not the continuous pressure of a quad.
  5. Halkesh

    Speaking of collision with a MAX, does safe fall implant rank 5 work on them ? (they're supposed to reduce collision damage by 20-50%)
  6. TheFlamingLemon

    To be more in-depth
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  7. Corezer

  8. ParakeetLord88

    20%, and I don't see why not. They can definitely use the implant.
  9. Halkesh

    It's 20% on live server but 50% on PTS.
    My concern is about 20% of "instant death" damage does really protect from a ramming ?

    Let's suppose you're a MAX with that implant, if an harasser ram with while in turbo, do you still being instantkilled or you survive ?
  10. RockPlanetSide2

    If I filled a suit of armor with concrete and then you ran into it on your white-trash hunting ATV, after you flew over the handlebars your fat dumb head would pop like a juicy grape on the armors breast plate, helmet or no helmet.

    That is why ATVs running over maxes is stupid and does not belong in game. But, the Devs don't care, and kids are just stupid as ****... it is what it is.
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  11. strikearrow

    It's been on reddit that one of the Devs really likes flashes so they are just stronger. Stupid strong for a 50 nanite vehicle, but there it is.
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  12. Icehole1999

    This used to really piss me off.

    Now I’m driving a Sunderer roadkilling Flashes out of spite.

    It feels really good when they explode under my tires.
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  13. Liewec123

    reading the recent PTR patch notes i saw "maxes can now flip vehicle" [my heart skipped a beat for a moment] "capture points."

    i had visions of finally seeing a max flip an oncoming harasser/flash XD

    but nah, the 450 resource max is still oneshot by 4/5 classes from across the room,
    killed from mid/long range within 3-4 shots by 3/5 classes,
    and instantly roadkilled by every vehicle in the game.
  14. Halkesh

    The problem here is that unless the entity have a vehicle collision/weight, ramming damage only depend of speed, not of the weight.
    Devs should improve collision for everything, not just MAXes.
    The only thing without collision should be infantry and debrits (because if you put collision on them, every tank with a turret within 5km will instantly explode).

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