Ideas for a new MAX weapon

Discussion in 'MAX' started by OniShema, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. OniShema

    I was thinking for the MAX's they add some sort of anti-material takes up both hands and goes over the right shoulder but only carries up enough ammo to equal to 2 clips,so of course you would need a Engie feeding it ammo,you also have to be stationary with a *discussable* 110-150 degree turn limit and dock down,the ankles of the TR MAX's gave me the idea for a suit lock down .

    VS: A rail gun that has a charge up,allowing you to either fire on a low or high charge,does moderately low splash damage on a low charge and a high damage armor piercing shot on a high charge.Reload is a cool down but takes up one bullet to fire.

    TR: An artillery gun that fires 3 rapid shots,they have a medium splash damage. Im unsure for this weapon so if anyone has ideas,please post

    NC: An anti-material rifle that fires a single armor piercing shot and has a long reload but if an engineer is in close proximity the reload time is reduced. I am in same terms for this gun as the TR cannon,any ideas please post.

    I'm also sure theres some imbalence in these but I'm just posting the idea so if anyone has a better way to balance these and make them reasonable,please let us all know.
  2. Takoita

    Mine dispenser? Sacrifice one 'arm' for an ability to quickly deploy enough mines plug in that hole in your defense?
  3. OniShema

    This post made my day
  4. Hoki

    Power fists.

  5. OniShema

    Someone already started a post on MAX melee being a 1 hit infantry kill,but I'm sure power fists might beat the crap out of tanks and such.
  6. Hoki

    Yeah that was me. :p
    But first you'd have to make MAX not get run over by vehicles, but rather just pushed around instead.
  7. OniShema

    I have an idea for an ability for LA's relateing to that,I'll post in the proper forum when I get home,currently on mobile

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