[Suggestion] Ideas to balance out ESSRs

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  1. UberNoob1337101

    Some random ideas I had in order to balance out this guns. Only 1 out of 3 of these snipers is cool and none of them outpreform the Tier 1 Sniper rifle. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE FAILJACK Basically another sniper rifle that brings nothing new to the table. In order to make the gun interesting and cool, there are 2 options : 1. Make a secondary fire mode that turned the sniper into a pump-action shotgun. SOE promised us this feature, but the outcry of the playerbase ruined it and gave us this scamgun. It doesn't need to be very strong, it could be like the Mag-Scatter, but at least to give the gun some unique feel to it. 2. Give NC players an ability to cert into and equip EMP ammunition. EMP rounds don't do anything if they don't hit a target, but when they do, it emmits an EMP blast that does similar but shorter effects of the EMP grenade. It would be also very cool if the rounds hit vehicles on certain spots, they are immobilized, their main cannon doesn't operate and/or their turret on top of MBTs/Sundies/Harrasers malfunction and in return those vehicles become immune to the EMP effect for some time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE PHASESHIFT The gun itself is pretty good, but it's still sub-par in comparison to the Tier 1 sniper. The gun could get it's velocity bumped up from 550 m/s to 600 m/s. get slightly less recoil and get it's OHK distance bumped up from 200m to 250m. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE CRAP-M1 The TRAP-M1 could use a complete revamp. Throw it's burst-fire mode out of the window and turn it into a full-auto scout rifle-ish function. It would fire 750 RPM, have 25 bullets per mag and deal 125 dmg-10m and taper off to 112 dmg-45m. The recoil would be decent, not too big and not too manageable. It would have a secondary fire mode where the gun would power up and start shaking. When you press the LMB, the gun's recoil is slightly increased and it would fire all it's rounds at a speed of 1500 RPM. When the secondary fire mode is initiated, it won't stop until the magazine size is empty. It would also have an increased reload time after the burst and have a cooldown so you can't spam it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These are just ideas. I would like to hear your opinions and ideas if this post doesn't magically turn into a wall of text.
  2. teks

    Hit detection isnt good enough for the vehicle part. They way the hit angle is determined has nothing to do with the vehicle but rather the position of the shooter. Because of this, its probably impossible to give vehicles a weakspot ( not against the idea though, would be fun).
  3. breeje

    the failjack: nothing wrong whit it in my book, it's one of the best sniper rifles with his high velocity/damage
    the phaseshift: not the best weapon but it have unlimited ammo to make up for it
    the crap-M1: not my favorite weapon only in capable hands one of the deadliest weapons in the game

    it's not because most players can't handle them they are bad weapons, they are a specialization
    leave those weapons alone for the few players that like them
    if you want changes ask for a new rifle
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  4. UberNoob1337101

    It's not the issue with the quality of these weapons, they are all specialization tools, suprisingly good ones too, the issue is they get outpreformed by a little bit by the basic sniper rifles and in case of the TRAP-M1 and Railjack, they are just old concepts relived in new guns. And let's be honest here, if you ever used the Phaseshift, how cool did it feel? How interesting it was? It's what made Phaseshift a good gun. TRAP-M1 and Railjack don't do anything unique and don't have their specific niche. Long story short-Railjack is just a sniper rifle and TRAP-M1 is just a burst-fire weapon, while the Phaseshift is a Bolt-Action/Semi-Auto sniper hybrid. Which sounds more interesting?
  5. breeje

    yes i totally agree with you but would you like it if somebody changed your favorite weapon?
    this is why you should ask for new "unique" weapons and not changes to old ones
    if you would be able to change my favorite weapon the failstorm i would hate you forever (unless it a buff)
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  6. Navron

    I agree. These are new weapon ideas. There's no need to change the old stuff. On a side note, I do like the Railjack as is.
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  7. UberNoob1337101

    I get where these are coming from, the TRAP-M1 revamp was overkill, as for the Railjack, i like both the TRAP and Railjack as-is (Even got the auraxium on the TRAP) but the weapons were really easy to evaluate and aren't really unique either. As for the new weapons ideas thingy, kinda thinking about it. Probably leaving them as-is is the best solution.
  8. Imp C Bravo

    The Railjack is just plain good. Mtrap is hard as hell to use -- but I've seen it be VERY good in capable hands.

    Phaseshift is crap. The semi-auto mode is ok -- but the charge shot Damage is crappy unless you wait till the end of the charge -- and you can't hold the charge.....
  9. ezaroo

    That is just wrong, not even in my opinion... Just actually factually wrong... You only need to charge the phaseshift for about 0.3 seconds to get full damage, anymore than that is pointless. Also the semiauto mode is a disaster because of the fire delay added by the gun going "is that a charge? Nope, fire!" It is objectively worse than the long range semiautos at being a semiauto sniper which is impressive since they are awful weapons.

    You can test the charge time yourself in VR it doesn't need to be anywhere near full charge to OHK out to the max range it can at "fully charged"
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  10. Imp C Bravo

    Well, with the little I played with it, I found that headshots only killed if I held the charge until the little chevrons around the sight lit up.

    So yes, exactly speaking, it's about 50% into the charge. Still though, since the charge isn't that long and you can't hold it until the target stops moving -- that makes it, functionally, a gun based on being lucky enough for your target to be standing still, stop moving at just the right time, or be moving in one linear motion with no changes in speed or direction. It's ridiculous.

    Add to that, as you yourself just said, that the semi auto mode isn't that good -- my premise of "the phaseshift is crap" still stands.
  11. CuteBeaver

    Phaseshift charge mechanic is a bit wonky in the sense you can't hold a charge and release when you want to. It automatically releases the charged shot which can be irritating to say the least when tracking targets. Besides the incredibly loud wub wub charging sound, the only way to abort your shot is to cloak, and unlcoak and start the charge over from scratch. That just adds to your level of noise and chance of being found.

    While it looks cool, and even sounds kinda awesome, functionally it gets on my nerves. Especially considering the Spiker does not suffer from this "charge up" dysfunction.
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  12. Jawarisin

    Inner ninja can't tolerate.
  13. Mongychops

    I noticed that they gave the Archer the option of scopes 4x-12x. If they aren't going to increase the Phaseshifts OHK range, it would be nice of them to give it the option of a 4 Crosshair scope.
  14. lusandar

    They could turn the trap into something similar to an AN-94 to make it useful. It's a gun with a 2 round burst where most of the firing components in it are movable so the recoil only takes effect after the bullets have left the barrel so they both hit the exact same spot. Basically, you could double headshot when taking the iniative and finish the guy off with the 2nd burst with the current damage model.

    As is, it's just not accurate enough for both bullets to headshot consistently even at close range.
  15. Vivicector

    Phaseshift is just bad. Lets look at it:

    - Fast double headshot possible
    - No drop OHK rifle
    - Unlimited ammo

    - Semi-auto mode is useless as rifle has too low fire rate, too high recoil and can only do 5 shots in that mode.
    - Charge up time is huge, making a user very vulnerable.
    - Shots are slow too.
    - Damage falls with range heavily, requiring double charged headshots for the kill.

    So, the weapon has no drop, but is ineffective at range, where it means anything. It has unlim ammo, but requires you to be close to the target, so you probably won't really benefit from that ammo. Otherwise, you can keep range and be useless there. Ok, it can kill 2 people in a raw with headshots. Very rarely it is useful, but possible.

    If you need silenced rifle for killing people who use vehicle terminal, Phaseshift is good. Otherwise, not so much.

    It desperately needs same buffs as semi-auto snipers got - lowered recoil and higher RoF. Also, buffs for charged shot speed, OHK range and/or charge speed will help a lot.

    Weapon is really interesting, but is made on the base of old unbuffed (and terribad) semi-auto sniper rifles with too heavy nerfs for its unique abilities.
  16. Gemenai

    EMP ammo for Railjack? Maybe with a very short duration and only against one target and even then, it would be a gimmick no one really would need. If we are speaking about a real effect like the grenade, then that would render all targets inside a cluster of a group OHK body shot target up until render range. And if the EMP effect is apllyied before or at the same time as the shot, it would also insta kill the main target. So or so, a rather big NOPE to that.

    Trap buff. Sure whatever it would be, any buff would do more good than harm on that weapon imo.


    My grief with this weapon is:

    200m OHK range => buff to 225m at least

    semi auto shots and recoil => reduce recoil a bit

    muzzle velocity =>though on par with T1 rifles, the fact that there is a delay to determine whether it is semi auto or charged, it makes landing shots on moving targets is slightly irritating - especially because you need quite some experience with the single magnifications, therefore no mildots exist on any magnification lvl for the phaseshift ( got no problem with T1 rifle in comparison); also give charged shots a velocity buff like the word "charged" suggests

    noise level - using this weapon without silencer anywhere near an enemy ( and you have to be rather "near" with this weapon) is a bigger cryout for the wish to be killed than phantom without silencer ( ironically like the phantom even with silencer, it's quite noisy); using silencer punishes your muzzly velocity to be an even bigger hinderence; so disable the velocity penalty on silencer and make it more silence; if you want to give enemy players an help finding out if there is a phaseshift user, then let charged shots create a lancer like trail ( already has this but rather short in comparison if i rmemeber correct)

    It's not a bad weapon, but also not "above average" good.
    And yes i have my auraxium with it and even still use it, if you wanted to ask that.
  17. Peasnriz

    Usage stats for the three of them indicate that the Railjack does see a fair amount of usage however the Trap and Phaseshift barely get used at all. While I can not comment about the Phaseshift having never used it one common idea is that is should have access to lower magnification scopes. The Trap which I have used and then stopped using out of frustration needs to have its horizontal recoil toned down and maybe three round burst removed, if it was made somewhat similar to the Sabre it would start to see a lot more use. I believe both these suggestions are fairly easy to implement, would increase the respective weapons popularity, are a good starting point and do not fundamentally change the weapon for the (possibly insane:p ) people that like using them already.
  18. Dualice

    You forgot to add a funny name change for the Phaseshift! You could've had Failshift, Phasesh*t... heck, maybe even Failsh*t?

    On a serious note, I think just giving it access to a 4x sight would be a good start. With you on the muzzle velocity increase as well. Pretty sure there are carbines with equal or higher muzzle velocity. That's just silly.

    Don't really play NC so can't comment on the Railjack, but I see quite a few people using it.

    The TRAP works pretty nicely as a flanking weapon out to mid-range, but lacks damage and controllability to compete with "true" snipers. In my opinion giving it a 125 damage profile, even with the "full burst" mechanic you mentioned, would further shun it to the realms of the scout rife, which we're told is not what the TRAP is (?!). Going the other way, i.e. increasing its per-shot damage, might be a way for it to hit harder at longer range, at the cost of refire time of course. I also believe the magazine size could be bumped up a little, and vertical recoil toned down ever so slightly. Just my two cents.
  19. SCreech

    I wouldn't have hated it, if they just had made them all scout rifles, plenty of snipers to go around already, but that train has passed.

    As for how they could change the current ones:

    Phailsh*t (there ya go Dualice ;)), 2 fire modes like the Spiker, with a passive charge mechanic like: You scope in, charging starts, holds the charge untill you descope or fire, could charge in stealth, hipfire would be semi-auto. Velocity etc could remain the same, i wouldn't say no to slightly higher MV, but that isn't my biggest gripe with the weapon. Tbh you could remove the semi-auto mode all together if you ask me :p

    Failjack seems to do it's job, i guess you could get rid of the fire delay (there are better ways to balance a weapons imo). Only thing that it seems to fail in besides the delay, is that it's just another bolt-action with better stats (not saying thats a bad thing, i just personally would like to see something that sets it apart from other weapons a bit more). make the rounds pierce / do explosive damage?.

    Trap is a bit tricky, if you start adding damage, it might become too strong in close range, making it more of a scout rifle (which it currently is). Same with adding ROF and decreasing the damage. Someone in the burst weapon thread (and above) mentioned adding the recoil after the whole burst is finished, could add more control to longer ranges i guess, altho the rounds would still have some spread?. But honestly i don't have a good answer what to do with that one, besides completely revamping it in to something else...

    There's some random thoughts and opinions i had rattling in my head. As a VS player mostly peeved about the Failshift, but i sympathize with the other factions too. Not holding my breath waiting for a revamp but.. you never know...