Ideas for alternatives to MANA turret

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Kid Gloves, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Kid Gloves

    I know that the devs are looking to add in different options for the MANA turret, such as an AV variant.

    What about some other ideas for engineer deployables?

    Deployable barricade
    Deploys a (slightly curved) low wall forcefield. If you crouch behind it, it will protect you from enemy fire - but to return fire you have to pop up and shoot. It can be jumped over. Its wide enough to sit right across a small doorway.

    Deployable jump pad
    Fixed (fairly tall) arc, safe landing for whoever uses it, direction based on how you place it. Nowhere near enough height to get up to the biolab, but ideal for getting onto the roof of smaller buildings.

    Flamethrower turret
    Mainly because it sounds fun, even though likely fairly impractical.

    Deployable camo bubble
    While a stealth bubble akin to the AMS in PS1 would be neat, this would only need to mask units within it like the 'stealth' perk for vehicles: making them not show up on radar.

    As an option for visual stealth, something like texturing the bubble with a 50% alpha camo texture based on the underlying terrain and making it not perfectly smooth would be amazingly effective.
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  2. Forrest

    they had Anti Vehicle weapons for the mana turret but after the last beta patch they got rid of it sadly.. ):
  3. Goats

    They just weren't satisfied with it yet, it's coming.

    In regards to the OP, those are all pretty awesome. Earlier in beta there was a cert for a deployable cover thing, hopefully it would work like the small shields the Covenant had in many Halo games, blocked fire from both sides but could be destroyed with enough fire, but bubbles around a bit, giving you more cover than it gives the enemy. A deployable jump pad would be pretty hard to implement, but awesome if it was implemented well. I think you would have to place the first pad, then place a second, landing pad it would aim to, within a certain radius of course. Otherwise, the arc would generally be a pain in the *** to calculate. Maybe you could even hand that landing pad to say, a Light Assault, to add some teamplay to make it more useful with teamwork. An invisible bubble would be nice, but could seriously mess up some peoples' performance. Still, though, if the devs can find a way around that I would definitely like it.
  4. Ixal

    Replace the flamethrower with a straight up AV (Tow missile you can control during flight like a drop pod?) and add an AA turret.

    Its annoying that only HA can engage vehicles (and double burster Max) and without expensive upgrades they are not even good at it.
  5. FallowField

    Deploy a resupply terminal, so you and your teammates can replenish their grenades, mines, and other consumables. Have it require you to interface with it and you can't switch class to make it not so overpowered.
  6. Nyth_

    I frankly would like an automatic turret. Make it less powerful so that it's not OP, but that way you can use it to cover your flanks, help guard objectives or even distract enemies.

    Like I said, these would need some proper balance so that they are killed much easier and don't 3 shot someone. But there are many FPS games with automatic turret classes (TF / Global Agenda / etc) that work pretty well.
  7. Gibber

    Something definitely needs to be sorted with our turrets. I also support automated turrets but balancing and variety would have to be sorted out first.

    In another thread I suggested giving the Light Assault our mine option and replacing them with deployables that offer our role better utility. I love mines and think we need prox mines but the Anti-tank and C4 should be replaced with other deployable options.

    Shield/Sprint Wall
    Shield - Mentioned in loads of threads.
    Sprint - Adds a minor movement increase to troops to help cover long pushes between cover.
    Grav/AntiGrav Fields
    Grav Field - Covers an area and slows enemy movement.
    Anti-Grav Field - Covers and area and acts like a lift beam allowing to get one, two, or 3 levels higher depending on certifications.
    Pain/Healing Fields
    Pain Field - Ground targeted area where enemies will get minor damage over time when staying in the area.
    Healing Field - Ground targeted area where allies will regenerate health while in the area.
    Energy Boost/Drain Field
    Energy Boost Field - Allies will receive a minor shield boost when fighting in the area.
    Energy Drain Field - Enemies will receive diminished shield capacity when in the area.

    I made suggestions below with 2 options so you couldn't have both of the same type of field. Not just to have a more of a scientific/realism approach to be less like other games but also to help in balancing.
  8. Object

    I want it to randomly compliment people when they walk near it. That would make it 200% better then it already is.
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  9. Ihasabucket

    I'd like a consumable vehicle ammo pack. With some reasonable resource cost so it's not the automatic go-to for refilling vehicles. Basically a way to get ammo if there's no rearm Sunderbus around.
  10. Kid Gloves

    A spitfire-2 would be nice. It doesn't need to be powerful, just annoying enough that you can't stand next to it and totally ignore it. I always used spitfires in PS1 as alarms.

    Which leads to two other ideas:

    Deployable radar
    Like a vehicle-mounted radar, only stationary. Unlike the probe grenade, this thing is fairly big and chunky and obvious - and you can't throw it.

    Much smaller than a radar, so you can place it in ways that make it quite hidden. It notifies you with light/sound only you can hear/see when an enemy is within range (~5m). It does not reveal the enemy on the map or tell you any more information than 'someone next to me!'

    The last item would be awesome for infiltrators, too. In fact, amazingly awesome.
  11. Mafarett

    Umm, that's already in the game, its called an AMS.
  12. VKhaun

    Mortar station. Give it some kind of indicator of where the shells will fall, or a guage of some kind that the player can use rather than having to eyeball it like most weapons.
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  13. Kid Gloves

    Some more ideas, of varying levels of merit...

    Deployable Vehicle Shield
    A shield that absorbs vehicular fire up to a certain amount before collapsing.

    Tank Traps
    A deployable object that blocks vehicle movement through it. Can be destroyed. Can't be placed too close to another one.

    Barbed Wire
    Deploy two poles, between which appears a forcefield that stops infantry movement. It doesn't stop bullets/attacks by anyone, and can be overloaded by anyone interacting with it - provided they don't mind standing mostly still next to it for 5 seconds and not shooting.
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  14. Azarga

    1. AV
    2. AA
    3. Deployable cover
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  15. warmachine1

    AV: Laser guided missile

    Magnetic emitor:
    Placed on land/wall/ceiling will pull all grenades in proximity to it

    good olde Spitfires:
    Now attachable to walls & ceilings aswell, bu limited to X for each engi
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  16. SilentSalvo

    I'd like to see an AV variant. Give it a duration and cooldown if balance is an issue.
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  17. Talizzar

    Great ideas. The current limited turret is next to useless however I did kill a couple of people with it until the got some missiles.
  18. Takoita

    Some interesting ideas here, certainly. Tthe MANA turret currently is a brightly-lit christmas tree (especially at night!) that serves as missile\sniper bait. I've even seen some people use it as such - sat that bugger up and flee, then watch people with bad optics trying to shoot it. Those lovely tracers...
  19. Obscura

    This, I want deployable cover especially, it would be SO useful at times when you're charging an open field with nothing to protect you from 15 people at the other end of the field mowing you down behind a rock.
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  20. Vargos

    For the few times it actually makes sense to use the normal turret (cover fire, door to door, etc) please make the firing animation brighter & more obvious. It's already got the bright green/blue/red shield like a big sniper target so making me even more obvious to the enemy isn't really possible. However, I'd like to make it more obvious to my own team that I'm firing a turret so they don't walk directly in front of it mid-stream because apparently it shoots invisible bullets. I pull my finger off the trigger as soon as I see it happening but at point blank range it only takes 2-3 shots to the head, and the RoF on the turrets is pretty high.

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