[Suggestion] Ideas that really aren't new

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Johannes Kaiser, May 12, 2020.

  1. Johannes Kaiser

    Probably everyone active here has seen or made suggestions of this kind before.
    Just thought it might be ncie to gather.

    1) Add resource and XP gain for defending equivalent to taht for attacking.
    2) Emphasise the XP bonus for base population ratio, up to reducing XP gain for the faction that has a clear overpop.
    3) And seriously, make ownership dependant on average point score of participating outfit members, not just "spam harder so the best 10 of us outnumber the rest anyway".
    Looking at performance, we should clearly have gotten that, but BHO was simply able to field more people, thus easily filling the 10 required, whereas we - with a much beter performance per person - had little chance. Okay, the MVP clearly was the TR guy there, but he was on the wrong side. We all know that in the current way zergfits still get more and more, while the rest doesn't really. It's a microcosmos of capitalism, really. Who has enough gets more, the rest can starve. In this case, the outfits that can sh*t out hundreds of players if needed get the most support resources, because those poor sods clearly need additional punch - okay, would zergfits not have numbers, they'd need all the support they can get in 9/10 cases, but still. Quality should count as well, not just quantity.
  2. Johannes Kaiser

    Today we had the polar opposite: We only got a few points, had 5 people. And thanks to that alone we got Mulac Foundry out of about 20 people there, when we really should not have.
    Both of those cases should not happen.

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